Sex around the house - love game by Creative Conceptions - review by orange_cutie

Sex around the house

Adult game by Creative Conceptions

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You'll never look at your foyer the same way again!

Definitely a beginner's game, with average sexual antics on the cards. All in all, it's an okay game, but not a winner.
Great game for beginners.
Oversized game pieces, less than imaginative sexual acts.
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Sex around the House Review

Upon requesting this game, I was unsure what to expect. I imagined something along the lines of Monopoly except with bra and panty game pieces, and a dominatrix dungeon instead of jail. Alas, as soon as I rolled the dice, I quickly found out that Sex around the House is less interesting than watching milk curdle.

First off, the instructions for the game don’t seem to be geared towards a sex game at all. The instructions state that to begin the game, you must start outside the “house” and roll a 1 on the board to enter the house. If you’re lucky, rolling a 1 should only take about five minutes. Once inside, you roll to determine the number of spaces you can move ahead; however, once your game piece is within six spaces you must roll the correct number to end on the card-drawing spot. If you roll too high, like a five or a six, you must skip over the space and try again the next time. This rule makes it extremely hard to land on a space to draw a card and is honestly quite infuriating.

The game pieces are also too big for the spaces on the board, so at times it can be tricky to tell which space the piece is on, and good luck if both pieces land on the same spot. There are seven spots on the board where the player can draw a card, and for each spot there are 25 cards. Each card has instructions on what to do with your partner, although the majority of them are obvious actions that most people have already done.

Some examples include:
- Blindfold your partner and then stimulate them with an arousing object.
- Perform oral on her while she is sitting on the washer/dryer.
- Have sex in the hot tub.
- She’s been a bad girl, bend her over your knee and give her a playful spanking.
- While in the backseat (of the car), fondle each other with your clothes on.
- Kiss passionately for three minutes.

The game is great in theory; eliminating the perception that sex only takes place in the bedroom. With a few tweaks to the rules, such as starting the game inside the house or ignoring the correct number of spaces rule, the game becomes much more interesting and steamy.

Sex around the House is a decent beginner’s game as long as the players have the patience to wait on the die, and haven’t explored their laundry room sexually yet.
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  • Mamastoys
    Sounds like we have done most of the things you mentioned. LOL
    Does sound like a great beginner game.
    Thanks for the review
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Glad you reviewed this. It was on my wish list.
  • dlw
    Ha ha . Too experienced for the game. Good for you!
  • Bonesdance
    Good review - I would get more annoyed at the poorly-designed game than I would aroused by the vanilla sex cards.
  • Bonesdance
    Thanks for the review - I hate poorly-designed games, and your critiques of the rules sound valid.
  • Jennysweets
    Great review
  • Nirelan
  • Feisty
    thanks for the review
  • Maximusx
    Great review, great info and details thanks u
  • amazon
    Great review. Definitely sounds like it's not for us.
  • Mihoshi4301
    Thanks for the review.
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  • Lovely Jubblies
    Thanks for this
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    definitely sounds like i have done most of these
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    Thanks for the review.
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