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The Love Swing is a great sex swing that is intended for use with the Sex Swing Stand. It holds quite a bit of weight compared to other swings, but at the same time, it also is uncomfortable for plus-size bodies. However, for those of a smaller weight, it's a great swing.
Great extra pieces, holds quite a bit of weight, compatible with Sex Swing Stand
Not comfortable for plus-size bodies, not as great structural quality
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The Love Swing is a sex swing made by Topco Sales intended to take your sex up to an airborn level. The swing comes with some very basic components - the swing itself, a large hanging chain, the eyebolt for the ceiling, and a spring. The swing seems to only come in the black color, but Topco (not EF) does sell some little padded pads that can be added to the seats to change the colors. All of the straps are made from strong nylon while the padded pieces feel like they are made of neoprene. There are also plastic buckles all over to adjust the pieces of the swing.

The box it comes in is relatively large. It's not discreet at all either - it has pictures of the couple having sex all over the box. This box can be used for storage if you don't mind the lack of discreet. There isn't any particular storage option that this comes with, so if you want storage, you have to find some place to put it.

I figure the first thing to address is the weight limit. It holds 200 pounds when using the spring, and it holds up to 400 if you choose to not use the spring. The spring doesn't make much of a different except it allows you to bounce up and down a bit. I'm sure the spring would physically hold 400 pounds, but it'd stretch out the swing. That means that, for one-person use, you can have the spring, but if you want to put another person's weight on it, it can't have the spring. For some plus-size women, the spring is a no-go there as well.

So how about installation? Well, one of the main things that I enjoyed about this swing is the fact that it's made to go with the Topco Sales Sex Swing Stand - not just to be hung up on the ceiling. It comes with caribeaners that fit perfectly with the stand and with this swing which made it perfect for us in our apartment living. However, it does also come with the eyebolt needed to hang it on the ceiling or door frame. It's really easy - five minute installation tops. You just hang the eyebolt (or put a caribenear on your swing stand) and slip the swing onto said piece. That's it. Since the swing itself comes already assembled (and attached to that black circular piece of metal), it moves and is assembled as one large piece. To change up your experience, there are also some "additive" parts that the set comes with.

As mentioned above, one of the things you can add is a spring. The spring will allow the swing to bounce up and down but does limit the weight limit. This set also comes with a long, hanging chain. This chain can hold the full weight limit of 400 pounds, and it looks like the chain was intended to give you length. (For example, if you hang the eyebolt from the ceiling, there's no humanly possible way for you to comfortable get into the swing since it will be very very high up. You need something to bring the swing down to your level.) As I own another swing (Why I bought two is a mystery to me.) that didn't come with this chain nor the ability to hang it from my sex swing stand, these were added features that definitely made a difference.

However, the downside to this swing is the swing itself. Like I said, I already own the Pleasure Swing here from EF, but I was looking for a swing that could hold more weight so I could use it and not just my boyfriend. This one is perfect for the weight limit thing, but it's just not as high of quality as the Pleasure Swing. The nylon straps feel a bit cheaper, the neoprene material is not nearly as padded, and the metal bar at the top isn't as easy to grap onto. While the boyfriend only noticed a slight change in the actual comfort of the swing, my discomfort is really where the difference was made.
It seems like this swing, while it can support the 400 pounds it claims, it wasn't meant to hold that on one body (or in one spot.) I weight about 290 for those that want to know. The nylon straps that run through the padded spots to sit on are much more firm than the neoprene, and the neoprene padding is much thinner. This means that, when you sit down with a heavier weight, the nylon straps are all you feel and not the nice neoprene. I don't know if you've ever tried to sit/lay with two small strands of nylon supporting all of your weight, but it's not comfortable - there's no distribution of weight.

For lower weights, this makes no difference, but once you hit about 190 and up, the weight is going to be uncomfortable on those two straps. The uncomfortable increases as your weight goes up. This wasn't nearly as bad of a problem with the Pleasure Swing we own - the weight was nicely distributed. So what swing you want really depends on what your weight is. For those of a plus-size nature, I'd go with the Pleasure Swing. For those who are of a smaller nature or want to use it with a Sex Swing Stand, I'd go with the Love Swing. Structurally, though, the Pleasure Swing is higher-quality.

It's not a bad swing though - I just have something to compare it to. I'd give it 3 stars because of the structural differences, but because it comes with the neat additions that the other swing didn't come with, I'll give it four.
Follow-up commentary
The Love Swing is a decent swing, but compared to some of the other swings we have (The Pleasure Swing), this is not our favorite one. It's not nearly as comfortable as the Pleasure Swing, so we just don't use it as much. I really like the plain black pattern of this swing a lot more than the Pleasure Swing though.

Even after sitting around our room and being put up once in awhile, in the last two months, the swing still looks great. We still use the hanging chain all of the time, and all of the pieces still look new.
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