Knockin' Boots on the Bedroom Door

Ease of set up and a lots of position possibilities are things that are needed in a sex swing, right? Having a swing that mounts anywhere you can find a door is an easy way to spice things up with a partner. To mount it, close the door. To take it down for storage, open the door. For those without much athleticism, you too can enjoy using this swing. Really, doing some of those ideas of your dreams becomes easier with a swing like this.
Lots of adjustment means many ways to use it, quality workmanship, supports 300lbs.
Leg loops are not padded.
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Sex swings just seem to be one of those "Holy Grail" toys that most, if not all, of us have at least thought of trying. Really, having your partner suspended off the floor so you can have the access you need/want for various entertainments is heavenly. Add in a ton of adjustability, the ability to mount it to any door and toss it into any dresser drawer after you’re done: surely you can see the appeal?

Did I mention there is no permanent mounting required? No holes in the walls? No eye bolts sticking out of the ceiling, begging for your mother in-law to ask potentially embarrassing questions? Umm...ya, that is probably the best part about this swing. It takes all of about one minute to mount this swing, even less to take it down. Best of all, all you need is a well built door. You do have a door somewhere in your house/apt, right?

To begin your festivities, you only have to lay the two rod ends over an open door and shut the door making, sure it latches. From here you adjust the seat for the height and have your partner climb on. Next, slide on the leg supports and adjust as needed. I must say, the only other thing you must absolutely MUST have is an imagination. Sure, there are some pictures on the box to get you started, but these are basic and certainly not the only ways to use this swing. An open mind and thirst for adventurous endeavors could very well bring you great joy with this swing.
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The Fetish Fantasy Series deluxe fantasy door swing is pretty simple in terms of design; this by no means takes away from strength and safety. Quality 2" nylon webbing is used throughout the swing, with only the hand holds being made with smaller webbing. The buckles that allow adjustment to the straps are thick and beefy.

Starting out at the top, or mounts, there are two 3/4" diameter chrome plated steel pieces of tubing that have been capped at both ends. At the top of each side of the swing, the nylon webbing is sewn to form a tight fitting loop for the rods. Here the webbing has been sewn in an X pattern about 2" x 1 3/4" - more than enough to support the reported weight limit of 300lbs. This kind of overkill sewing is found everywhere, something I am pleased to see. The last thing you want is to have a strap come loose while being naked and swinging two feet off the floor, eh?

Next we find two buckles, on each side, that allow you to adjust the seat and leg loops. Just above these is where the hand holds are sewn onto the main straps.

Below is a picture of the swing on a closet door, it is the standard 81" tall and 24" wide. All the measurements are listed, with the chair and legs at their longest adjustments. The only places where you do not get adjustments are the hand holds and how far down from the top of the door they hang.

The seat area is made of a nylon covered pad that measures 17" x 7". Two inch webbing is used to make a loop on each side and is sewn along both sides of the cushion. The cushion has a soft velour fabric on one side to provide comfort. This provides a pretty comfortable seating area; since the straps spread the load over a greater area, you also get adjustment to the angle of the seat, although, a thicker pad would be most welcoming. We just used a pillow from the bed.

The leg straps have a large loop sewn into the end that will fit up to 24" circumference. Here some kind of padding would be nice to have. Even though there is 2" of webbing, it does start to cut into your skin after awhile. You might want to make some pads for these as well.

There is plenty of adjustment, which should suit anything you can think of in terms of positioning goes. One thing you do have to keep in mind, though, is the hand holds if you plan on using them. If I sit in the swing with the adjustments at the longest settings, I cannot grab the hand holds...I am 6'4" tall. Honestly though, I think they are designed for positions other than sitting, like if you were standing in the loops.
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


One thing a door mounted swing will not give you is a true swinging capabilities; there is, after all, a door there. It might be better to think of this as a position aid rather than a swing. Still, it provides many uses and position possibilities. These include sitting positions with legs raised or lowered, standing doggie style, or the advanced position pictured on the back of the box. Here, the woman is standing in the leg straps while holding the hand holds. She is facing the man, who is sitting in the seat with his feet on the door with her legs over his. It looks like a floating Lotus position of sorts.

Honestly, your imagination is one of two things stopping you from doing just about anything you can think of. The other thing that might stop you is having a well built door. Chances are you do indeed have one, but it is worth checking before ordering, especially if you live in an old house like me. It turns out that I only have two doors it will work on: my son's bedroom door and the front door of the house. The rest of the doors either have too big of a gap at the top (I advise no more than 1/2" gap), or the door is just not strong enough.

Speaking of doors, a solid door is preferable to a hollow door. Not only will it provide a stronger mount, but there will be little chance of breaking the door should you happen to swing against it too hard.

Getting into positions can be a journey in and of itself, and is best accomplished with the help of a partner. You can get into it by yourself, but it can be tricky; sitting on the seat is easy, but getting your foot through the loop is kind of hard. At least it is for this aging body.
    • Aids in positioning

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning is as easy as tossing it in the washer with mild soap/cold water and hanging it to dry.

You can store it in the original box if you like, or just fold it up and toss it in a drawer. Unless you make some kind of permanent attachment on the door, you will need to store it.

Personal comments

Once I found a suitable door to use it on, I had it mounted in literally seconds. Toss the rods over the top of the door and close it. (Hell, it took longer to open the box and plastic bag.) Just be sure the door is latched; if the door comes open, you will fall. I left the seat at the longest adjustment and lowered myself down. I sort of jumped up and down on the seat to make sure the door was going to hold before going any further. After that, it was a matter of getting my feet into the leg straps; this was not as easy as I figured. I had to use both hands to pull my foot up high enough, and then try and hold it with one hand, while I fought to get the loop over my foot; this was done for both feet. Remember that I am hanging off the ground about two feet up - good thing I had a door to lean against, eh?

Then came the time when I realized there was no way I could reach the hand holds - damn, that sucked! I think it was even harder to get out of the leg straps. Oh well, live and learn, right? The good thing is that after raising the seat so I could reach the hand holds, getting my feet through the leg loops was much easier. By raising the seat, you make the leg loops longer.

Adjusting the swing is a trial and error type deal: better to take some time beforehand and at least get the seat at the height you desire. While you can make the leg loops higher (shorter) during use, that is pretty much the only way to adjust it when a person is in it. Making the seat lower or the leg loops longer will require the weight to be let off first. The good part is it is very easy to make adjustments and takes no time at all to do.

One other possibility for a swing like this is to permanently mount it, either in a doorway or from the ceiling. A couple of eye bolts and some carabiners would work just fine. Just replace the steel rods with the carabiners and find the studs in the wall or ceiling for the eye bolts. If you think about it, removing the door from the picture will open up even more position possibilities.


I'll be honest; a swing to put the wife in has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. My thoughts have always been of a swing mounted to a swivel in the center of the room. The real problem with this fantasy is getting the wife to try it; this is why I thought this one might be a good way to introduce her to swings. Giving her something to lean against would go a long way in providing a sense of safety; having a 300lb weight limit sure helps, too.

Sadly, this swing was not all that hot for her. Not only did she complain of it being uncomfortable, she was scared of the feeling of being up off the ground. I guess I understand to some extent; she is, after all, afraid of heights. Plus, putting all your faith into something like this is actually pretty hard to do at first. Even after my years of erecting iron, I still have to overcome the fear of trusting the equipment.

We were able to use it once with her in the seated position. We adjusted it so it was as low as possible and left her legs out of the leg loops. Maybe not as fun as it could be, but we still enjoyed something different. If nothing else, performing oral on her was much easier on my neck and back; she was able to rest her legs on my shoulders which gave me easy access. We did switch up once; she turned around and placed the seat down her legs some. This gave us an upright doggie position that was fun; too bad this soon became uncomfortable for her.

For my part, I had no problems sitting and standing in various positions, at least for a short time. One thing you learn really quickly is that there are muscles that you did not know you had when using a swing like this. As such, moving from position to position is advisable; otherwise your muscles will be sore the next day.

So I have to say that a swing may not be for everyone but if you are given the chance you should give them a try. Like most things, by using it, coming to trust the swing can only make using one much easier and more enjoyable. Practice makes perfect, eh? For some positions it will surely make them easier by providing support to areas of your body and thus make for an easier time, using your imagination just adds even more to the fun.
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