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Liquid silk

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Liquid silk reviews

84 reviews
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84 reviews

My wife and I strongly recommend this water based lubricant. It feels great, lasts a long time and is toy safe.

This stuff lives up to its name. It feels great during use, your skin feels great after use and there is definitely some long lasting slipperiness in this bottle. It looks just like semen, but despite (or because) of that is some pretty sexy stuff.

While Liquid Silk does perform quite well, I do not recommend it for anyone who has sensitive skin or is prone to UTIs. Additionally, if you are concerned about parabens, you'll want to steer clear of this product. Personally, I think there are better products on the market with less harmful ingredients (many of which are also better priced).

At the end, my hands were greasy. I only used it once, and I do not intend to purchase it again.

Best general use lube ever. Unless you're going for fisting or a lot of anal penetration, this is a jack (off) of all trades. You will not be disappointed.

Buy this lube. It is a great price for a great product. No gross feelings after and only wonderfully, silky slickness during use. The bottle itself is no mess and no fuss. The only problems are the parabens and possible taste issues.

This is a great water-based lubricant with a small amount of silicone in it. The silicone keeps it slippery and gives it a silky texture. It won't do well for shower play, and it likely won't work well for anal penetration, but it works well for everything else. It is compatible with silicone toys. It also dispenses well.

This lubricant is awesome. It feels so smooth while in use and afterwards it leaves your skin feeling soft and wonderful. It's glycerin free so it won't ever get sticky.

This lube is a knock out in use. The only concern that I have is the parabens and other odd ingredients that do worry me in the long run. Just because of the parabens, I have to give it a 4.

Give it a shot, it's middle-of-the-road in quality and it does the job. It will last you a long time and you can spice it up by introducing other lubes if you want to make things interesting and keep this one around for daily use.

For masturbation (whether penile or vaginal) I haven't found a better lubricant. For anal use, there are so many wonderful lubricants on the market that do the job better. If you're like me and you like to have different lubricants for masturbation and for sex, this might be the way to go.

My husband and I used to love this lube until it caused an unfortunate rash. I wish we could still use it, and I am trying to find another water-based lube that we can use together. If you aren't concerned about safety and don't have sensitive skin, this is a fabulous lube.

I thought that this lube quite performed well (as described), but I chose to dump out the remaining lube once I found out that it contains parabens. I know I'm exposed to many things every day that can cause health problems and cancer, but I figure why add another thing to the mix that I can easily avoid? It's not worth it to me, when there are vegan, pthalate-free, paraben-free lubes in the same price range.

All in all, this lube is pretty excellent. It was the only lubricant that my husband and I would buy for a while. It's likeness to lotion and ability to be rubbed into the skin without a greasy or sticky feeling is so nice.

Liquid Silk is one of the most natural feeling lubes that I have ever used. It has to be hands down one of the best ones that I have on hand.

There are much better water-based lubes out there, ones without the smell, that are clear in color, and do not contain parabens. The silky sensation this lube provided was just not extraordinary enough to outweigh its negatives for me, but those who are less concerned about the issues I have raised may find they enjoy it enough to take the risk.

Liquid Silk is the king of all lubes if you ask me. It is just about everything you could be looking for in a lube. It is well worth the price for an amazing long lasting, not sticky, and realistic feeling.

For a plain lube this definitely does the trick. All in all I like it. If it was thicker it would get a complete 5 stars but since it is runny I'm only giving it 4.

I really do like the liquid silk lube, and I highly recommend it. I didn't think I was going to like it that much but I really do. My boyfriend loves it. He thinks it’s perfect for solo masturbation, and so do I. You can use with any toy because it is water based. It isn't hard to clean and does leave your skin feeling moisturized. You don't have to worry about leaving you feeling sticky, greasy, or staining your bedding. It’s a wonderful creation.

This product is totally worth it. As a couple we both enjoy what it gives us in our sex life. There is no con to this other than it has parabens, which might be the only reason we ever switch lubes... but Liquid Silk just might be good enough for us to over look that small fact.

Anyone pursuing or already enjoying anal play needs to try this lube. The texture makes it ideal for that purpose. Anal play requires drag reduction for maximum comfort and Liquid Silk lives up to its name.

All quibbling about ingredients aside, this truly is the best water-based lubricant available on the market in my opinion. I adore that it both feels completely natural and doesn't leave one's skin covered in goo or oil while still having a firm consistency and lasting a decently long time in heavy play! For use with silicone toys (particularly strapons) this is one of the best lubes out there!

If you want a realistic water-based lubricant that doesn't get dry or tacky, then Liquid Silk is a great investment for your bedside drawer. The only drawback is a mildly bitter aftertaste which is easily remedied with baby wipes in between types of play, so don't let that stop you from discovering your new favorite lubricant.

Liquid Silk is an all around amazing lubricant, with just one flaw: parabens. While parabens have not officially been linked to breast cancer, it has risen enough concern that most companies have begun advertising paraben free alternatives. Also, anyone with a paraben allergy should avoid this product. That being said though, if you can get past the parabens, this lube really is all you can ask for. Super slick, long lasting and non-messy - it gets the job done and does it well.

This lube is fantastic for anal and vaginal penetration and for stimulating any area of the body. However, I still don't think it's worth the breast cancer linked to its ingredients, and the smell and taste were definitely a let down. Beware, it does look like semen, so if that's not your thing go for another lube.

Overall best lubricant I have ever used. Very versatile use and no complaints at all! This is a must try for anyone!

Overall I would recommend this lube for a variety of uses including PIV sex, masturbation, and use with toys. There is a taste, so I would not recommend it in combination with oral sex and those with sensitivities to parabens should avoid it.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to lube, and you discover yours mostly through trial and error. So my advice is to give Liquid Silk a try if you're looking for a good, versatile lubricant. It's a great compromise between other, tacky/sticky water-based lubes and the expensive and ever-slick silicone-based varieties. I would/will buy again!

Silky Smooth Super Fun! Best water-based lube out there! My personal favorite, from looks to lasting power this stuff is amazing.

I can't say enough good things about this product. I've tried recommending it to die-hard fans of other lubes: Some of them bit, some didn't, but the ones that did are grateful and I have only the experts in Austin to thank for turning me on to such an awesome product!

A great product that will last you a long time under normal circumstances. However, I wouldn't recommend it for anal penetration. It can be done, but you end up using quite a lot of lube. It also contains parabens and other possible irritants that I haven't had problems with personally, but have seen reviews where it has been an issue. Great for solo or partner play.

I have been using this lube for years, and I swear by it. I love the creamy, cum-like texture, and find that it doesn't really great sticky, even with prolonged use. I only wish the snap-top 50 ml bottle was available!

The Liquid Silk by Sliquid is not a lubricant I would recommend with anyone who has sensitive skin, allergies, or is prone to Urinary Tract Infections. If you are not concerned with the ingredients that lay within this product it is still not the best lube out there. I highly recommend you continue your search as Eden has a wide array of lubes to choose from.

The name doesn't lie: Liquid Silk is just that. When comparing to water-based lubricants, this product blows the competition away. It lasts and lasts without getting sticky. A little goes a long way, so expect to get your money's worth and much much more!

All in all, Liquid Silk did impress me. I sure wish the ingredients were less harmful, but I couldn't resist loving it! It's nice and slippery, doesn't leave a trace of residue behind and feels natural. I would actually purchase again even with the nasty ingredients! The way my partner or a toy glides perfectly with this lubricant excites me more than any other!

My girlfriend and I were looking for a great multi-purpose lube, and we found it in Liquid Silk. This versatile water-based lubricant is effective anywhere a reduction in friction is needed – other than oral and rough anal play. Although not free of parabens and dimethicone, it is safe and sufficient for most people.

Liquid Silk is my favorite water based lube. It is smooth and silky and feels like natural lubrication. In fact, it is easy to forget that I am even using a lube at all. It creates a long lasting slickness that is perfect for mutually satisfying lovemaking. I love this product.

This definitely is not the best lube I've ever come across, but it is truly a great product to have on your bedstand. Although its not for the health/environment conscious, it still stands in as a product that really mimics the kinds of fluid your body normally makes on its own.

I really have nothing negative to say about this product. Its hands down the best lube for me so far. If you're looking for a long lasting and moisturizing lube, this is gonna be great for you. Just don't lick it.

Liquid Silk feels great and can really go the distance. That small bit of silicone gives it great consistency and staying power, but also means that it isn't versatile enough to be my "go to" lube. If a hybrid lube is what you're looking for and you don't mind parabens, Liquid Silk is definitely worth it.

I can't recommend Liquid Silk enough. It's smooth and slick, it doesn't have a strong smell, it doesn't get sticky, and it dries leaving the skin nice and soft. Yeah, it can be a little pricey, but you use a fraction of what you'd use for just about any other lubricant, so the value is there.

Okay, I stold that from a song, kind of, with a revision; at least I admit it!! Liquid Silk is a very silky, smooth lube that also has some other, very surprising benefits!!

This is my absolute favorite lube. I have found no reason to go looking for another lube to use for vaginal sex because this one works great. I tried a lot of other brands before I found this one and now there is no going back. It doesn't irritate me and it works great? Yes, Please!

If you are looking for a AWESOME water based lube look no further. I compare this product with my favorite silicone lube: Eros original bodyglide. It is sexy, fun and long lasting.

This will make your solo and partner sex smooth beyond belief. Pleasure in a bottle would be my second choice in naming this product.

Liquid Silk is the best water-based, non-tacky, non-smelly lube out there. If you're looking for something that's worth the money and will go a long ways, this is it. If you use this lube for everything (except anal), it's going to last you a long time. It comes in a functional pump bottle, which is the best feature a lube can have; it keeps it in the bottle and on your body exactly where you want it and won't gunk up a nightstand or stain the sheets (water-based For the Win!).

This product is as close to your own juices that you may find! It increased our arousal level as a couple because her body was able to match the desire that she was feeling in her mind and heart.

Liquid Silk is exactly what its name implies. It lasts long, washes off easily, and feels oh so natural. It has a conveniant pump top for ease of use, and I have yet to find any other lube as great as this. The only con I have with this is the taste, and some might not be compatible with the parabens this includes. All in all I give this lube 5 stars and we will definitely be ordering more!

Personally, I love this lube. It has an amazing visual effect that is much needed for my line of work.

In using other lubes I have found ones that I liked that left a residue, ones that I liked that were incompatible with my silicone toys, and ones that I liked that barely lasted long enough to get them on. This lube has none of those problems. It's practically perfect.

This lube was recommended by the clerk at my local sex shop. She stated how safe it was to use, and it was their number one seller. I bought it based on her recommendation.

Liquid Silk is a wonderfully slick and slippery water-based lube! If you're not worried about parabens, I would suggest picking up a bottle as soon as possible. Coming from someone who prefers silicone-based lubes, this is my favorite water-based substitute.

I would absolutely recommend this product to any friend or foe, as I believe everybody deserves a single go-to lubricant that satisfies every need a sexually deviant mind could dream of. Long-lasting, natural feeling, non-irritating... a perfect recipe for a do-everything lubricant.

Overall I love this lube, it glides on super easy and stays exactly where I want it to. I don't want to run out of this lube, it stays right by our bedside.

While it certainly won't get you pregnant, Liquid Silk really does have a cum-like appearance that makes it especially exciting when used to stimulate the visual senses. As a lube though, its performance is just average.

Liquid Silk is an excellent choice for your workhorse lube - it comes in an efficient pump bottle, feels smooth and soft, and is easy to handle and apply.

As long as you're not allergic to parabens, odds are you will LOVE Liquid Silk. It stays put incredibly well, and feels like it belongs... sometimes even better than the real thing! Instead of feeling like glue or vegetable oil, it is superbly slick but allows you to feel every little sensation. Using Liquid Silk will never be a chore, and one bottle should last quite a while. So, put down that drug store lube and splurge a little. Trust me, it's totally worth it.

I have no complaints with this product. If you are looking for a lube to match your natural PH, then you've found the right one!

Smooth and silky, this water based lubricant is a must have for my toy chest. I love the easy dispense top and keep it by my bed ready for action. Safe to use with toys and condoms, this is truly a universal lubricant.

I think it's strange that so many products are advertised as being "parabens-free," to the extent that I began to believe that they were as toxic as phthalates, only to find them in this highly-rated product.

Long lasting silky lubrication great for anything you desire to use it for. Great pump bottle allowing for perfect amounts of squirting, and re-lockable for traveling on the go! Liquid Silk is my new Heaven perfect for any occasion: the occasional body massage, silky anal lubrication, or heavy fast hard play...whatever your heart desires!

Tons of people love Liquid Silk. All in all, Liquid Silk is a very simple and relatively friendly lubricant. It looks and feels very natural. It's safe for use with toys and condoms. It's easy to clean. Only problem (aside from the fact that it's completely unsuitable for anal or water play) is that it contains parabens. Which means that, if you're like me, your cunt will get very very angry.

The last lube you'll ever need to buy. The comfort of silicone-based lubes with the toy-friendly advantages of a water-based one. Use it for solo play, toys, masturbation or vaginal/anal sex. You won't be sorry.

Try it; you will like it. The best part is how slick and creamy it feels, in my opinion one of the best water based lubes about tied with water based Wet.

Liquid Silk does contain silicone, if you want to be safe, I would not use it on silicone toys. Rather, buy their sister product "Maximus", it contains no silicone.

Liquid Silk lives up to its name, with a silky, natural feel and a thickness that never leaves you wondering where the lube just went. This water-based lube works surprisingly well for both vaginal and anal use. Just don't taste the stuff!

I have tried many lubes. This is the only one that excites me just to prepare to use it. Not only does it look sexy on its own, but it works well for all of your lube needs.

I love this lube. It is slippery, it comes with a handy pump, it has a realistic feel and look to it, and it makes for a pleasurable and smooth experience. But... if you are paranoid, like I am, you might want to think twice before applying it to a silicone based toy. This is the absolutely only reason I am giving it a four star review instead of a five star. This issue needs to be clarified by the company.

slippery, slidey, silky, slick, a sonnet I could compose to this lube, it is by far the best thing I've ever used.

Liquid Silk is the lube for the luxurious. It has many uses, and is wonderful for anal play. It comes in a pump style bottle with no leaks. Silky and smooth white pearl heaven in a bottle.

This is a good lube but i feel there are better out there. It is clean, non-messy, and pretty smooth. I did not notice much silkiness afterward though. It could be longer lasting and thicker in my opinion but overall it is an alright lube.

The texture and lasting power of Liquid Silk make it a solid lube for most any occasion. It's very reasonably priced for the amount and quality of the product you get. An excellent lube, truly the only downfall is the flavor deters oral play after use.

Liquid Silk is a quality lube that is long lasting and has a variety of sexual applications from toy play to sex. This water-based product has a natural feel that gives it's competitors a run for their money.

A wonderful hybrid lube that is in many ways the best of both worlds. This is a lube that, had it not been for one little detail, would have become my go-to lube. It was absolutely wonderful in so many ways, but it just wasn’t compatible with my body.

Liquid Silk is, to me, the best of the best in water based lubes. No glycerin, it's slick and silky and very natural feeling while remaining easy to clean up and compatible with any toy. Awesome!

This is my favorite lube for intercourse. It is silky, clean feeling, stays slick for a long time, but when it does finally dry out, it leaves my skin soft and supple.

If you're planning on buying a dildo add this to your shopping cart; it's also an great buy in addition to bring your order high enough to get free shipping.

Liquid Silk makes any encounter smoother, without "getting in the way" or ruining the romance. Gently rub it on wherever you need it and get ready to float off into new worlds of pleasure!

This thick, slippery lube offers a drip-free, lotion-like option for those who aren't crazy about runny lube. Because it's creamy, it has a texture similar to natural vag juices.

Liquid silk is definitely a lube I've grown comfortable with. It's light, slick, effective, and very long lasting. I would definitely recommend this product for toy users.

Liquid Silk is an easy to use versatile and body compatible water-based lubricant for any type of play; solo or otherwise!

I consider Liquid Silk the ideal lube for intercourse. It dispenses neatly and provides a very natural-feeling lubrication that is not sticky or uncomfortable. It's not my favorite lube for use with toys, but I'd still highly recommend it!

Liquid Silk definitely is true to its name. It's light, slick, and super smooth, not to mention long-lasting. It's not what I had grown to expect from some water-based lubes.

This lube feels like pure slick pleasure on your skin and holds up well for anal play. Lube up all your holes expect for your mouth! The taste is awful, but otherwise it fantastic.

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