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Liquid silk

Lubricant by Bodywise Limited

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Watch Out for Parabens!

Tons of people love Liquid Silk. All in all, Liquid Silk is a very simple and relatively friendly lubricant. It looks and feels very natural. It's safe for use with toys and condoms. It's easy to clean.

Only problem (aside from the fact that it's completely unsuitable for anal or water play) is that it contains parabens. Which means that, if you're like me, your cunt will get very very angry.
Appearance. Slick Consistency. Non Greasy, Natural Feel. Glycerin Free
Contains Parabens. Slightly Bitter Taste. Packaging is not travel-friendly
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I have at least two friends who swear by this lube. It's not thick enough for anal play, but if you're into any kind of vaginal penetration, liquid silk is a pretty good staple to have around. It's a very simple lubricant - no warming sensations or strawberry flavors.

If you're a transguy, into gender play, or simply don't produce very much cum on your own and into external ejaculation, this lubricant is really great for visually simulating everybody's natural juices. If you own a dildo harness with a lube holster, this would definitely be the lube to stick inside and squirt all over your partner at the opportune moment. Which brings me to my next point:

It is a WATER-BASED lubricant. So you can go ahead and use it with all of your favorite toys! No disastrous silicone-bonding reactions here (If you didn't know, it is a bad idea to use silicone lubricant with silicone toys. Depending on the specific chemical formula, your lubricant and your toy may begin to bead/and or fuse, creating an icky, unsafe, unfixable mess. While there are different kinds of silicone toys and different kinds of silicone lubricants, so technically it is possible to combine certain silicone toys with certain silicone lubes, it's a pretty big gamble to make, especially if you're dealing with a $120 vibrator.

Because Liquid Silk is a WATER-BASED lubricant, it is not suitable for sex in the shower (or the pool). It will come right off and you will be left dry and unprotected. For underwater play, you're much better off using a silicone lubricant, though the same warnings about combining silicone lube with silicone toys apply.

Like I said before, Liquid Silk is unflavored. There is a slightly bitter aftertaste to Liquid Silk, but it isn't too terrible. You could probably use Liquid Silk for oral sex, because it isn't gag-worthy but there are definitely much better choices out there. This one might have the unintended effect of causing you to make a *gross* face at your partner.

Liquid Silk is also glycerin-free. Glycerin is a sweet alcohol that is frequently used to flavor lubes, but is really a pretty big no-no when it comes to keeping your (or your partner's) cunt happy. The yeast population that lives inside every woman's vagina feeds off of the glycerin and multiplies, turning into an itchy and embarrassing yeast infection that may require OTC or even prescription drugs. The fact that Liquid Silk is glycerin-free makes it a good choice for any women who are naturally prone to getting yeast infections, or who have compromised immune systems, as well as women who have no prior history of yeast infections but would rather not tempt fate by using lubricants that contain glycerin.

Unfortunately, when I tried Liquid Silk, I discovered that I had an allergy to parabens Methyl, butyl, ethyl and propyl parabens are chemicals that are often used in lubes as preservatives, bonding agents, or antiseptics. Water based lubes are especially likely to contain parabens. Although many high-quality sexual lubricants that are designed specifically for people with persnickety privates contain parabens, they can and do cause allergic reactions in many people. It took me a couple of uses to figure out that I had an allergy. An important side note is that minor allergic reactions to lubricant may not be immediately apparent during sexual intercourse or masturbation, because your body is producing a lot of happy chemicals that block out the pain and irritation, and you are less likely to notice any genital swelling or flushing, since it's both natural and desirable for your genitals to swell and flush during sexual intercourse. At first I thought I might have an STD or a yeast infection, since using Liquid Silk during sex or masturbation would leave me swollen, sore, and itchy for a couple of days after. I kind of wish that someone had told me about the fact that Liquid Silk contained parabens, and that these parabens might irritate me. It would have saved me a couple of stressful months and a whole lot of money spent traipsing in and out of the gynecologists office.

However, if you know that your body is fine with parabens, I would definitely recommend Liquid Silk. My friends were really excited when I discovered that I couldn't use Liquid Silk anymore, because I had bought Liquid Silk in bulk and I ended up having to pass on my (copious amounts of) leftover lube to them.
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Liquid Silk is a very viscous lubricant. It looks and feels exactly the way a porn-star would want her natural vaginal juices to look and feel. That is to say, it is a white-ish clear color and it feels light and slippery to the touch. Definitely non-greasy. It is very easy to dispense the lube out of the bottle. Because Liquid Silk is water-based, it's also very simple to clean off of you, your partner, and your toys when playtime is over. If you like the idea of really really wet sex, Liquid Silk is an excellent lube for drenching your partner. It will leave them slick, aroused, and very happy.
    • Slick
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

Liquid Silk doesn't really smell like anything. It tastes a little bit bitter. More on the medicinal side than the gag-worthy side. Try something else if you want to eat your partner out. If you change your mind and want to go down on your lover after you've used Liquid Silk for sex, s/he won't have to take a shower, exactly, but Liquid Silk is definitely not going to make your mouth water.
    • Light taste
    • No smell


Liquid Silk is not a long-lasting lube, though it doesn't disappear into your skin as quickly as those terrible drug-store lubricants do. You should probably keep the bottle by the bed during sex, as extra applications can be necessary. One great thing about liquid silk is that once it does disappear, it really disappears. You could probably get up and go after sex, or sit around on the bed comfortably for a couple of hours of cuddling without feeling any slimy, tacky, or oily residue. It's water based, which makes it super easy for clean-up.

Like I said in the 'Uses' section, Liquid Silk has parabens, so you should watch out, because it might make your body unhappy. I have to say, the parabens in Liquid Silk made my cunt pretty angry about thirty minutes after I used it, though I thought that it mostly felt fine during.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Allergy concerns


The Liquid Silk bottle is very simple looking. Personally, I like the packaging. One thing about Liquid Silk is that it has a pointy dispenser that extends out of the bottle, so it's not so great for travel or storage anywhere besides your bedside table or on top of your dresser. Works well in lube holsters (which are attached to dildo-harnesses.)
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Not discreet
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  • MoonFlowered
    Great mention of the Parabens. Good to keep in mind.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Thank you for the very honest review!
  • Jhiera
    Ugh I cannot emphasize the NOT-TRAVEL-FRIENDLY part enough. My bottle dispenser was extremely hard to close; it took two of us far too long, and far too much lube all over the parking lot of our house to finally close.
  • Sammi
    Good review!
  • Lia Sphere
    Thanks everyone!
  • Lia Sphere
    Also, anyone reading this review should definitely look at the Forum on Liquid Silk and Silicone Toys. When I wrote this review, I simply assumed that it didn't have silicone in it because it was a water-based lubricant. Obviously, I was wrong, and next time I'll make triple sure to check the ingredients list for anything that ends in "-cone" before reporting back. I'm glad I found out that Liquid Silk can be incompatible with some silicone toys before I ruined any of them.
  • wondertoes
    Thanks for the great review!
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    Honest review thanks!
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    Ack- allergic reactions down there are no fun!! That sucks!
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    Great review!
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    Thanks for mentioning possible adverse reactions with the ingredients and the visual aspect. I'm in a committed, long-term relationship with a transguy so this might be fun to play with.
  • racoons
    Nice job.
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    Good job on the review
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    It's not necessarily safe for silicone toys with dimethicone as one of the ingredients
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    Awesome review! Thx!
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