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Slip Slidin' Away

Liquid Silk lives up to its name, with a silky, natural feel and a thickness that never leaves you wondering where the lube just went. This water-based lube works surprisingly well for both vaginal and anal use. Just don't taste the stuff!
Thickness, ease of clean-up, not sticky, functional packaging.
The taste.
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Liquid Silk lubricant is thick, slick playtime goodness. Water-based and glycerine-free, this lube feels nearly natural and is thick enough for just about any use, including anal play. We have tried a few different lubes to find one that wouldn't slide right off the Mr.'s penis, and Liquid Silk is a winner. It's thick enough to stay put, yet it's silky-smooth and never sticky.

If you've experienced sensitivity with other lubes, Liquid Silk is definitely worth a try. It's the first lube I've used that didn't irritate my vagina, and for that reason alone it's worth the price to me.

According to the manufacturer's Web site, Liquid Silk can also be used for sensual massage. We haven't tried this use, and I can think of quite a few other substances I'd honestly use for a massage before I reached for a water-based lube.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Liquid Silk comes in a handy little pump bottle -- in fact, it looks like lotion until you're using it. There's no odd smell, no greasy feel, and although it's water-based, it's not watery at all. We've used it vaginally, anally and on the labia, and I've never noticed a sticky feel. It did dry out just a little when I used it to give my husband a handjob, but another pump of Liquid Silk fixed that right up.

Taste / Aroma

I hadn't tasted it in use, so for the sake of this review, I decided to bite the bullet and give Liquid Silk a taste-test. It wasn't one of my better decisions.

The first taste seemed almost fruity. But then the aftertaste hit -- an odd yeasty, chemical-y taste that seemed to dry out my mouth and wouldn't rinse away. Blecch. I would not recommend getting Liquid Silk anywhere near your tongue.

The aroma, however, is fine. In fact, I can barely detect any smell from it at all. That's a good quality in a lube, as far as I'm concerned. Who wants to be distracted by the smell? Thankfully, Liquid Silk is virtually scent-free, which is surprising to me, considering it is described by the manufacturer as being biostatic -- in other words, it inhibits the growth of organisms like yeast and bacteria. Perhaps that's what's behind the curious taste.


So far, every time we've used Liquid Silk, it has lasted longer than we have (and we do like to take our time). Luckily, it cleans up easily -- a towel will do the job if you're in a hurry, but it also rinses off quickly in the shower. It seems to be pretty fabric-safe, as well: We've gotten it on the sheets a few times and have never had a stain.

My favorite thing about Liquid Silk is its versatility. We don't have to use one lube for vaginal sex and a different one for anal sex: Liquid Silk has a viscosity that works equally well for both. Although I don't have any complaints about Liquid Silk based on my own use, I would definitely have a complaint if I had ended up with a Silked-up penis in my mouth. Don't get me wrong: I love giving the Mr. a good blowjob. I do not, however, love the taste of Liquid Silk. I don't plan on mixing the two.


Liquid Silk comes in a pump-action lotion bottle with an attractive and mildly humorous design (tag line: "The subtle art of making people fit together and reducing friction in relationships"). If you have kids that can read and ask questions, I wouldn't recommend leaving it out on the nightstand, but since the bottle doesn't scream LUBE!, it wouldn't be a big deal to have it out otherwise.

If your travel plans include a flight, you'll need to put your Liquid Silk in a checked bag or take it in a smaller container on your carry-on. Other than that, Liquid Silk is good to go with no unexpected leaks, thanks to the locking pump top.

Special Features

As stated above, the Liquid Silk manufacturer does claim this lube can prevent bacteria, yeast or fungal spores from spreading. I'm not sure how to test that at home, but it's certainly worth a mention here.


Both my husband and I love to lube up our lovin' with Liquid Silk. Our favorite use for Liquid Silk is with anal play, and it performs wonderfully in that capacity. It works just as well with toys as it does with body parts, and it enhances our lovemaking (unlike other lubes we've used in the past that burned, turned sticky, were too runny, and on and on). The pump top makes it easy to grab more Liquid Silk in the heat of the moment. Bottom line: Liquid Silk does everything a lube should do and nothing it shouldn't.
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