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Sex voltz mens sexual enhancer

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This pill was a bust for me and my husband. It hurt him, and made it almost impossible for him to ejaculate. We don't recommend this pill for anyone who has had a vasectomy, as it may make for a very painful and not fun three days.
You can take it with alcohol, lasts 72 hours,
NOT recommended for guys who have had vasectomies,
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This is not normally the sort of thing that my husband and me use, in or out of the bedroom. I received an assignment, and asked him if he'd be willing to try these out, and he said yes. Thinking that maybe it'd be fun after all, we put the order in. The pill arrived very quickly and comes in a little pouch. Since the pouch says the effects of the pill last for three days, we decided to wait until a Friday night so that we'd have the weekend to test it out and have fun.

My husband took this on a Friday as he was leaving work. The pouch says to take this on an empty stomach thirty minutes before you plan to have sexual activity. If you want to, you're welcome to take it with alcohol. Just be sure you're not driving if you're drinking. The ingredients are: water, L-arginine, ginseng-80, fennel seed powder, FO-Ti, ginger root PE, licorice root PE, magnesium stearate, saw pawmetto PE, astragalus root powdered, geantin, rice flour magnesium stearate, stearic acid, and silica. If you're allergic to any of those, I recommend staying away.

We were really surprised by the reaction that my husband had from these pills. First, his testicles started to ache. It was a really painful and uncomfortable ache, not a sexy one. Then, one of his testicles actually swelled up a little bit. The package itself says that it gives you a harder erection, stronger impulses, and better sexual performances. My husband was in so much pain that he didn't actually want to have any sex at all.

We decided to try to have sex, and it was very, very hard for my husband to climax, and when he came, it was a fraction of the size of his usual load. We're not sure if the size of his ejaculation had anything to do with the pill for certain, but when the pill wore off three days later, he was back to normal. The pill does say that it will delay ejaculation, and of course his ability to climax came back when the pill wore off as well.

I did some research, and it turns out that the number one ingredient in Sex Voltz (L-Arginine) is known for increasing sperm production. One major thing I want to mention here, is that my husband had a vasectomyover a year ago. This matters a lot, because it is likely that the pill increased his sperm count which made his testicles swell, and exacerbated his pain and discomfort from the Sex Voltz pill. Men with vasectomies still make sperm, but it doesn't have anywhere to go until it is reabsorbed into their system. This takes time, and unfortunately, is what we think may have made the pill so unpleasant for my husband. We are not certain if this would happen to someone without a vasectomy, however, the fact that he couldn't come very easily for a couple of days will probably affect guys who have not been snipped.
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  • wetone123
    Good information here! I like that you put ingredients in review and did your research on vasectomy. Sorry this didn't work out for you. Thanks for the great review
  • I'll Miss You EF :(
    Really fantastic review! I agree with Wetone123, thanks for the research to back up your review!
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Great review, and I certainly appreciate the time you took to research what might have occurred with your husband. I am generally wary of these types of supplements, and your review sort of confirms what I have long suspected.
  • Peggi
    Really great review, thank you for sharing that information with us and I'm so glad that you both not only couldn't enjoy the product but it actually caused pain! Also, thanks for the research, I've heard things about avoiding certain male enhancements once you have a vasectomy but never really looked into it.

    I would consider perhaps sending in or posting something to the manufacturer about this, perhaps having them list it as a warning on the box or on their page. Maybe they will have to do some research of their own!
  • The Mother of a SiNner
    great info ty for the review now i know not to get this for my husband
  • Red Vinyl Kitty
    Thank you all so much for the compliments. I am glad that my review was so helpful to you all.

    @Peggi, I really hope that's a typo. You're *glad* my husband was in pain?
  • P'Gell
    I'm so sorry M was harmed by this pill. I'm assuming he's OK now, though?

    One thing to keep in mind that isn't well known; licorice and licorice root can precipitiously raise blood pressure and should not be taken by men with any circulatory or heart problems. Was there a warning on the package?

    This stuff sounds dangerous, if warnings are not given on the pack.

    Thank you for letting us know about this. I'm sure none of us want our men (or ourselves, if we are men) in that kind of pain.
  • Red Vinyl Kitty
    @P'Gell Thanks for telling me that! My husband has high blood pressure, and I had no idea that licorice could do that. There were no warnings at all on the package. It was just a packet with very little written on it. Insane.
  • MrWishyWashy
    Nice, thanks for the review!
  • married with children
    great review, thanks for sharing.
  • Do emu
    This product sounds terrible. Sorry your husband has to endure that. Thanks for sharing your findings with us.
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