Probe Thick and rich

Lubricant discontinued
by Davryan Laboratories

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If you can handle the mess, this lube offers a smooth, long ride! Try it out with a favorite toy or a sexy partner!

Overall, this lube is definitely worth the money. It is our go to lube for toys use and sex in general and the only area it is lacking in is for oral use, but let's face it, that's not it's intended use. I will be purchasing another bottle very soon as my current bottle is almost empty, so that right there says a lot. I would recommend it for anybody who needs a thicker lube, or needs a great lube that can be used with toys.

It dries up to quickly to be of any real use on toys. You have to reapply it often for it to be effective.

This is a very realistic feeling lubricant that I found worked exceptionally well in my partner's masturbatory toys. If not for the smell or taste (which are both very light), I would say it borders almost on the lubricant equivalent of the "uncanny valley". If you're looking for a lube that is thick and feels natural, I would highly recommend this. Even the sample size should last you a while.

This just did not do it. It felt weird, left stringers on everything. It was very hard to keep from making a mess with this. I just did not enjoy using this that much. Doubt we will bother ordering more anytime soon.

The texture of this lubricant simply didn't appeal to me. I loved the all-natural aspect and the fact that it doesn't have much of a smell or taste, but I just can't stand feeling sticky. That being said, this could be a great lubricant for someone else - perhaps someone who likes anal - because of its numerous redeeming qualities.

Thick and Rich is an affordable and all-natural lube, but the disgustingly stringy consistency and excessive need for reapplication means that it didn't live up to it's name. I was disappointed in the product's performance and I will be looking for a better quality water based lubricant.

The stringiness is a bit annoying, but something I am willing to look past for the other pluses. Unlike other thinner lubes that drip and make a mess, this one really stays put where you apply it. The thick consistency also provides an amazing glide for insertion. Many people may find its use is limited to anal only, but it performs great in that capacity.

This is very thick and great for anything anal--those aliens who are into beaming-up humans must buy this stuff in bulk. It's great for earthly adventures too, though. If something thick and water-based is what you're after, this is a great choice. It's also a great deal for those of us on budgets.

I think that this was a great lubricant, and I can see myself buying the larger bottle even if I pay full price. I was very happy with this product.

If you do not get a whole bottle of this, at least give it a try with the smaller size. It is slick, fun, and makes anal sex incredible!

If you really feel you need something this thick then this might be an okay lubricant for you. However you will need several re-applications and lots of patience when dealing with this sticky, slimy mess.

Buy this lube if other lubes irritate your rectum or vagina. Also, buy it if you want to minimize friction during vigorous penetrative sex.

I didn't enjoy Probe Thick and Rich at all. It was neither thick or rich in my opinion, just very sticky. If you are looking for an organic lubricant, I would recommend buying Sliquid instead.

Perfect size, great feel, smells nice, and doesn't leave you feeling off about what you're putting on and in you (which is more important to us than anything else!)

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, based on my experience. Though, as I mentioned, it may work just fine for women and vaginal use. I felt mislead by the use of the term "Thick and Rich" in the name, but your mileage may vary.

Again, I do not think that this lube is worth the money. You do get a lot of lube for your buck, but I found myself using more and more. I was not impressed with this product and I would recommend people to try the .99 cent bottle of this lube, just to try it out first, instead of spending $11 without knowing you'll like it.

Yes, I'm a lube snob, but for all the right reasons. I take the ingredients of what I use on and in my body very seriously, and Probe has nothing nasty, yet it performs well.

This is a very thick water based lube, very excellent for anal. It's safe for all the toys and condoms you could ever dream of, and doesn't dry up in the middle of sex!

I love Probe Silky Light and Probe Thick and Rich is just as good, but in a thicker consistency. It is wonderful for vaginal use and does not affect the natural PH. It works with your natural lubrication, doesn't require lots of reapplication, dries smoothly absorbing into your skin and contains no harmful chemicals or parabens. Primarily marketed as an anal lube that works just as well vaginally. Not ideal for jacking off.

Bottom line, it doesn't hurt to try out the product because of its relatively inexpensive cost. If you hate it, use it as a lube, that's where you get your money's worth. However, keep some water nearby to constantly spit or ad onto yourself or else things get crazy sticky!

I love the Probe lube. It is fabulous for all sex positions and simple to apply. It is definitely exciting to use and anal is amazing with it.

The Probe Thick and Rich is a bang for your buck. The bottle doesn't lie when it says it mimics natural lubrication. This is primarily an anal lubricant, but can be used for penetration elsewhere as well. However, if you are a beginner to anal sex, it doesn't take the initial pain away.

Probe thick is really great for both anal and vaginal penetration. It is well worth it's price, however it can be really sticky at times. I suggest not really using this with toys as it can leave behind a residue.

For anal, this product is absolutely awesome. It is gentle, non-irritating, and has such a simple ingredients list that those with allergies are unlikely to react to it. It suffers from plain packaging and is not attractive for vaginal use.

This lube works great for anal play. Although it does dry out a little quicker than some on occasion, it still delivers an excellent experience.

Great natural lubricant for anal play. Will not perform great for those who want to use it vaginally. Little bit sticky, but, leaves clean feel after using it.

If you're looking for a long lasting, super slick, water based lube, then look no further and pick up a bottle of this. If you're having any problems with anal penetration then this is the lube for you. This lube has a silicon based lube quality yet is safe to use on any toy and given it's viscosity it will stay on the surface you apply it to and not pour off the sides like so many other lubes out there.

This lube works wonders in a more humid climate, it keeps its thickness, keeps you lubricated, feels so close to your natural wetness, and makes anal all that much more intense with it's slickness. BUT if you live in a drier climate... you get some negative results; tacky, sticky, dries out pretty quick resulting in a not so fun time!!!

Feels like a budget price, without compromising quality and compatibility with a wide range of materials. I don't feel bad about liberally applying lots of this lube because it feels great when I use lots and doesn't cost too much.

Probe Thick is an absolute must buy for individuals looking for the best water based lube available on the market. I try other lubes for the fun of it, but I always come back to Probe Thick as my main go to lube for toying.

For the price, the amount, and how long the bottle lasts, this lube is numero uno. It's perfect for pretty much every occasion. After only using it a handful of times, it quickly became my favorite lube. I definitely plan on purchasing more in the future, but who knows when that'll be considering it takes forever to use up an entire bottle!

With Probe Thick and Rich you are getting a lot of really great lube. It can be used for almost every sexual act you can think of! And the thickness of this product ensures that it will stay in place longer than thinner lubes. If you're looking for an economical choice, this bottle will last you a long time and bring about many happy hours. With only four ingredients, Probe is one of the most body safe lubes out there!

I'm throwing out my old anal lubes. Nobody can compare to this lube! It's an amazing price, it's so gentle and compatible with everything from condoms of all types to toys of all types, and it's so thick and wonderful for anal!

If you are looking for a thick lubricant with safe ingredients, Probe Thick and Rich was made for you. The stringiness can be annoying, but you shouldn't let that stop you from trying it.

Probe Thick and Rich is everything that I hoped for. It excelled at what lubricants do best -- lubricating. It's not a massage oil or a flavored liquid for oral sex. It's just a great way to keep all the moving bits moving. My only gripes are that the product dries tacky and that the bottle cap lends itself to messy dispensing. Overall, I am very pleased with the product.

Like a little slice of a cloud from heaven. This is the comforter, minus the down, you get to enjoy inside of you. It's thick, soft, creamy, mild, and my new go to lube. It's not perfect but deserving of 5 stars.

I've tried a few different lubes and this is the thickest longest lasting one that I have used. It works great for anal and vaginal applications as well as for toys.

Probe Thick & Rich is a fine all-purpose lube-- just be aware that there are some aspects which might not work for you. Water based, safe for toys & condoms, it's also really economical for the amount you get, but I could see someone being disappointed in their investment if they didn't like it.

The best and probably the purest lube I have ever used, and by far the thickest and longest lasting of the water based variety. Has a wonderful, natural feel without getting sticky. Non irritating. Has been around since 1981.

This is probably the thickest water-based lube you can buy. It's worth the money if the stringiness doesn't scare you. It's even worth it despite the cap. It doesn't have flashy packaging or obscene pictures on the bottle. This is an ideal lube for those who find thinner lubes difficult to apply neatly.

After using Probe Thick and Rich a couple of times, it soon became our favorite lubricant. Other lubes were either too runny, too irritating, or too synthetic. Probe satisfied both our demands for a thick and highly slippery product, and for a lube that contained quality, non-harmful ingredients. Probe brought us the best of both worlds.

I squirted a big dollop into my palm and rubbed my hands together, preparing to do a little massage. When I pulled my hands apart, the lube stretched in hundreds of tiny strings between my palms. Yuck! It was like spider webs. No way in hell was I was putting THAT on my pink parts.

I would recommend this product; however not to everyone. This product is for specific tastes, so if you like a thicker lubricant then this one is for you. Just be careful - it may be thicker than you anticipated, particularly after some play. However, it's a good quality lube and fun times will ensue no matter what.

Probe is a marvelous all-around lube. It is easy to use, feels great, and does not froth. I have a great time playing around with it.

This is a fine water-based lubricant. Less is definitely more with this product and it will last as long as you do when you use it.

Definitely a product I would recommend, it comes in a fairly well sized bottle so it'll last me at least a good long time. Unfortunately like most it can't be used in the shower, but that's fine by me so long as I have enough for normal play.

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