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Probe Thick and rich

Lubricant by Davryan Laboratories

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Probe feels like the real thing

Probe is a marvelous all-around lube. It is easy to use, feels great, and does not froth. I have a great time playing around with it.
Versatile, long-lasting lube with natural texture.
A little messy. Not thick enough for anal toy play.
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Probe lubricant is pretty innocent, flowing out the bottle in a clear and syrup-like stream. It's a water-based lube with no odor or taste. What it does have is a marvelous texture!

In fact, my favorite thing about it is the texture. While its name says “thick”, I wouldn’t call it that. Instead, I’d call it “natural”. When I’m wet, and want a little more slickness, it feels just like the rest of my juices down there. And when I’m not as turned on between my legs as I am in my mind, Probe helps me get wet without having to rush. With other lubes I could tell where the lube stopped and my own fluids began, but with this one, it’s a really great blend.

Probe stays slick for a pretty long time. Since I can’t always see what’s going on down there, I asked my partner for his opinion on it. He said he likes how it stays in its original form, as a clear lubricant, instead of frothing up like other lubes he has used. He agreed that it felt natural to him, and wasn’t too thick or too runny. Sometimes I’ve found myself sloppily licking my fingers to add a little more water to the mix during sex, but it seems like most water-based lubricants are bound to start drying after enough time. And if you have to add more lube while having fun, Probe comes out of the squeeze bottle quite nicely. It pours out at a reasonable pace without gushing everywhere or keeping you waiting.

One thing that might be a drawback for some is that this lube is very cohesive. It tends to form a long, thin strand of lube when I pull the bottle away, or transfer lube from one area of my body to another with my fingers. This cohesion can make things a little messier, but so far it hasn’t been a big problem.

Cleaning up after using Probe is pretty easy. I usually dab up excess wetness off the sheets with a tissue or towel, and the rest just evaporates without leaving residue or a stain. My sheets are cotton, so I can’t speak for other bedding/clothing materials. I can wipe off the lube from my skin easily, too, but I prefer to rinse or wash it off just out of habit.

I like using Probe for extra lubrication in many situations: for my clitoris during masturbation, for my vaginal sex toys, for vaginal and anal fingering, and during vaginal intercourse. It isn’t quite thick enough for my liking to use with anal toys, but I like a thicker lube since I need a little time to ease an anal toy inside me. Probe tended to run off the toy, or drip onto my skin before I could make use of the lubrication. If you are accustomed to using somewhat thinner lubes for anal toys, don’t let me deter you from trying.

Probe arouses me because it makes me feel like I’m wetter than I really am. It feels like my own wetness, and I really, really like that. For a water-based lube, it provides good friction protection for a lot of hot and sexy movements. I recommend this lube to anyone wanting a natural-feeling, all-around lube. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
Follow-up commentary
I’ve been using Probe exclusively since January and for the most part, I’m still satisfied with it. If I had the chance to re-rate this product, I might give it 4 out of 5 stars because it’s a little annoying having to reapply lube multiple times while having fun. With that said, it’s still a nice product.

Since I published my first review I’ve used Probe for jacking off my boy, and it worked quite well for that. It stayed quite slick for what seemed like a longer time than when I masturbate with it. I also licked his cock when it was covered in lube, and I wasn’t bothered at all. I stated that it had no taste in my original review, but there’s a big difference between licking my lubed fingertip and shoving a whole lubed cock into my mouth.

I’m happy to say that Probe passed the full taste test! It also didn’t make my mouth feel unnaturally sticky. I’ve gotten back into nipple play while masturbating, and Probe has been excellent for keeping my nipples slick and slippery for lots of stimulation. As far as anal toy lubrication is concerned, I’m still on the fence. It works, for the most part, but I usually have to apply more while I’m playing (which is a pain). So while it facilitates anal play, Probe wouldn’t be my go-to anal toy lube if I had thicker ones on my nightstand.

About the frothing comment: I’ve talked with my boy about this a few times, and have now witnessed the froth he mentioned in my first review. After a long enough time, the lube seems to mix with my fluids and with any air that’s gotten inside my pussy. It then forms small bubbles along his shaft, which might not act as lube as well anymore. We haven’t had any noticeable problems from it, but I thought I’d try to clear up any confusion about that part of my original review.
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    Froth? Woah...I have NEVER had a lube that did that. Good review. Check mine out if you have time Smile.
  • Oggins
    Haha! I saw the name of this lube and found myself surprised that it was in fact lube. I guess I expected a probe. Tongue out

    Did you have any problems with cleanup when you were done? Any stained sheets or anything? Thanks!
  • Rockin'
    @Lauren - Thanks for your comment! My partner said other lubes have gotten white and foamy on him, so I used the word "froth" here. I'll check your review out soon. Smile

    @Oggins I didn't notice stains, and most of the wetness could be blotted up with a tissue or left to dry. That's something that was better than the real thing...if my wetness gets on the sheets it gets a lot stickier. Tongue out
  • Fawkes
    Good review!
  • xOhxSoxScandalousx
    Thanks for the review!
  • Pudyqat
  • Pudyqat
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