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Probe Thick and Rich is Just That

Probe Thick and Rich is everything that I hoped for. It excelled at what lubricants do best -- lubricating. It's not a massage oil or a flavored liquid for oral sex. It's just a great way to keep all the moving bits moving. My only gripes are that the product dries tacky and that the bottle cap lends itself to messy dispensing. Overall, I am very pleased with the product.
Slick, smooth and natural feeling
Amazing friction and drag reduction
Dries tacky
Messy cap
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Probe Thick and Rich is a great vaginal and anal lube. Vaginally, it feels very natural and slick but not too slippery. Anally, it lubricates well and doesn't dry or soak in as some other lubes can. Thick and Rich also makes a great lube for male masturbation, providing great friction reduction but not becoming so slick that you can't get a good handful.

Probe Thick and Rich is not a lubricant that lends itself to being used as a massage oil or on the body--outside of genitals--for viscosity and consistency reasons. It also doesn't clean up quickly or cleanly, so it is better used when there is time for cleanup.
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

In texture, consistency, thickness, and viscosity is where Probe Thick and Rich really shines. The texture is slick and natural, feeling very similar to natural female liquids. The consistency is thick but not goopy, and it is far from runny or thin.

It is easy to dispense from the container but not very cleanly; the cap could be designed better. Since the lubricant is inclined to stretch into strings, some always ends up someplace other than a hand. This tendency to be stringy is the reason why it can't really be used in massages. When the lubricant is rubbed between palms, it will form threads between your hands. It's a little too thick and rich for massages. Some people may find its stringiness unpleasant.

Probe Thick and Rich also gets tacky as it dries, but it can be revived with a little bit of water. It does not soak into the skin, so it must be washed off after use.
    • Slick
    • Sticky
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Probe Thick and Rich is pretty much odorless; there is no chemical smell at all. The taste is ever so slightly soapy at first and very mild. There is nothing bitter or unpleasant about the taste, but it's not technically "edible."
    • Light taste
    • No smell


Just a little bit of Probe Thick and Rich goes a long way. I found that much more than a nickel-sized drop of this lubricant was unnecessary. The performance of the lube right out of the bottle is superb, but it tends to dry up a bit with time and, especially, air flow. I imagine this is partly due to the natural ingredients and water base. A little bit of water or saliva brings the dried-up lube back to life in a moment, but I find myself adding more on top of it.

One of the few things that I wasn't thrilled about was the tackiness that results as the lubricant dries. It really does get quite sticky feeling. It dries sort of like very thin paste glue if left in a thick enough layer on the skin. It probably should be washed off after use. Thankfully, the lubricant washes up very well with water, immediately re-hydrating and washing away to leave no residue. Although some people may find the cleanup to be too much effort, Probe Thick and Rich is well worth it, in my opinion.
    • Feels natural
    • Gets sticky
    • Needs to be washed off with water


The packing of Probe Thick and Rich is amazingly discreet. The bottle itself is reminiscent of a small, plain shampoo bottle but is wrapped in a pink label. The plain and picture-less label does give away what the product is but can be easily removed like the wrapper of a soda bottle. The resulting bar of residue on the bottle is wiped away without a trace by an adhesive remover. It might have been nicer not to have to remove the glue residue, but you can't beat the discreetness of the plain white bottle after the process. I like to have my lubricant handy, so I leave it out frequently. The white bottle is readily assumed to be a shampoo or lotion bottle; just make sure nobody tries to lotion their hands with it.

The only disadvantage to the Probe Thick and Rich packaging is the somewhat messy dispenser. The lubricant is dispensed from a typical push-button sort of cap. This would be fine except that Probe Thick and Rich is super stringy and leaves a trail as it comes out of the cap. Then you get dried lube trails across whatever is between you and the lube -- not particularly fun. For the price, I am not surprised that the bottle cap isn't amazing, but an improved design to combat the lube strings would improve the product.
    • Does not leak
    • Messy dispenser
    • Minimal

Personal comments

I have difficulty shopping for personal items because I am allergic to quite a few things. My skin is very sensitive and responds negatively to all sorts of fragrances, colors, etc. Probe Thick and Rich is reported to be pH neutral and all natural. Compared to other brands of lubricant, Probe Thick and Rich's ingredient list looked like a shopping list. My overly sensitive skin thanked me as I had no allergic reaction to the lubricant at all. It's very pleasing to see products made to suit those of us with sensitivities.
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Natural
    • Ph nuetral
Follow-up commentary
Oh wonderful Probe, thick and rich you are. I should not have complained about your unfortunate tackiness. What other lubricant offers a tasteless, odorless and natural experience like you do? While I still don't like the idea of glycerin in a lubricant, Probe Thick and Rich is paraben-free with a simple ingredients list.

After trying another highly rated lubricant, I still love Probe Thick and Rich more. What is its best feature you ask? The wonderfully tasteless formula that leaves no lingering bitterness in my mouth. It's also water-based and doesn't feel oily. Still my number one pick in lubricants.
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