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Probe Thick and rich

Lubricant by Davryan Laboratories

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So Thick You Might Not Need More

Definitely a product I would recommend, it comes in a fairly well sized bottle so it'll last me at least a good long time. Unfortunately like most it can't be used in the shower, but that's fine by me so long as I have enough for normal play.
Thick, stays in place, easily cleaned up, odorless, without residue.
A little messy coming away from the bottle, like most water bases it can't be used in the shower.
Rating by reviewer:
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I’ve noticed, particularly with lubricants, that I tend to base all my likes and dislikes in comparison to those of the first lubricant I tried. Pretty much all of them have come up short for some reason or another and I was apprehensive to attempt yet another water-based lubricant when most of the others I had tried failed. Yet this time I found something that I find quite nice indeed. I love a particular thickness to my lubricants, I tend to put a dab on the tip of whatever I’m playing with instead of putting it on my rear directly with my fingers (I like to start without slippery hands), so I like it best when a lubricant stays put. Now I know of two that do just that and Probe Lubricant is one of those two. Odorless as promised and a good thick mix with no oily residue really makes me eager to use it again. The bottle is a good size and from far away looks more like lotion then lubricant.

When it first came, it took me a couple of days to be free enough to use it, and about a day more for me to be in the mood for anal play. I grabbed the new bottle and gave a small squeeze, the only trouble I had was that it was so thick, I had to twirl it around the toy a few times to get a hair thin line to break. It stayed right where smeared and a little definitely goes a long way when it comes to Probe lube. I also noticed to my surprise that the lubricant is so effective (on me at least) that after using it with any of my toys, my rear stays completely ready for more play, stretching open very easily. That trait is especially nice when I want to switch between toys or just move to a new position and the toy slips free. Of course, this lubricant stays right where it’s put, it doesn’t drip down or smear upwards too easily, which I find incredibly helpful for clean up.

This lubricant definitely ranks a full fives stars with me, even with being so thick that I have to pull the bottle shut and away to get it to let go. It’s only a bigger bonus as a show for how thick it is. It is definitely a new favorite of mine.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    What was the first lube you tried?
    I love Probe, so glad this formula is finally on the site. It is famous for its stringy quality, but generally works so well that no one minds that part.
  • RWN
    Maximum was my first lubricant, but this one was definitely just as good.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I assume you mean Maximus which is definitely a thick lube as well. The difference between the two (in my mind, at least) is in the ingredient list. This one has glycerin which can contribute to yeast infections in women that are prone to them and Maximus does not have that. On the other hand, Maximus has Parabens which can irritate those that have paraben allergies and Probe does not have that. So, for your thick lube, you can kind of pick your poison, do you want glycerin or parabens?
  • RWN
    Maximus, yes. I think as long as you don't have allergies and you're at least fairly hygienic when it comes to below the belt it's really more a matter of price. Which can be a big incentive, especially if you're buying a lot of things at once.
  • Scintilla
    So would you recommend this lube beyond anal play?
  • RWN
    I don't really do anything other then anal play so I can't personally suggest it for anything else. I wouldn't feel comfortable suggesting it for something I hadn't tried, false information doesn't help anyone.
  • Jon S
  • pixxie87
    ima pass on this
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