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Alladin 2

Double penetration vibrator by Lady Calston

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3 Wishes... Mine sure weren't answered...

After hours or review, and countless attempts to make a cool looking toy work in a really cool way, I have to say I am less than pleased. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who craves sanity. With all the popping out, and flopping down and around…I could in no feasible way get off on this toy. I suppose this could be a great toy for anyone who likes a challenge.
Bullet is wonderfully strong, 7 functions.
Sticky, short penetration, too soft for anal penetration, no helpful hints on the packaging.
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About the Alladin 2

The Alladin 2 is made of TPE. It is more porous than silicone and therefore you should use a condom if you choose to share this toy. It can be cleaned using hot water and toy cleaner. Since TPE is porous a condom should be used when the toy is being shared. TPE is jelly like so everything, I mean it, everything sticks to it. Wash before and after use, and sometimes during too.

The packaging, one of the clear molded boxes you would find hanging on a rack at a brick and mortar store, is interesting, but really cannot be used in any manner. The Alladin 2 packaging has a genie lamp base drawn on the paper backing in the package and the toy makes up the rest of the package… creative. Unfortunately, while creative, the package was less than I would expect from such a unique looking toy. There was no set of instructions, user hints, nothing in the box. I was very disappointed because I had a few questions I wanted answered. I still am not sure.

The bullet is a 7 function long bullet made to fit inside either the vaginal or clitoral stimulation areas. The packaging says to use lube when putting the bullet in. I found it to be a waste of lube, but if you skip it the TPE acts as a vacuum, holding on to the bullet.

I was also less than pleased with the fact that the bullet uses TWO N batteries. A lot of toys using N batteries came with the batteries for the first round. Most people do not have that size and have to make a trip out to get them… as I did, and I was hopping MAD about that. I truly believe that the least the manufacturer could have done, since there was no instructional material in the packaging, was include the first set of batteries.

Use of the Alladin 2: Let me begin with this is the coolest design. Now, for the actual execution of play... not so cool; awkward at best is more like it. Basically the toy is one long strip with the pleasure parts.

Clitoral Stimulator: The clitoral stimulator...where do I begin? It all went really wrong here. You can't have the bullet in both the vaginal and clitoral simulators at once; I used a second bullet. The clitoral stimulator has little ridges on it and you can place the bullet in there as well for added vibration. I enjoyed the clit stimulation as a stand alone product, but when I tried to rub against the bumps (they look like little speed bumps) the rest of the toy would pop out of place and I would have to start all over again. It is located perfectly, which is why I am so disappointed by the outcome. I might still be willing to cut off that part and use it as a sleeve for the bullet.

Vaginal Stimulator (used as a vibrator or dildo 2.5 inches insertable length): The vaginal part of the toy wasn't as bad; interesting really. There isn't much insertion there, but there is a good level of girth. I was not overly impressed though, because the thickness of the material around the bullet is so high it lowered the vibrations. I do have to admit that the bullet did provide some strong vibrations. Because of the length of the insertable part of the toy I was not fully stimulated by the vibrations. Plus every time you move or breathe it falls out. I really think if the insertable length was longer this part of the toy would be flawless.

Anal Stimulator… looks like a really small mini plug, smaller than a thumb, with a little pointy thing at the end.

Because the material is so Jelly like (it's TPE) the anal toy bubble thing was extremely difficult to work with. I ended up overly frustrated and therefore very disappointed. There is a cute little probe thing on the end of the tiny plug that did NOT want to cooperate in this review (and I tried the damn thing like six times). The plug part of the toy is really small, so if you like anal penetration, this is not your thing. I just couldn’t keep the bulb from flopping over, and if I did get the bulb in - the vaginal part came out, and vise versa. I wish the Anal stimulator was larger, or at least more firm to allow penetration.

The Bullet: The bullet is the ONLY redeeming quality I could find. No cords, one control button on the end. Long, and deep vibrations. I was very well impressed with this bullet and it will happily be stored forever with the others in my little jewelry box.
I was so excited when I got the Alladin 2! I opened the box and grabbed my box-o-batteries and set to work. Nope, I needed N batteries... yeah, I don't keep too many of those lying around. I had to go buy some, then, I was set to go. I tried the toy out, but every time I moved, even a little, the insertable parts popped out. I couldn't get the Anal bulb in at all because it is so soft. The toy slipped out of my hands like ten times and I had to re-clean it over and over.
Follow-up commentary
Ugh, where do I even begin on this waste of a toy? I am seriously wondering if you can recycle TPR. I still like the bullet (although it is more like a mini vibe than a bullet), and I do find myself using it. The bullet has proven to be useful with my vac-u-lock dong (I so hate that word). The bullet fits right into the attachment hold, and the toy can be converted to a very low grade vibrator.

The main part of he Alladin 2 is just a massive waste. I still can't quite figure it out all the way, and in my personal opinion if you need written instructions for a basic toy that isn't meant as kinky, well, something is seriously wrong.

So, nope, I still hate this toy to the point that I wouldn't ever even give it to an is just not something to waste your time or money on.
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  • J's Alley
    Hmmm...seem to have forgotten that I had no issues with it in the water. It is waterproof, and it will work.
  • spicywife
    Great review! I remember seeing this in the product search and wondering about it. Too bad it's a dud!
  • J's Alley
    I was so looks so cool. Well, maybe they will make a 3 and it will be great!
  • 2BudZ
    Great review for a not so promising toy. It looks like a great concept that needs to go back to the drawing board.

    Hey, got an idea for ya JA....hook some suspenders to the flat piece behind the anal plug, then over your shoulders and hook the other end of your suspenders to the front handle you can walk around the house with this thing in and no poppin' out! LOL
  • J's Alley
    Coolest looking idea so didn't work. I pass it every day waiting for the day I am willing to try it's so not that day yet Smile
  • toxie m
    Thanks for the great review
    I work in a sex shop and at one point the management was giving away a couple free toys as selling incentive. This was one of them and I knew just from looking at it that there was no way I wanted it, even as a free prize. Sounds like you had just as bad of a time as I'd imagined anyone would have with this.
  • Willis2011
    Thank you for the good review.
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for this review!
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