Reflections glass vibrator - g-spot vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by lexical

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A Foggy Reflection

The Reflections Dream glass vibrator is an interesting foray into vibrating glass. It translates seven different vibration patterns well, but has a less-than-powerful motor. Its size is a little intimidating, even for an advanced user, due to its sturdy, unforgiving material.
Large, simple controls, various patterns, easy to clean. Pretty.
A little too big, inefficient g-spot curve, weak vibrations.
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extremely useful review


The Reflections Dream by Doc Johnson is a large, seven function, glass vibrator intended to be inserted vaginally, though it may also be used anally due to its narrow neck. It has a swollen, bulged head for stimulating the g-spot or the prostate. I would recommend it to more advanced users due to its size, though the strength of its vibrations don't pack a punch on quite the same level. It can be used for external stimulation as well, though it is best suited to insertion.

Material / Texture

This toy seems to be made of a sturdy plastic core coated in a thin layer of E-glass. What is E-glass, you ask? I wondered the same thing. After a bit of research I discovered that "E-Glass or electrical grade glass was originally developed for stand off insulators for electrical wiring. It was later found to have excellent fibre forming capabilities and is now used almost exclusively as the reinforcing phase in the material commonly known as fibreglass." In other words, E-glass in its melted and spun form is the fluff that is used to insulate our homes, businesses, barns, and other buildings. E-glass is known for being high in strength and stiffness and for being resistant to heat, chemicals, and moisture. It is phthalates and latex free, as well as hypoallergenic and non-porous. It is free of taste and smell, retains temperature extremely well, and requires only a little lube for a super-slippery effect.

The texture of this toy is smooth and flawless, but with a matte, velvety exterior. The smooth texture is perfect for this toy, due to its large size and its firmness. As you might expect from glass, it is completely hard, with no give. The base is made of velvety plastic, with a soft layer on the very tip, enabling you to press the buttons underneath.

Excuse the streaks, I had just finished wiping it down and it wasn't dry yet. The color of this toy is closer to a hot pink than to the baby pink that is pictured in EF's images. The E-glass appears to be clear, with the pink plastic color shower through its matte, translucent surface.

Design / Shape / Size

According to the box, "The art of glass meets the science of pleasure" in this toy, which features "truly premium vibrating glass in an undulating shape, with sensual curves throughout. Designed by sculptural artisans in vibrant, soft, beautiful hues". If you are already well acquainted with your g-spot you may be able to hit it with this toy, but its curved head is not quite dramatic enough to make the process a very easy one. Actually, turning the toy so that the tip faces towards your back and the bulge faces towards your belly button may provide consistent, firm, but subtle pressure to your g-spot. Due to the bulges and the narrow neck, thrusting with the toy is extremely pleasurable, but you must be careful not to bruise your cervix since it is such an unforgiving material. The design of the Reflections is quite pleasurable, though its size is a bit much.

Here is the Dream pictured beside the You can see that it is actually surprisingly large. From left to right, Euphoria, Aries, Eos, Uma, Fling, and Dream. It is the thickest of all of them. It measures in at 9 1/2" total length and 7 3/4" insertable length, with its thickest point at almost 2". The swollen head measures 1 3/4" and the bulged handle/body measures 1 5/8". The narrow neck is only 1".

It is obviously a vibrator and is not travel friendly due to its size and its lack of a locking feature. Also, it's glass! I would not want to risk breaking it by traveling with it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are only two buttons on this very easy to use vibrator. It has a power button for instant on/off. The other button cycles one direction through the vibration patterns. The buttons are beneath a thin layer of soft material and make a quiet clicking noise when you press them. Pressing the power button turns on a green light, which glows steadily when the vibrations start and then glows or flashes green and red depending on the pattern. When you press the function button, it begins to cycle through the settings.

1 - low, steady vibration
2 - medium, steady vibration
3 - high, steady vibration
4 - rollercoaster, high to low
5 - slow pulsing
6 - rapid pulsing
7 - short, short, looong

The vibrations are surprisingly quiet and there is no rattling as I might have expected from a plastic toy coated in glass. They translate well throughout the length of the toy. However, they are not very powerful and are quite buzzy, if that's your thing.

The base screws off and enables you to pull out the attached battery housing. You insert 3 AAA batteries and screw the cap back on as tightly as possible. The box explicitly says that the toy is waterproof and it says that it "heats and cools under water". I think that this toy is splash-proof, but not entirely water-proofed. You may be able to dip it in water to change the temperature or run it under the faucet, but I would not fully immerse this toy.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very simple to care for. It is compatible with any lubricant you like and only requires a little in order to become very slick. Clean-up is a breeze since the surface is smooth and it only needs to be wiped down with toy cleaner or wipes. You may sterilize it by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution.

Inspect your glass toys often. If you notice any chips or cracks, dispose of the toy. Please send it to an adult recycling company, rather than throwing it away.


The Dream comes in a clear plastic box, so it is not very discreet, nor is it really sturdy enough to be used for storage or classy enough to be used as a gift box. Be sure to recycle it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • lexical
    There are supposed to be more pictures, but they're not showing up for some reason, despite the fact that the codes are correct...Weird! Hopefully they'll show up soon.
  • ScottA
    I'd be worried about using this anally. After you get past the second bulge it tapers down to the end, so if you lost your grip it could slip all the way inside and be difficult to grab to remove (though I'm not sure how easy you could "push it out").
  • lexical
    I feel that it would be safe to use the top portion for anal play, since there is a narrow neck and the second bulge is slightly thicker than the head. Also, this toy is pretty darn big to the point that I, personally, would not attempt to insert it beyond the narrow neck anyway. But I understand your concern!
  • Antipova
    Love your comparison pictures... um, it looks so big, though!
  • Miss Anonymous
    Great review! I too also have this item, I've had it for a long time. I hope I like it,
    Thanks for the reivew!
  • ExesandOhs
    Great review
  • Rossie
    Great review, and thanks for the valuable information on E-glass.!
  • lexical
    Thank you for the compliments, folks! Glad you're finding it helpful.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Too bad the vibrations don't translate well. I guess all the material layers keep it from working as well as it might if it were just glass. Thanks for the great review.
  • lexical
    You're welcome, Jimbo Jones! I think you're right. This probably has the potential to be somewhat powerful, but the motor is buried beneath a later of glass and a layer of plastic...Bummer.
  • Missmarc
    Great review, thank you!
  • lexical
    good job
  • lexical
    What in the world? LOL
  • lexical
    Oh! Duh. Sorry, about the double post there. My friend was using my laptop and forgot to switch accounts.
  • PropertyOfPotter
    thank you for the honest review!
  • lexical
    You're welcome!
  • Breas
    Great review lexical!
  • loveme
    hmmm interesting..
  • lexical
    Thanks sktb0007!
  • bratcat
    While the toys in this series have dull vibrations, i'm very interested in this toy because of it's unique shape. Great review, and information about the material!
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