Shane’s World sophomore bunny - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by K101

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A Gentle Massage

This waterproof cutie looks much better than it feels. Sophomore Bunny is somewhat thick with a curve that’s definitely a g-spot getter. The gentle speeds and rotations feel like a clitoral and g-spot massage all at once, which is nice, but this baby lacks power. It’s a toy I see myself using for a slow ride, then going with something else for the big bang or using it before intercourse, as a foreplay thing, which is what I’ve done so far. It just lacks the power to send me over the edge.
Pretty color.
G-spot stimulator.
Comfortable material.
Easy to use.
Can't feel the beads.
Only two weak vibrations.
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The Sophomore Bunny is a rabbit vibrator with a somewhat thick shaft, rotating beads, a clitoral stimulator in the shape of a bunny and a rounded, curved tip for g-spot stimulation. This has a lot of features to offer, but I find almost each of them to be lacking in some way. In my opinion, the Sophomore Bunny has been fun for a gentle, but stimulating clitoral and g-spot massage.

Obviously, the design of this vibrator means the shaft is inserted while the bunny, stemming off the lower part stimulates the clitoris. The length and space between shaft and bunny means there is room for a little thrusting, which is more than a lot of rabbit-styles offer.

The Sophomore Bunny can be inserted and left in place while it rotates and vibrates, or you can use a hand to guide it in and out for more g-spot stimulation.

For me, and probably most people who aren't just tremendously sensitive, the Sophomore Bunny will act more like a massager rather than something that "gets the job done." I still think this is a pretty great rabbit vibrator that many people will enjoy in some way. I'd also say it's pretty beginner friendly unless you really don't want so much going on down there or you prefer something very slender. I'm not one to handle a toy thicker than average, and this isn't too thick for my comfort, so I don't think there will be many problems with it being too thick for most people. It's pretty "filling" for me -- almost a little too much had it not had some give to it -- but super "size-queens" may not feel the same.
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The material is TPR or “TPE”, which feels very much like jelly, only with less give. TPR is more firm and less squishy than jelly. The package didn’t list the exact material, but the product page does. It’s TPE and the base where the battery compartment and controls is PU coated ABS plastic, which is a safe material that rates a 7/10 on EF’s safety scale.

The PU coated plastic base doesn’t affect anything except for the way it feels in your hand. The TPE is squishy, has a nice amount of give to it and is completely smooth.

TPE -- which is the material that makes up the bunny and the entire shaft – rates a 6/10 on EF’s safety scale. TPE is porous, but not as porous as cyberskin. This means it cannot be disinfected like silicone can.

The package did mention that it’s phthalates free and body safe.

The product page says that it’s hypo-allergenic and that it has “light indicators,” but nothing on the Sophomore bunny lights up.

One thing about the material that really bugged me was it left my hands with this horrible residue. They felt very sticky. I had to wash them. Even after washing the toy, it still left crap on my hands. After a few washes, it seems less sticky, though.

The material of the Sophomore Bunny is a soft, friendly material for those who don’t want something as rigid as say plastic. I like that it has give to it, and that makes it comfortable to use.

Squishy tip

The shaft is somewhat flexible. The curved tip can be bent a little (photo above), but it takes some pressure since the tip is the thickest part. I can grab the TPE material off the area where the beads are located and pull the material away from the beads, easily (photo below). The squishiness of the shaft makes the thick-ish girth more comfortable for me & I enjoy the feel of it when I squeeze my muscles down there, while the toy’s in use.

The material is totally odorless. I actually expected it to have that jelly-shoes kind of smell that I like so much, but I sniffed away and this toy has no smell. It is a tad grabby, but not bad at all. If dry, and drug across dry skin, it'll grab a little, but even the tiniest bit of lubricant takes care of that.
    • Smooth
    • Somewhat porous
    • Sticky

Design / Shape / Size

The Sophomore Bunny is a lovely blue. The entire thing is transparent. The tip of the shaft is a darker shade of blue and the rest is a very clear-blue. You can see the beads, the bullet inside the bunny and the white stick that makes the shaft rotate.

I think the Sophomore Bunny is very “girly.” I like it, though. There’s a heart carved into the material on back of the toy and one on the bunny’s back. These are not felt at all during use or in your hand. The toy is completely smooth with no texture, unless those beads could be considered texture, but I forget they’re even there because I can’t feel them during use. The reason for that, I think is because unlike some rabbit-style vibrators, the beads on this one don’t poke out. Some rabbits’ beads will kind of poke out from inside the squishy material, which cause you to feel them in use, but these do not. Unless I use my fingers to squish the beads around, I can’t feel them at all.

The back of the base has “California Exotic” written on it in white.


Total length: 9 1/2"
Insertable length: 4"

The very tip of the bunny ears are 2" from the very tip of the shaft. This means it should fit the anatomy of those who's clitoris isn't 2" away from their vaginal entrance. I think it'll fit most people okay, although I think the bunny could have been a little closer up the shaft. The space between my clitoris and entrance is almost 1 1/2" apart, if that's helpful.

Circumference: 8 1/2"
Diameter: 1 1/2"
Weight: 14.5 oz

When I first seen the thickness of this sucker, I said "dang. That's big." It took me slightly by surprise simply because I was expecting something slender. It's not so big that it causes me problems or is hard to use, but it's big enough that I have to use a little lubricant and I can definitely feel the size in all directions! The curved tip pokes far into my g-spot. If it were any bigger, I don't think it'd be so easy to insert. I tend to prefer a small-average size toy, though. Real penis is completely different. A toy seems to cause more discomfort than if it were a penis the same size or bigger. However, I think most people will be able to use this size-wise, without much trouble.

As for the curved tip, it is good for g-spotting and could be a great toy for stimulating a hard-to-reach g-spot.

Clearly, this is not discreet. Anybody who sees it will automatically be suspicious or know for sure what it is. It's not a toy I like leaving in the open.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The battery cap is located at the base of the toy. To open the compartment, the bottom/lid has arrows showing you which way to twist to open or close. You can see this in my photo.


The battery holder slides out of the compartment to make it easier to insert the batteries. It takes 4 AAA batteries that are not included!

Buttons and controls

At the base of the toy, right under the bunny, is the control pad. There are 4 squishy green buttons in the shapes of hearts. Beside them, you’ll notice words telling you what each button does.

Control pad

The buttons are not easy because they don’t click or light up, and you have to push them hard to work. It’s hard because I often have to use both hands – one to hold it and the other to push the button. They aren’t sensitive.

The first button is on/off button for the rotating shaft and beads. When you press it, the shaft starts rotating to the right and the beads start spinning in the same direction. Below that is the R/L button, which stands for rotate left or rotate right. Pushing that button once causes it to rotate left. To turn the rotations off, you’ll just press the top button “on/off.”

The third button down says “on/off.” This button works the vibrations of the bunny. When you click “on/off” the bullet inside the bunny shape starts vibrating on low, the first setting. When you click it again, it’ll turn off.

The button below that on/off is the “Hi-Low” button. Pressing it will just cause the bullet in the bunny shape to go up one speed. There are only 2 speeds.

Also on the control pad is the word “Waterproof,” so you won’t forget that it’s waterproof. And if using a rabbit vibrator in the water is your passion, then this is definitely waterproof!

I was nervous about submerging it, but I've been able to do so without the least bit of water ending up inside. The only worry I'd have about using this in the water is that it looks like, over time, where the TPE is glued to the base, it could come loose and water might make its way inside the TPE. I don't think it'd be good if that happened because it could get to the bullet and that may mess it up. I was looking at where the TPE is glued to the base and it does look loose already and I haven't had it for over a week. Just something I personally worry about.


The only vibrations are in the bunny. The first setting is low, but enough to be felt easily. The second is more intense.

I can't say I'm very impressed with the vibration selection since there are only two speeds and both are pretty weak. I have a sensitive clitoris and can't seem to get there using this alone. I either need to switch to another, more powerful vibrator after 30 minutes or just use this as a fun "massage" with my partner before intercourse. So far, this is how I've used it and it is enjoyable, but a rabbit vibrator is more designed to be the real deal, something that delivers, so that is a bit disappointing.

The vibrations are located in the bullet that's inside the bunny shape. I can see the ears jiggle a little when it's on the highest (second) speed, but they aren't very noticeable. It seems the vibrations are felt the most right in the bunny's head, so pressing the head against the clitoris provides a little more stimulation than the ears. Unless you're very sensitive and like a slow build up, then I think the Sophomore Bunny will be a bore. It's a fun toy and definitely makes a great foreplay or teaser toy, but not an orgasm machine. The vibrations, being so weak, don't cause me to go numb, so that allows me to feel oral afterward, but I'd have loved to get further using this.

The strongest vibration is stronger than a cell phone's vibration, but not as strong as most vibrators available, including many bullets. My RO-120mm bullet is probably twice as strong as this, if that tells you anything. The vibrations aren't very high pitched or buzzy, but that's likely due to the weakness of them.

I can appreciate the quietness of the Sophomore Bunny. The Sophomore Bunny isn’t terribly loud. The rotation causes a lot more noise than the vibrations. It can hardly even be heard from under the covers when it's on the highest speed and the rotation is on. To be totally safe though, a cover and some background noise like an air conditioner or TV will be enough to hide the noise. It can't be heard at all through a closed door. It would be ideal for those with roommates.

I do enjoy the rotating function, especially since it's about the only feature that stimulates me enough to keep me from dozing off. The entire shaft from tip to the bottom of the beads rotate. This, combined with the somewhat thick, g-spot curved tip does provide stimulation to my g-spot, and I feel most people who have located and are able to stimulate their g-spot with similarly shaped toys will notice stimulation there. When inserted just past the beads, it presses pretty hard on my g-spot. So much that if I have the urge to urinate, it feels like it's pressing my bladder.

I described the sensation to my partner like "a slow clitoral and g-spot massage." That sums it up for this toy. The rotating g-spot tip goes in circles so it kind of slowly massages the walls and the g-spot when it arrives there. The rotating also causes the bunny to move a little on my clitoris, which is the only reason I get anywhere with this toy -- the g-spot and clitoral rotation.
    • Not enough variety
    • Not very discreet
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

The Sophomore Bunny is completely waterproof, so you can scrub-a-dub-dub with no worries. Wash with warm water and soap. Since it is somewhat porous, I like to soap it up twice before rinsing and using or storing away. You can also use a toy cleaner and paper towel or wipes. I have used the wipes on this before and I prefer a good soap and water bath because the material collects little fuzzies so much that wipes don’t even get them off. Rinsing under water is the only way to get all the fuzz off it.

Cleaning is easy, especially since there's not really any texture or places for fluids to hang out unnoticed.

Silicone and water-based lubricants are both safe to use with the Sophomore Bunny.

As for storage, this sucker is a space-hog, which is typical for a rabbit vibrator. They're usually bigger and heavier than your traditional vibrator. It fits fine in my extra large toy box, but it could be stored in a drawer or medium sized purse/bag. It weighs 14.5 oz, which is also heavier than a traditional vibrator, but this shouldn't be much of a problem unless you were wanting to travel with it, in which case you might want to make room for it. This is not a toy I'd travel with simply because of its large size and the fact that it doesn't get me off, so I wouldn't really care to bring it out with me.

I put a plastic bag over the shaft before storing it in my toy box. However, you could store it in the plastic clam-shell pack it comes in, but that takes up a big amount of space, so I tossed it. You could also store it in a large Zip-Loc bag or a shoe box, and in a closet or under the bed.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


The Sophomore Bunny came in a bubble-wrap envelope, which is different than the usual Eden Fantasy brown box. The toy is inside of a clear, clam-shell package that has one paper insert that, strangely enough, does have one side of a female body on it. Not sure what the side of a female body has to do with a blue vibrator, but it's there. You can easily remove the insert and close the clam-shell back, if you wanted. I had no use for the large shell, so I tossed it. The person photographed on the paper is on front and back. This can be seen on the product page. The abdomen is visable, but no blatant nudity. On the back of the paper, it's hard to even see a person since it's faded and all.

Besides the person, there's also a little bit of information on the paper, again, it and the toy are all visable from the clam-shell since it's clear. The front of the paper says "Shane's World" in pretty, bright pink. There's also some other non-important text like the name "Sophomore Bunny" and "California Exotic" all over the paper." Then,in 5 different languages, it says:

"Body-safe, unscented, phthalates-free.
Satin finish controller
Easy push button controls
24 rotating silver beads.
2 speeds.
The shaft rotates both left and right."

Then, there's the "Waterproof," "Safe and Pure," and "Satin finish" logos at the bottom..

Personal comments

I wouldn't call this my favorite dual-action vibrator, by far. My absolute favorite is Vitality. However, this vibrator is impressive in that it doesn't have the typical mess-ups that other rabbits have been known for such as finicky controls that randomly change themselves, beads that jam up and other problems many of us have experienced. This is a nice vibrator and I definitely think the price is decent.

I would, however, enjoy it much more if the vibrations were just a little stronger. If they were stronger, this could be an intense rabbit! Also, it would be fun to be able to feel those beads rotating, but as I said, they don't poke into the material enough to be felt by me. Others who are far more sensitive may feel them, but it won't be intense.
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