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A great way to deflower your toy box

Powerful, sturdy, and silent, the Iris has earned its place in the luxury sex toy hall of fame. Though she's not for everyone, most will enjoy her stimulating vibration patterns and her unique design. Iris' unassuming demeanor could be especially appealing for beginners.
Quiet, interesting pulsation modes, resonates internally.
Might have high pitched noises, strong, but not high enough for everyone, missed my G-spot.
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As one of the thickest vibrators in LELO's femme line, Iris promises stimulating filling sensations. Reminiscent of flower petals, Iris' body is both a work of art and a tactile delight. With dual motors in the tip and base, she is eager to please.

Iris can provide clitoral and g-spot stimulation via rubbing or vibration. However she cannot do both simultaneously (LELO's newest toy Ina provides this type of stimulation).

Theoretically she can be used anally, however she does lack a flared base so be very careful.

Material / Texture

Iris' body is made out of 100% body safe phthalate free silicone. This material is quite smooth, I'd give up forever to touch [it]! Unlike many Fun Factory toys, the shaft of the Iris is not flexible. So the Iris will not mold to your body. For design purposes, LELO placed a metal ring between the silicone and the plastic handle. There is a seam running under and above the shaft (or more appropriately, the stem) of the Iris. Fortunately it could not be felt while in use.

Iris' defining feature is her strategically placed grooves. These groves delicately arouse the vagina by providing additional stimulation to the region. However I warn that these groves might be irritating without lubrication/a proper warm-up. I always let Iris sit inside of me for about 2 minutes before attempting any thrusting.

Iris was my third vibrator, so I was a beginner when I purchased her. It would be hypocritical for me to say that this vibe isn't good for beginners. However after reading about her defining features, I knew that she was right for me. If you are not sure that the Iris fits your criteria, I would look elsewhere. Iris is a high quality toy, but she could also be an expensive mistake.

Design / Shape / Size

I love Iris' u-shape, size (220 x 42 x 36 mm) and material. Weighing 170 grams, she is relatively light. This is either a positive or a negative depending on your preferences. I wish she was a little heavier, but I know that I appreciated her lightness when she first arrived. If you are looking for a smaller toy, I recommend the Gigi, although she doesn't have a dual motor.

Enough about the specs, let's talk about the dial placed in the center of the handle. Many reviewers complain that their fingers accidentally change the settings at inopportune times. My hand has never slipped on the dial and changed the pulsation setting. But I can see how this could happen since my hand inevitably graces it numerous times during use. I will go into details regarding the vibrations/settings of this toy in the "Functions/Performance/Controls" section.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Iris is controlled by the dial sitting in the center of her plastic handle. The + and - buttons control the intensity of the vibrations while the up and down arrows cycle through the vibration modes accordingly. The settings are as follows:
1. Tip motor only
2. Base motor only
3. Tip and base motors alternate quickly every seconds
4. Motor alterations occur every 2ish seconds (aka slower than setting 3)
5. Both tip and base motor run simultaneously

I really like every setting, especially since the vibrations can be felt throughout the toy when both motors are not in use. Like all LELO toys, Iris is quite quiet. Even on its loudest setting her sound won't be heard outside a closed door. And if her noise is audible, anyone passing would assume she is either a heating vent or a refrigerator. Some users complain Iris emits a high pitched noise. And they would be right. I call it a necessary evil.

Iris can be turned on by holding the + button for a few seconds. She will automatically enter level 1 at the lowest vibration. Turn Iris off by hitting both the + and the - keys simultaneously until she shuts completely. Make sure that she is completely off otherwise the battery will be drained. Shutting Iris in this way ensures she is locked and ready for travel. This is a very useful feature if you plan on taking her on any special adventures.

Care and Maintenance

Iris can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized with 10% bleach solution. Do not boil. Since she is a delicate flower, watering with alcohol or acetone is also a no-go.

As a silicone vibrator, Iris is not compatible with silicone lubricants.

I've washed all of my LELO toys with Softsoap moisturizing hand soap, which keeps the silicone very smooth. I have noticed that natural soaps tend to dry out my Iris, so (I say this unofficially) they should be avoided.

There is a small hole for charging at the base of the toy. The attached rubber/silicone plug can be used to cap this hole during cleaning, however you should be careful to keep this port, and the dial, dry. Note that Iris is water resistant - not waterproof. As an aside, I read that many reviewers have used Iris in the shower. Do not do this since it voids the manufacturer's warranty.

Iris can be stored in her enclosed black satin pouch. She can also be stored in her original packaging.


Iris' packaging is beautiful. Her outer shell is a simple thin cardboard box. It comes in the color of your toy. Inside is a more substantial cardboard box with the LELO logo embossed at the top. Removing the lid reveals a brand new Iris, (which I think is - it's been a while) covered with a plastic layer. Underneath Iris' bed is the user manual and charger. I highly recommend reading the manual before using this toy.

In short, the packaging is phenomenal. Her remarkable presentation makes her a great gift.

Personal comments

[Sorry if I forgot anything, this section got deleted and I'm retyping it from memory]

With the Iris, you pay for silence. It's her best feature. This is quite ironic since silence is usually free (or the cost of a babysitter). But with vibrators, this feature is a necessity especially if you live in dorms/apartments. It definitely justifies the price of the Iris. She is barely audible when used behind closed doors. Those passing your room will assume she is the refrigerator or radiator. When used under the covers, she is inaudible.


I never use Iris as a clit vibe. When I use her externally, the vibrations seem to disappear. I cannot explain this logically. It might simply be my perception of the toy. Also, the vibrations are not concentrated in all areas of the tip.

However when Iris is inserted, her strength is apparent. I can't (easily) hit my g-spot with her since the tip travels too far into my vagina. And the shape of this toy makes thrusting slightly uncomfortable. But I do enjoy the vibrations created by this toy. And the Iris has contributed to many deep powerful orgasms.

(Side note: If the Iris feels like it's losing power, it's probably time for a charging!)
Follow-up commentary
This is a toughie to follow up. I love this as one of my first vibrators, but I don't really use it that often. But when I do, it's pretty phenomenal. But sometimes it's not. Sometimes I prefer my Intensity, and rarely I prefer my Form 6. And the buttons are starting to become less sensitive, which can get annoying. But this toy is still going strong, and I'm still loving it albeit less often than I have in the past.
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  • MuffysPinguLove
    Another great review!
  • sophie2229
    Thank you so much!
  • Kayla
    Great review. I'm always kinda worried about buying these expensive toys just in case it wouldn't hit my g-spot. That'd just be...disappointing.
  • ......
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • sophie2229
    @Mistress Kay: Yeah, I definitely know the feeling. Luckily with the Iris, you'd probably enjoy the vibrations anyway. Thanks!

    @Newme: Thanks again!
  • Sammi
    This is one of Lelo's I do want to try.
    Great review!
  • sophie2229
    I highly recommend it, the Iris is a great product!

    but I have this irking feeling that I'd like the Mona better.
  • LicentiouslyYours
    Heh. I can't speak for the Iris, but Mona is the awesomesauce, you should get one!
  • sophie2229
    oh I'm sure that I would love it!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review! Big smile
  • sophie2229
  • Carrie Ann
    I love how incredibly velvety the silicone is on this one. More so, even, than any other Lelo toy.
  • sophie2229
    agreed (or at least it's softer than my Gigi)
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    Thanks for the review!
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    Excellent review, thanks a lot Sophie!
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  • purpledesert
    I'm fairly new to vibes too and thinking this may be right for me. Thank you for a perspective that doesn't say "BEWARE OF HUGE VIBE, NEWBIE"
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