Sex on the go mini bullet - bullet vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by ToyGurl

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A lot of quality in a small package!

Overall I am definitely impressed. This bullet is wonderful. Powerful, not too loud, and versatile. The two waterproof protective seals (O-Ring and the button seal) are impressive as well because those are your most common places where water can get into your bullet. I love the size, and the smooth plastic makes it easy to slide into any toy. Perfect for use with cock rings, or just alone as a clit vibe. Love it Cal!
Waterproof x2, Doesn't scratch easily, Sturdy, 3 levels vibration, Batteries included
None whatsoever
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I am 100% satisfied with the Sex On the Go Mini Waterproof Bullet by Cal Exotics. It is great for use as a mini-vibe (a very, very mini vibe) or use with another toy that requires a bullet. You choose how you want to use it. It's very versatile and fits in most toys that take bullets.

I personally preferred to use this bullet as a clit vibrator. As soon as I got it in the door I rinsed it off, ran up to my room and had a little masturbation session. It feels AMAZING against my clitoris and the power is strong and just enough to get me off without giving my clit rug burn!

Material / Texture

This bullet is made of very smooth plastic that is food-grade, hypo-allergenic, latex-free and phthalates-free. It has no taste and no smell, which is always good to know. It is not a painted plastic, but rather a silver-colored plastic. I dropped this poor toy right when I took it out of the box and worried that I had broken it or scratched it but it does not scratch easily (Obviously, since it fell against the tile floor) and no parts on the inside were broken. It didn't fall very far but a lot of toys only need a little "thud" to break.

I like the fact that it is smooth because of the way it glides across my clit. There are no awkward indentations on the toy to cause any painful sensations to a clit if you are like me and buy bullets as clit vibes. The smooth aspect also makes it easy to slide this into any cock ring that requires a bullet.

So from this, you can know that it's a very versatile and well-manufactured bullet.
    • No odor
    • No taste
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design. It is shorter and it is fatter than most bullets I own, which for some may be a no-no. However, I really think this is a good thing because if you think about it, how often do you buy that cock ring that has some bullet that's way too long on it? In retrospect, there are several bullets made that are about the same size. I have purchased a few where the bullet awkwardly sticks out the sides and it's uncomfortable for both my partner and myself.

From afar it looks like a little mini-lipstick. I used to have tons of those as a girl and it really reminded me of that. Anyhow, it was very well manufactured because when I opened the inside of the bullet to take a peek, I noticed there were no parts that could easily be broken or fall off. Everything was sturdy underneath the cap and inside it was literally flat, with nothing sticking out to break. If you, for instance, have used the RO-80mm bullet by Rocks-Off, you'll know that the parts inside easily break and you have to be extra careful when inserting batteries or putting the cap on. This bullet does not require so much caution and I like that.

The rounded, smooth tip makes it wonderful for pinpoint stimulation on the clitoris, along the labia, across the vulva, or up and down the scrotum. It's up to you how you want to use it!

Since it is a bullet, it's obviously easy to hide. Stick it in your makeup bag, the glove-box of your car, or just anywhere you want. It's small enough to put in your pocket! Well done Cal Exotics!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet is activated by a simple push of the button on top of the cap of the bullet. I was surprised when I noticed that the button is actually covered by a waterproof seal, to keep water from getting inside of the cap. So along with the O-Ring, you've also got MORE waterproof protection - very awesome! This thing was designed to last!

There are three levels of vibration:

1. 2 vroom vibration, 2 bees

2. 2/3 vroom vibration, still 2 bees

3. 3/4 vroom vibration, still about 2 bees

This toy cannot be heard outside of a door, but can be heard from under the covers. Not a big deal for me because I live alone and no one who hears me will care. This bullet could easily be taken to the movie theatre and used secretly without anyone knowing. Just be careful on the sad scenes where everything gets quiet! LOL!

Care and Maintenance

This bullet doesn't require much care. A little washing down with warm water and antibacterial soap or use some form of friendly toy cleaner. That's all it takes! If you get this toy in a sloppy situation, you may want to use an old toothbrush and give it a scrub around the seam between the cap and the base (DON'T DO THIS WHILE IT'S OPEN) to remove any juices or lubricant.

Someone could easily keep the box (wait for the video upload, it's very small) and store the bullet inside of it. However, the box isn't discreet so you might want to just find a nice place like your jewelry box or inside of a sock. Whatever works for you!


The bullet comes in a very small pink paper box. It isn't discreet, and says "Sex on the Go" on all sides. It's small enough to the point where you could easily recycle it, along with the plastic bag inside, and the paper instructions, so it's not a huge deal. You do want to open it away from kids, or anyone that you don't want seeing it because the logo is quite large and really "pops" out, even from afar.

In my opinion, there were just enough instructions included. All that was included was battery instructions. I think most people who buy a bullet know the do's and don't's and know what bullets are used for. The battery instructions were the basic Cal Exotic battery instructions. It was a small sheet of paper showing how to insert batteries for any of their toys.

Included is two packs of 3 watch batteries. I was under the impression that this was powered by 6 watch batteries, because that's what the product page says. I had gone out and purchased 6 of them, but they are included, and the bullet only takes 3 at a time. So THANK YOU to Cal Exotics for giving us 6 free watch batteries!

The batteries come wrapped in plastic, but do not remove the plastic. It was meant to stay on to hold the batteries together and keep them from sliding or shorting out.


I enjoyed using this. I used it right when I got it in the door. It didn't short out, randomly turn off, break, scratch, etc. It's very high quality and I recommend it to all those looking for a nice little quality bullet! It fits perfectly in several of the cock rings my hubby and I own and it works great as a discreet clit vibrator that you can take with you... "On-The-Go"!
Follow-up commentary
The wifey and I are really surprised that this bullet still works! (This is Mr. SecretToyLover) It's been several battery changes and it runs just as strong as it did the first time we used it!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • married with children
    great review, thanks for sharing. I take it you have tried a bullet at the theaters?
  • Eva Schwaltz
    I refuse to get anything that takes watch batteries, so I'll pass on this one. Great review though.
  • ToyGurl
    @Sloppy Donkey: Hmmmm.... maybe

    @Schwaltze: They can be annoying and expensive. I totally agree with you. But this was free and hey, who passes that up?
  • Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
    This looks fun. I got the Sex On The Go arousal wipes. I thought they seemed kind of silly. Apparently they have a whole line for people who enjoy public quickies?
  • ToyGurl
    I actually loved it. Yes, watch batteries are a pain in the ass but it was a nice bullet compared to the many that I own. And they must be! I think it's about time someone makes a line for public quickies though. Wipes?! That's so cool. Did you do your review yet?
  • wetone123
    Nice review! A collection for people who enjoy public quickies? Count me in! Thanks for the information on batteries. Thats nice they were included.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Great review! I do wish it took something other than watch batteries, but if it's awesome enough, I don't care too much.
  • indiglo
    I hate toys that take watch batteries too, but WOW on receiving 6!!! That is really, really nice. Since it's such a powerful little bullet, maybe this would be a good one for me to get to replace the bullet that came with my ViboKit.
  • ToyGurl
    I definitely like this bullet and it has worked great. I've used it mostly with our little bullet bunnies, cock rings, and for me... a mini clit vibe And yes, the free 6 watch batteries were awesome! It doesn't guzzle them either!
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