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A Mosquito Under My Sheets

The Rainbow Rhythms bullet from Cal Exotics is a pint-sized power tool that packs one hell of a wallop. Those that don't want to compromise looks for intense vibration may just have their lucky day; for its size this cute little vibe will rock your world and then some. The only real issue it has is that even with its multi-speed dial, some folks may find even the lowest setting's vibrations too intense, and that the vibrations are rather shallow or "surface".
Compact, comes in variety of colors, body safe, easy to clean, multi-speed, waterproof.
Loud, high-pitched buzz, shallow vibrations, takes watch batteries, too powerful for me.
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The Rainbow Rhythms bullet vibrator is feisty little thing that provide loads of concentrated, localized vibration to any area you'd like. Due to its small size it is not safe or practical to use for insertion of any kind, but is very well used to stimulate the outer anus, perineum, labia or clitoris. It works particularly nicely in combination with a non-vibrating toy for solo use or during penetrative intercourse. By holding the bullet to your clitoris or testicles (depending on your parts) during vaginal or anal penetration, your sexual pleasure can be amplified to toe-curling levels. I would advise against using this bullet near the anus during thrusting penetrating of any kind, simply because in the heat of things it is easy to lose your grip and possibly slip the vibrator somewhere that you don't want it to go! The size of this vibrator makes it great for travel, although its noise output makes use of it in public somewhat difficult. But at a noisy club this would be great for turning on and slipping in your Underoos for some exhibitionist fun.

This vibrator is incredibly straight forward and easy to use. For this reason I can imagine it would be as satisfying for newcomers to sex toys as well as long time connoisseurs. I would like to note, however, that if you are not a person that enjoys INTENSE stimulation then you will probably be turned off by this toy. I am somewhat that prefers mid-level to moderately high direct vibrations, so it was difficult for me to get reach orgasm with this. It can become numbing for those that are less than gluttonous for power, so be warned. The vibrations are also what I would describe as shallow or "surface" in that they did not penetrate below the most surface layer of nerve endings. This kind of vibrating tends to leave the hand holding the toy, as well as the body part it was used on, with an "itchy" feeling after a while. Again, if you don't like super strong vibrations then I would not recommend this vibrator.
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Material / Texture

Phthalates-free and only semi-porous, this hard plastic vibrator is body safe and very hygienic. It produces only the faintest of plastic-y scents, and this can only be detected when placed under the nose. The smell fades after time, although like most toys (with the exception of glass, stainless steel, etc) it can pick up strong scents around it. For this reason it's a good idea to store your toy in a dry and preferably well ventilated area. The plastic itself is not the glossy, super-slippery kind but it's not quite velvet-cote either. It is very much like velvet-cote, however, in that it provides a little bit more traction than glossy hard plastic which means less slipping during use! Please remember that hard plastic has a low porosity but still can absorb microbes; when sharing you should use a dental dam as a barrier or slip the bullet in a condom before using.

Design / Shape / Size

Tiny and simple, the Rainbow Rhythms bullet measures to be a little more than 2 inches long and about a half inch wide. This is great for travel, I mean, this easily would fit into a lipstick case for ultimate discretion. Unhappily the size makes control and maneuvering somewhat difficult. This bullet is too short to grip at the shaft, so holding at the base (or dial) is really the only option. Unfortunately, this often means accidentally changing the setting or even opening the battery compartment without meaning to. This is the only significant design flaw, really. It is otherwise a sleek and comfortable toy that has a gently curved top as opposed to sharply sloping, pin-point bullets. Good news, too, because if this vibrator came to a perfect pinpoint I'm pretty sure my clitoris would have exploded upon contact!

Functions / Performance / Controls

I've mentioned already that this toy is very powerful, almost too powerful, but it is redeemed by its multi-speed dial. With fresh batteries in this thing can actually achieve a relatively wide variety of speeds, the lowest of which I found tolerable and not painfully strong. As mentioned before as well, the vibrations in this toy are very shallow and will probably becoming numbing for many users after a few moments of use. Its strength also makes maintaining grip difficult as the hand starts to feel overstimulated and a bit "itchy" after a while, too.

The Rainbow Rhythms bullet is capable of complete submersion, but its easily unscrewed cap makes it bathtub play a gamble. I typically don't submerge waterproof toys with twist-on caps because of the risk that there is for water leaking into the battery compartment. However, after reading another review of this bullet that reported a very impressive nautical performance I gave this thing a shot. Surprisingly it did remarkably well when I held it in a pot full of water and for those that are feeling adventurous submersion may prove quite nice. So far I haven't, and probably will not in the future, use it in a bathtub because it's just too easy for me to accidentally twist the cap off.

Finally, this toy is NOT quiet. It produces a high pitched buzzing sound that reminds me a mosquito --very unsexy. After a test, I found that on the highest setting it could be heard through my door when my apartment was quiet. For this reason using this at night while others are sleeping is not a good idea, but during the day it can't be heard over a television or radio at medium volume. It is also virtually silent underwater if you choose to use it there.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is very easy to care for, cleaning up quickly with a little antibacterial soap and warm water. Make sure that your battery compartment is completely closed before putting this underwater and any leak could damage or altogether ruin your vibrator. After drying completely simply store in a dry and well ventilated area where the toy is not likely to pick up smells. There is no 'safety' for this toy, so to prevent it from turning on in storage and draining your batteries, you may want to remove them.

As this isn't a textured toy and can't be used internally it does not require much lubrication (if any) but if you wish to use some you'll be pleased to know this toy is compatible with all kinds of lube. Oil, silicone and water bases will all wash cleanly off this bullet and not damage the material in any way. This may also be stored with all other sex toys (silicone, glass, jelly, etc) without worry of it being damaged or damaging another toy.

Personal comments

Just a quick note on my rating of this vibrator. In the end I did give this toy 4/5 stars because it's a quality toy that has a lot more to offer than many other toys of its size. The tone of my review is inevitably a little critical, simply because I could not achieve an orgasm with this due to the crazy intensity of its vibrations and the shallowness of them. However, I can see this toy being a perfect fit for someone that does enjoy intense vibrations and for such a person I think this is an almost perfect toy. I'll probably end up giving this to a friend that can make better use of it than my partner and I can, and I'm sure it'll find a very happy home with them!
Follow-up commentary
What can I say really, except that the high-pitched, surface vibrations like those provided by the Rainbow Rhythms bullet may wow some but absolutely irritate me? This is a cutie of a vibrator, and its size makes it easier to toss in a teeny tiny purse and take with you on booty calls and one night stands. It's multi-speed and packs a lot of power into its tiny body. So if you're into that kind of thing, this may be a great vibe for you. But for me? it just numbed me and left me hungry for deeper and more satisfying stimulation. I passed this along to my buzz glutton of a friend and she loves it, so again, it'll work for some. Just not for me.
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  • ArmyWife Kira
    I had the same problems with it being too strong. It almost immediately made me numb even on the lowest setting! Great review!
  • Sir
    Wonderful review. I definitely understand what you mean about the intensity. Sometimes, these little bullets pack TOO much of a punch!
  • Kayla
    Thanks for the review.
  • Naughty Student
    By too intense you mean that they are too buzzy right? I think I had a similar issue with a bullet I tried. What a shame, its cute as heck.
  • ......
    Very nice review! I could exactly what this vibe was going to be like just by the title.
  • Owl Identified
    Thank you all for your comments.

    @ ArmyWife, I read your review and was glad to know that it wasn't just me that had that experience. I definitely think this could be a good vibe for someone that likes a lot of power, but I have a feeling that for the majority of folks this might be too much!

    @ Naughty Student, by intense I meant the vibrations were just VERY strong. It didn't help that they were very shallow and didn't penetrate very deeply. This vibrator actually isn't super buzzy, it's sort of whiny. I hope that answers your question. And I still think this is a cute vibrator, I gave it to one of my friends who I know likes stronger stimulation and she likes it, so there's definitely a market for it!
  • Alan & Michele
    ROFL! I love your title!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very nice review! Very informative, and enjoyable to read! Big smile
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great job on this review!
  • Sammi
    This looks like one I'd like to try.
    Good review!
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