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If you're looking for a massager for couples that doesn't require genitals to use, the Ting Ting is the one that will keep everyone happy. This can easily be shared between partners to relieve the temporary stresses of the day and is a way to bring a couple together for a quiet, quick 5 minute massage that both are bound to enjoy.
Great vibration options.
Shorter prongs are painful.
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The Ting Ting Head Tuner is a 4-speed head massager. It was designed for massage of the scalp, temples, and neck. It promises to increase blood circulation, relax stressed muscles, and aim to help relieve aches and pains. Does it do all these things? Well, not at all but it does enough to justify the price.

The best thing about the Ting Ting is that it vibrates. They aren't weak vibrations by any means, in fact this massager really packs a punch. There's a simple on/off button on one side of the navy blue hand held motor and on the other side is a button to cycle through the settings. While there are only 4 speeds they all differ from one another. The first setting, which is low, has a low hum vibration- it soothes your scalp but doesn't vibrate your teeth. The second is the continuous high setting- it's surprisingly quiet, with how strong the vibrations you'd expected them to carry through your teeth and rattle my eardrums but for the most part it really wasn't all that loud. The third setting are vibrations that are quick and pulse on and off, this is when the goosebumps start to pop up on your neck and arms- while the third setting was heaven the next really shines. The fourth setting is the absolute best, with vibrations that start off fairly strong and surge downwards and upwards like a roller coaster. You can't help but close your eyes and just sink back into your chair allowing them to envelop you. The plus is that vibrations aren't required for a massage; while the motor atop this feels too heavy to warrant use without the vibrations, the massage still feels good even without the motor on.

The Ting Ting Tuner has 10 long copper-colored alloy prongs (imagine Daddy long legs) and 5 short ones. These prongs were designed to push little pressure points on your head. They easily stretch for larger sized heads and slide back and forth so that you're able to position them wherever you want. Unfortunately, this is where the product falls short. In order to be able to feel the shorter prongs you have to push the massager down all the way on your head, you may just end up poking yourself in the eye a few times with the longer prongs in the process. The long prongs have a tendency to get in the way, no matter if you move them off to one side, they're very obtrusive and will no doubt shift on their own. The shorter prongs, when they finally made contact with the scalp were unfortunately painful, they also had a tendency to muse up and tangle long hair. The way to ensure the best massage is to forgo trying to have the short prongs touch your scalp and instead position the massager on your head by just the tips of the long prongs and rotate it counter-clockwise; Unfortunately, this means you won't be able to sit the massager on your head for a hands-free massage but by using only the long tips of the Ting Ting, it will provide a much more effective massage with minimal discomfort.

Written on the back of the package are 5 "Important" notices to take mention of:

1. "Individuals with internal disorders or pregnant women should avoid using massager."

2. "Five minute sessions give the best results. Avoid using massagers for extended periods of time."

3. "Avoid excessive bending, unbending of the legs. These can lead to the legs breaking off."

4. "Be sure that power is completely off when massagers in not in use. Leaving the power on continuously for extended amount of time may damage the motor."

5. "This is not a medical device."

If you're looking for a massager to share, the Ting Ting is perfect for use between friends, just make sure to have some cotton balls and rubbing alcohol on hand to keep the prongs clean between people.
I can't even describe how absolutely stupid I looked wearing The Ting Ting Head Tuner; having the motor protrude off my head I felt like Marvin the Martian with the 'push broom' like pompom atop his Greek Hoplite's helmet. I looked alien and for all the glances and smirks I received driving down the road with this on my head from other drivers, I highly advise not going out in public with it. However, it's not the visuals that count but rather the sensations felt. If you love having your scalp massaged, your hair played with, or you seek goosebumps running up your spine then you'll love the Ting Ting.
Follow-up commentary
The Ting Ting has made a little headway with me. It's decent for a massage but it's not at the top of my list of massage products.
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  • Contributor: KrissyNovacaine
    Thanks for the great review!
  • Contributor: winggeddagger
    very useful. i thought this looked wierd and painful but now i'm slightly curious
  • Contributor: ellieprobable
    This sounds so cool.
  • Contributor: pixylove101
    Loved your Marvin the Martian comment! Visualizing it was awesome.
  • Contributor: ebb008
    my bf would absoutly go nuts for this!! Everynight its, "hun, will your rub my head?!" 20 miutes later....
    thanks for the review, but one question remains; pregnant woman cant use? does anyone know why???
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