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All bark, some bite

If you want to find your g spot but don't want to use anything large Romeo is for you. Even with the poor vibrations it still is a great tool for exploring and satisfaction.
Small enough to use and hide without trouble
Vibrations aren't very strong
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The Romeo is a vibrator specifically designed for g spot stimulation although the packaging states it can be used for both external and internal use. Aside from the distinctive curve on the tip there is a slightly elevated ridge for stimulation of the vaginal entrance as well. If the ridge is of little importance to you and you want to insert him further you have a few extra inches to play with. Women who have yet to find their g spot may find this toy useful in their quests to locate it.

Material / Texture

Romeo is made of non-porous and phthalate-free plastic. Upon opening the package there was no distinct smell. It's texture is smooth to the touch and glides rather easily when inserted with or without lubricant. There were no obvious seams or deformities that would make inserting him uncomfortable. Be careful when thrusting though. Romeo is in no way flexible which means there's little to no room for angling him perfectly for g spot pleasuring. Instead, make sure that he is turned upright to massage the anterior vaginal wall.

Design / Shape / Size

Romeo won't satisfy those who prefer girth with their toys. The circumference of his lavender frame at it's widest point is about 3 inches and tapers down to about 2 ½ inches near the tip. In total, Romeo measures in at 7 inches and leaves about 5 1/2 inches for insertion since you do need some room to keep a nice grip on him. Toward the middle there is a slightly elevated ridge that gently stimulates the vaginal opening while thrusting. The ridge isn't that high or wide enough to make much of a difference in sensation. Some will notice it and others will forget it's there unless they're looking at it.

There's no flared base so he isn't recommended for anal play. At the base is the turn dial to get the vibrations going. It's quite easy to turn once it's fully screwed on after inserting the batteries. Located on the base are a few ridges don't serve much of a purpose if you only insert the first 3 inches and stop. If you should happen to take in more of Romeo those same ridges may hit up against your clit, providing a bit of dual action.

Being that Romeo is on the slim side, his prominent feature is the well rounded tip angled to hit the g spot which happens to feel quite pleasurable during thrusting.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Turn the dial three times to get to each setting, the last being the strongest of the three. Others have stated how powerful the vibrations are and while they are noticeable there are plenty of other vibrators on the market that could, on their lowest settings, out-vibe poor Romeo in a heartbeat. If you're expecting vibrations that will curl your toes and roll your eyes back you won't find it here. Romeo's buzz takes you on a more subtle and slow paced ride where an orgasm will take some time to reach. Bringing in a little help may even be necessary. It seems as if the motor is concentrated in the tip even though the vibrations can be felt through Romeo's entire shaft. Despite the fact that Romeo lacks power, it still makes for a pleasant sensation when thrusting that you somewhat miss if you opt to turn him off. If you've got sensitive ears you might kill his buzz since he is quite loud considering he's weak and runs on AAA batteries. In a quiet house, even with the door closed you can hear a faint buzzing that some might mistake for a cellphone if they're gullible. If you live with nosy people who constantly have their ear to the wind listening for the slightest of noises, you might want to turn on some music, the tv, or even a fan (that will drown it out perfectly...I think). Those who don't mind the irritating noise or mild vibrations will be pleased with the capabilities he does have. Romeo can make a girl feel good if you're compatible with him.

Luckily, should you happen to get carried away while thrusting you won't have to worry about accidentally turning him off. However, if things end up getting slippery turning him off takes a little effort so a towel might come in handy.

Also, he is waterproof so playtime in the shower is allowed minus actually turning him on if someone is home because they will hear and the last thing you want is someone banging on the door mid orgasm asking what that noise is.

Care and Maintenance

Romeo is waterproof so he's easy to wash in the sink without worrying about water getting into the battery compartment. Even fully submerged in water the inside remained dry. Soap and water work well as does your favorite toy cleaner. A rub down with Isopropyl alcohol works also. Be sure to thoroughly wash between the ridges at the base to keep him as clean as possible since stuff can get trapped between the grooves. Plastic cannot be sterilized so in the event you decide to share Romeo with someone else it is advised that you place a condom over him for added protection. Remove the batteries after each use to prevent any leakage if they ever were to burst.

Last but not least feel free to use any oil, water, or silicone based lubricant of your choosing. A large amount will not be necessary given Romeo's slender build. Even without the lube your body's natural lubricant should work just fine.

Personal comments

I read some other reviews on this vibrator before I chose it. I even googled it just to get a few outside opinions and almost all of the reviews on it were ranked fairly high. One comment in particular that kept popping up was how powerful Romeo is. This made me anxious to have it in my possession. When I finally had him in my hands I wasted no time putting batteries in to turn him on. I was ready to have some earth shattering g spot orgasms only to turn the dial and have my mouth fall open in shock at that lack of power in my hand. At first I thought maybe the batteries I was using were dead so I went out and bought a whole new pack of name brand batteries just in case that made a difference. Still I got nothing. The noise level turns me off too. Romeo isn't the loudest thing in the world but for the amount of noise that he makes there should be enough vibrations running through him to numb my hand.

Despite Romeo failing to meet my expectations I enjoyed using him. We shared a few orgasms together and that's surely better then no orgasms at all. Thrusting with him was fun, although eventually I opted to use him on my clit. I know I said the vibrations weren't very powerful but they can provide some pleasure if you concentrate really hard on what capabilities the motor does have. Those who need teeth chattering vibrations this probably isn't for you. If you prefer pinpoint g spot stimulation then Romeo would be great for you. I don't want to say he's good for beginners since if you have no clue where your g spot is you might have a hard time finding it since the point on this thing isn't wide enough to cover much area. The only thing that helps is that the location of the ridge makes as a guide to show how much you need to insert before you can stop. Everyone's anatomy is different so again none of this may benefit you much if your body does not line up with the make of this vibrator. I'd recommend Romeo as a warm up toy for those who don't mind using more then one item to get off. This would also be great for those who like to prolong their fun since in my opinion he isn't going to perform well enough for quickies. He is, however a helpful aid to women looking to become better acquainted with their bodies and for that this vibrator serves his purpose.
Follow-up commentary
My opinion of The Romeo hasn't changed much. He's an okay toy for a beginner or even just someone who prefers gentler vibrations. Everything about Romeo has stayed the same, unfortunately. He's still in good shape and so far nothing has malfunctioned. The problem falls on Romeo's mediocre performance where it counts the most. His inability to provide stronger vibrations never makes him my first choice, or even second choice for that matter. On the days where I feel like having a little variety, I'll bring Romeo out to play. So I've concluded that Romeo is an okay vibrator for someone else, for me he's just a cute addition to my growing collection of toys.

So if you're looking for a simple vibrator to begin exploring your body with, Romeo might be for you. If even as a beginner you're looking for a toy with strong vibrations, this is not the vibrator for you. I'd definitely recommend that you check out some other reviews and find something better suited for your needs.
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