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Breeze power bullet

DVD by BMS Enterprises

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Amazing... While It Lasted!

The Breeze is a really nice, slim, wireless bullet that knows what it’s doing. Its sexy pink exterior is fun, and will have any women feeling a bit indulged. Unfortunately for me the pleasure was cut short. After only one use, I could not get the breeze to power on. It was, to say the least, a disappointing loss. The Breeze still deserves at least 3 stars!
3 Speeds, fun color, waterproof, easy to use, discreet.
Poor quality battery compartment, loud 2nd and 3rd settings, it just didn't last!
Rating by reviewer:
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Yes, I was intrigued by the fact that the Breeze came in an awesome pink color. I had only owned one other bullet, and it was the standard, boring silver you usually see. I was excited about getting my hands on something more sophisticated. Yeah I know, it isn’t entirely fair to judge by color alone, but after all the color does affect ones mood. Pink just happens to be a very passionate color!

The Breeze arrived one evening and was placed in an unexpected spot just below my garage door. Sure enough, I unknowingly attempted to close the garage and slightly crushed the packaging before realizing what was going on. Thankfully I caught it before creating a disaster! Once I opened it, I was relieved to find the Breeze still in perfect condition. It was held tight in its custom made-to-fit clear plastic container. The thin container simply snaps open to retrieve the bullet. It can be reused, and I decided to keep mine so I would have a place to store my bullet.

The bullet itself is made of a hard plastic with a silky, soft finish. I rubbed it on my face to appreciate its delicacy. There is little smell to the Breeze. It has just a mild clean or “breezy” smell to it; nothing harsh. The package does not actually state what the Breeze is made of, but it does indicate that it should be used with a rubber compatible lubricant. The only rubber components seem to be a thin strip where the batteries are held, and the power button. It’s a little longer than most bullets at 5 in. which may be a drawback for some, since it would probably not be compatible with cock rings, masturbators, or harnesses. Still, I actually prefer the extra length. Lastly, it has three different speeds and is waterproof (this is always a plus!).

When I went to give the Breeze its first try, I unscrewed the battery compartment to find a somewhat cheap interior. There is a pull out plastic slot for the two “AAA” batteries (which are not included), and a piece of white paper (yep just paper) lining the interior; which indicates how to insert the batteries. It’s also not so easy inserting and removing the batteries, but I suppose it is manageable. You might want to do the labor beforehand; otherwise you can guarantee to kill the mood.

Once the breeze was ready to go, I pressed the black rubber button which powered on the first speed. The vibrations on the first speed give a nice, delicate massage. I was able to orgasm but it took some patience. The second speed could get me there much quicker without completely numbing me, but as the power increases so does the noise. When I finally made my way to the third speed, it was very hard to contain myself. I was twitching with satisfaction. The vibrations could be a bit numbing, but it definitely gets the job done! The sound however, was definitely a problem. I felt like those outside our door must have been thinking we were running a vacuum! With people in a quiet house, we HAD to stick to the first setting.

The Breeze was amazing while it lasted, but unfortunately it only lasted a day! The following day I went to insert the batteries and just could not get the thing to turn on! Bummer! I tried different batteries. I tried different positions. I tried everything. There was no hope for Breeze, she was lifeless! I suppose she will be joining the others in sex toy heaven. It is really a sad, sad, thing because I was so looking forward to making Breeze my permanent bullet. I would like to think I just received a faulty toy. Oh well…
No matter what position my partner and I tried, I was able to easily maneuver the Breeze to my liking. The extra inches help, so that you don’t have to reach so far to hit the good spot. It also felt nice sliding along my clit. I did not insert this vaginally (I probably would have, had the Breeze lasted), but I would guess it would work there as well. However it is very slim, about a half inch, so I wouldn’t expect too much.

Also, since this toy seems to be a combination of hard plastic with a few rubber parts, I used warm water and a mild soap for clean up. And as far as lubricant, I would stick to water or silicone based since they are compatible with both plastic and rubber materials.
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  • Nashville
    I have another power bullet from BMS and I had the same issue with the battery compartment. 2 different styles and 1 common issue... sucks! Good review though Smile
  • Naughty Student
    What is the length and width of the toy? Thanks for the review, it's a very pretty toy!
  • VelvetBound
    Sleeping Dreamer,

    Hopefully BMS realizes their mistakes so they can make improvements. I read other reviews and it seems nearly everyone is having the same issues with the power bullets and the faulty battery compartments. It does suck! Thanks though.
  • VelvetBound
    Naughty Student,

    The length is 5 inches almost exactly and the width is about half an inch, as stated in my review. Yeah, it is pretty slim!

    I also thought it was really pretty and feminine, which is right up my alley. Thanks. Winking
  • Mamastoys
    It is cute..sorry it doesn't meet your expections..
  • VelvetBound

    Aw, that's okay. This was a surprise me assignment, so no real complaints here.
  • nicole07
    nice review
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