Rechargeable jack rabbit - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Gunsmoke

An Eco -Friendly Rabbit!

Why not have an explosive orgasm and do a little bit to help out the environment? Go for the quality!
No batteries, easy clean up, quality construction, gets the job done.
None really - but if they came up with a butterfly version it'd be great!
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
As a male, my reviews of women's sex toys are obviously from the partner perspective. From my experience of how easy or difficult a toy may be for the partner, it can also have a substantial impact on how much pleasure there will be for the wife or girlfriend. Since my wife’s favorite toy is the original Decadent Indulgence, I was very curious to see how this one would measure up; and measure up it did.

Not having to worry about changing the batteries, or the battery cover falling off in the heat of the moment, made this a very good choice from my perspective! Since this is a fairly robust toy measuring a little more than 1.5" diameter with a rotating head and beads, we opted to use either a silicone or an oil-based lubrication (my wife does not care for water-based lube).

After the all important foreplay and lubrication, the Rechargeable Rabbit lived up to it's formidable reputation. The smooth jelly material slid in nicely, the rotations were smooth, and the clitoral vibe provided the over-the-top orgasm that you expect from any good quality rabbit vibrator. The quality of this vibe made it much easier to clean up than all similar battery powered models.

So you ask; has the Rechargeable Rabbit replaced the Decadent Indulgence as my wife's favorite rabbit style vibrator? Actually, not quite. She doesn't concern herself with the batteries or clean up, that's my job. She loves the extra stimulation she gets from the butterfly wings of the Decadent Indulgence.

We both highly recommend this product for both experienced rabbit vibrator aficionados, and those interested in adding to toy experience. Once you've tried a rabbit vibrator, you'll want to experiment with others. This is our 5th one, and it’s definitely a strong 2nd place finisher.
Follow-up commentary
The rechargeable rabbit has fallen of the radar screen. The lack of hummingbird wings for vulval stimulation and the difficulty of placing the rabbit into just the right spot have pushed this rather expensive to out of favor!

Wish there was a market for high quality gently used adult toys! I've also got a once used Elise by Lelo [] for anyone interested!
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  • Juliettia
    This is actually on my wishlist. Does it stay sturdy inthe base during charge?
  • Gunsmoke
    Yes - the charging station works well, very secure. It's best if on a hard surface - but we keep it behind the bed - which is carpeted and it still works just fine. Enjoy!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I'm fairly certain oil based lubes are not safe with jelly (and really, they're not safe for any penetration anyway). I know you're writing more from your point of view but please get your partner's opinion. You barely touched on how this felt. Does it rotate? How about the beads? Any jamming? What about cleaning and storage? Does the charging base have a suction cup on the bottom? It almost seems to from images. Are there any tips you have to make use better?
  • Gunsmoke
    My wife has never liked water-based lubes - so for a long time we used silicone - until I found a british product called 'Yes'. Their lubricants are made from all plant based products common to many of the cosmetics that my wife uses every day. The primary ingredients are cocoa and shea butters plus almond oil and Vitamin E. My wife just loves the way her skin feels after we use it - since we only use if when having sex - it's a no brainer for meBig smile

    It works great with all our toys; jelly, silicone, glass & steel. Although it's expensive - a little goes a long way - especially with steel & glass.

    The rechargeable rabbit is a typical rabbit vibe - the shaft does rotate - but I'd say my wife only asks for this feature about 50% of the time. For her rabbit vibrators are all about having 'something to hold on to' as the clit vibe works its magic. Taking the hint from this comment was our gateway to purchasing our first dildo's - until then everything was a vibe.

    The beads work great - never any jams. The beads are located where they stimulate the vaginal entrance - where the most nerve endings are - maximizing the sensation.

    I always use a mild antibacterial liquid soap and very hot water - making sure to keep the controls dry - it's not waterproof - wish it was.

    The charging base is flared - but compared to the height of the vibe it can be easily knocked over - but that's not a problem because it's certainly no in a high traffic area.

    My suggestions for making it better would be to:
    Make it waterproof
    Make it from silicone
    Extend the rabbit section a bit making it a little easier to 'hit home'
  • nmeyer
    Hi Gunsmoke,

    I just left you a message about how the battery life is holding up but I just realized that you posted your review a few weeks ago. Tongue out Have you used rechargeable vibes in the past? I'm wondering how long they last...

    Also, I have a specific question about the stiffness of the ears... I like mine to be really stiff. If you brush over the ears with a finger, do they move much? (On my favorite rabbit, which is now broken, the entire rabbit portion moves when I brush over the ears - super stiff! If they just flop over, please let me know) I bought Pipedream's Wall Bangers Deluxe and sent it back immediately after feeling the ears... it's a total dealbreaker for me.

    Thanks so much for your answers! RabbitIn love
  • Gunsmoke
    Hi NMeyer,

    A few quick questions about your rechargable Jack Rabbit...(my responses)
    1. How long have you had it? (About 2 years.)
    2. How long is your battery lasting now? (Long enough to get the job done - never measured exactly.)
    3. Are all the features still working? (Yes - just like the first day.)
    4. How stiff are the ears? (The ears are pretty firm - but the bullet and rabbit are close coupled to the shaft. This can make getting the ears to just the right place can sometimes be a challenge.)

    I need to add that since we have so many toys - no one toy gets a lot of use. For a while rabbit-type vibes were my wife's favorite - including the Decadent Indulgence (original model). My wife prefers the DI - because the clit stimulator (a hummingbird) is easier to position - and the wings add a nice bit of stimulation to her labia. I suppose I should do a review of the DI!

    My problem with the DI is that the battery cover comes off easily and it isn't waterproof - so it's hard to clean. But whatever the wife wants - the wife gets!

    My wife's current favorites are several glass wands we have and the steel Pure Wand - i do the work with the dildos and when she's ready - she just adds a little clit vibe - the results are astounding - and gratifying!

    Good luck - and keep trying new things!

    I'm really interested in this rabbit, I'm just worried it'll be like other rechargable items that die in a year... any help is GREATLY appreciated. Smile
  • nmeyer
    Your response was very helpful - I really appreciate how attuned you are to your wife's likes. Smile It sounds like a winner except can you answer my question about the stiffness of the ears (in my post above your response)?

    The DI sounds interesting... I've never had a hummingbird before. Until you have a chance to write a review on that one, same question: how stiff is the DI hummingbird? Many, many thanks Gunsmoke!
  • Mamastoys
    welcome to the community..although the original review lacked information, you did a great job adding it in during your comments.
  • ......
    I'm curious about this "Yes" lubricant. Could you tell more about it and where you purchase it from? Thanks! Nice review.
  • Gunsmoke
    Just got my latest shipment from across the pond - my wife comes in and says - 'Here's your package - uh, no I guess it's mine!" She loves the stuff. Here's the link [] Enjoy Winking
  • Gunsmoke
    Mamastoys - thanks for the compliment. I tend to write more 'experiential' reviews than 'statistical' ones. I also note that I generally give high marks - 4-5 stars. That's because I can't get excited about writing about something that didn't work out - my goal is tell people about the things that work great!
  • Pandahb
  • Trashley
    Thanks for the review! I love me a good rabbit
  • pinkcupcakes
    nice review!
  • w-o-name
    good review
  • nicole07
    Thanks for the great review
  • Nemon
    Thanks for the review.
  • Ilovelingerie
    Sorry you don't enjoy it as much anymore! Nice review!
  • lomejo61
  • PassionCpl
    Thanks for the review!
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