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Average Toy on a Budget

In short, there are probably better ways to spend $15.99. The toy itself is OK, but definitely not something I'd recommend to a friend.
Material is soft and smooth, strong vibrations, precise stimulation.
Doesn't clean well, drains batteries quickly, pause between speeds, a little noisy.
Rating by reviewer:
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This assignment came to me on one of the most stressful days I'd had in months. I was looking forward to trying it out most of the day, and then late that night, I finally was able to set her up. And, ultimately, she was OK. Not great, not terrible, just OK.

To begin with, the G-spot toy|Silkies™ G-spot itself is less neon purple than the picture shows, and more of a dark lavender. The rubber material feels soft and smooth in the hand (but for cleanliness, it's best to put a condom over it for play -- thus eliminating the nice feel) with an infinitesimal amount of give. There's almost no smell. The button to change speeds is shaped like a heart... which would be acceptable if it was bringing you flowers on Valentines Day, but instead it just looks silly. There's a small wave near the top that feels nice, but not out-of-this-world, and then the head comes to a blunt point. This feature delivers more precise stimulation than other toys that have a rounded head, but could potentially be too intense a sensation in one place for some people. It felt good pressed against my g-spot, but certainly no better than any other toy designed to do the same thing. It did, however, provide an interesting sensation when I turned it around so the point was directed toward the back, but I'm still personally undecided about the extent to which I enjoyed it.

The vibrations themselves are relatively strong. There are three levels of vibrations, and the first is probably more than enough for some people. For others, even the highest level might not cut it. It really is a middle of the road toy in that sense. The description makes no mention of it being quiet, and for good reason. It doesn't sound like a Mack truck, but it could definitely be heard if you have thin walls (or have a roommate). I live in an older building with no A/C, so I have 2 fans running at all times. Even with these on, I was a little nervous that people might hear it through the door. I was very glad to have rechargeable batteries with this toy. The first two uses were fine, but the third time saw greatly reduced strength. It got me off, with some help, but the batteries immediately went back on the charger.

Finally, lube. You can use either water-based or silicone-based lube with this toy. The toy isn't grotesquely large, but a little lube always adds to the party.
Follow-up commentary
I realized that I forgot to include one of the most irritating aspects of this toy. When you push the heart-shaped button at the bottom to change the speed, the toy STOPS until you release the button. Rather than shifting smoothly from one speed to the next, the vibration stops completely in between them. This only lasts for as long as you have the button pressed, but it's a fairly sturdy button that you really have to push to use. I found this to be exceptionally frustrating when I was ALMOST there and just needed a little more... only to have the toy essentially shut off for a second while it changes speeds.
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  • That narrow tip seems like it'd be better for targeted clit stimulation than g-spot stim. Nice review!
  • Epiphora
    They just HAVE to use hearts whenever they can, huh?
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