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Barely 'squirms' onto the radar

Fun for a first rabbit vibe. It has promising qualities: soft, flexible rabbit ears, rotating pearls and head, a nice size and it's not bad to look at. But, the range of problems it presents makes it more trouble than it's worth.
Feels great (like a vagina massage!), provides a range of effective stimuli
Battery-sucker, vibration and rotation steal power from one another, not perfect rabbit placement
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Luxe squirmy is my first rabbit-style vibrator. I always go with the not-so expensive toys when I try a new style because I am poor and feel guilty spending the money if I don't know I'll like it.

Anyway, when I popped this pretty pink guy out of his shell and plopped in the 4AA's it requires, I nearly started salivating watching the head spin and the shaft quake. I couldn't wait to shove it up my snatch and love it wholly. It looks nicer and less cheap in person, which is a plus for me.

The second thing I noticed, after its delicious ability to swirl and twist, was the noise it made. It is by far the loudest toy I have ever heard and it when it came time to go in, was quite distracting.

I'm a girl who can normally ignore noise. Heck, I even find the loud chatter of a crowded cafeteria soothing, but this puppy growled like nothing else I've heard. Definitely not discreet and, at full power, probably something you don't want to use when people you don't want to hear it are around.

Despite, I continued and found the gentle twirling motion of the budded tip to be of a massaging, relaxing, and amazing quality. To me, it wasn't really orgasmic, so much as just flat out good-feeling.

The rotating pearls are also a nice touch that a lot of rabbits feature. The ones on Luxe squirmy don't really have issues with catching and there are a good number of them. I think that portion of the toy is very effective; they feel good and further the sensation of a massage for you vagina.

The rabbit, I find, is awkwardly placed, but at the same time it is difficult to perfectly place it so that it works for everyone. Personally, I have to fiddle around with it to get the right spot. However, when it does it the spot, it is fantastic. Much better than my rabbit bullet vibe. I have enjoyed using this toy for the clit stimulation alone. They are soft, flexible and gentle. The power doesn't have an incredible range, it goes from about slow to moderately fast. Nothing earth-shaking but still effective.

The most disappointing feature of the Luxe squirmy is, though, its amazing ability to go through batteries like I have never seen. I put 4 brand new batteries in it and after about 3 uses, it has suffered an incredibly lack of power and definitely needs replacements. When the batteries start to die, the toy also starts to function strangely. I found that when turning up the clit stim, the rotation stops and vice versa.

Also, I understand that with the placement of the pearls and the ability to have the head rotate, it is difficult to have the toy be very flexible, but it is a little awkward to insert and getting it to go all the way in required me to perform a little dance that was similar to hiking up jeans. A kind of out-of-place shoving re-placement that wasn't unpleasant or painful but more of a bother.

All in all, I DO like the Luxe squirmy but I think I'll eventually invest my money is something better. I would recommend if you don't mind going through batteries like people go through bread in a snowstorm and can afford to have a toy that is as loud as you want. Otherwise, shop around for vibes with similar features (because it's good features ARE very good!) but of a better quality.
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  • Backseat Boohoo
    Sorry this rabbit didn't quite do it for you. =( I personally don't have much in the way of rabbits right now, but I know the Decadent Indulgence is a fan favorite here.
  • Epiphora
    It's probably not just you. A lot of rabbits don't hit my clit the right way either.
  • Airlia
    I've found the cheap rabbits are loud, go through a lot of batteries and are slightly uncomfortable... maybe there's a reason they're that cheap?
  • LikeSunshineDust
    Aw, that's too bad that your experience was less than amazing. If you're going through a lot of batteries, I would recommend investing in rechargable AA and AAA batteries. They pay for themselves in just a few uses, and they're better for the environment 'cause you're not constantly throwing out batteries. Honestly, best investment I've made in a looong time.
  • ~sexxxational
    Backseat: Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to check those out. =)

    Epiphora: Yeah! I can understand though. It's pretty impossible to manufacture a stationary rabbit that suits everyone! But I was intrigued by the Love buddy that has an adjustable bunny but it's out of stock.

    Sienna: Haha. Yes! Very true. Very true. =D It was definitely worth it to try though. I'd rather spend $20 (I got it...elsewhere) to try something new out than $90 and possibly not enjoy it. But I definitely agree that cheap toys tend to be cheap for a reason.

    LikeSunshineDust: Oh yeah, that's definitely something I'm considering. I've owned rechargables before but lost the charger and honestly don't use many vibes, I'm a dildo fan. But yes, rechargable batteries are for sure a wise investment for anyone using toys! =)
  • lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
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    nice review!
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    Great review!
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    Nice job!
  • 0
    Great review, sorry it didn't quite do it for you
  • phunkyphreak
    nice review sorry that it is not the one for you.
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    Thanks for the review
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