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Basic Can Be Better

The Intimate Basics Siena is surprisingly a great vibrator. It's not just good, but it's actually great. As long as you don't have a need to be discreet or want to use this for insertion, this is a strong and rumbly clitoral vibrator that's affordable enough for everyone to purchase.
Very, very strong, Basic and to the point, Works great for clitoral use, Rumbly vibrations
Pretty darn loud, Not for insertion, Takes C batteries
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The Intimate Basics Siena is a traditional vibrator made from plastic. It has the velvet-cote type of plastic that makes it extremely soft to the touch with no visible seams. It's multi-speed, and it also is supposed to be waterproof as well. The vibrator is eight inches tall, and it has a diameter of about an inch and a half. The "view product size widget" is WAY off. Measure out the measurements for yourself. The color is pretty accurate in the pictures though it looks a bit more purple-y than the blue-ish that it appears to be in the pictures.

Whoever made the packaging for this vibrator made a mistake. The packaging clearly states that this vibrator takes two AA batteries, so I was all ready with my AAs. Nope; it takes gianto-C batteries. Two of them. EF's stats are right, but the packaging is wrong. Aside from that, the packaging is just a basic plastic package. The packaging can be used for storage, but since the vibrator is pretty hardy and doesn't pick up any sort of lint or anything, there may be no reason to use this for storage. It does come with a little sheet of instructions that are included with all vibrators, so it is not really toy-specific, but I"m sure you can figure out how to put the batteries in yourself.

This plastic vibrator takes two C batteries. The bottom of the base unscrews really easily to allow you to slip in the two C batteries. The batteries are surrounded by a layer of flexible cardboard to attempt to keep them from moving too much. I keep the cardboard in there, but you're welcome to take it out as long as you realize it's going to make your vibrator sound a lot, well, louder. It does make getting the batteries back out of the vibrator a bit of a chore though.

This vibrator is not fooling around. No, no, it's not. It is STRONG. When I purchase these traditional plastic vibrators, it reminds me of why I fell in love with them in the first place. The plastic transfers vibrations well, they're really easy to use, and they usually have a range of strong vibrations. How can you go wrong with that? This vibrator is actually even more amusing to use because if you look at it then turn on the vibration, you can actually *see* the vibrator's plastic move. It's neat. So, no, these vibrations are not buzzy at all. They are definitely rumbly in a strong, lovely sort of way. I didn't think I'd fall in love with Siena, but I really, really did. It's not Hitachi powerful, but the strongest setting is probably half of the strong of the Low on the Hitachi which is still definitely really strong. I'd say these vibrations are on the "High" side of strong.

The vibrations are extremely easy to achieve orgasm with. In fact, on the higher setting, you could probably used this as a "Forced Orgasm" sort of toy for those who are more sensitive; it's definitely strong, and it's definitely rumbly. However, all of that power does come at a price; it is pretty loud. The lower settings couldn't be heard through a closed door, but the highest one definitely could. It IS a powerhouse, and it sounds like one too. It's very easy to adjust the vibrations since the base of this vibrator includes a little turn-dial to go from weakest to strongest vibrations. If you are extremely sensitive to strong vibrations, the lowest setting may be too strong for you, but for most, it should be just fine.

When using a vibrator like this, it reminds me why they are my favorite clitoral vibrators. The traditional ones like this one are usually strong and to the point. There aren't any patterns, but I don't need any. They just take their batteries and do exactly as they're supposed to do - vibrate. This one is exactly the same. I'm really fond of it, and it vibrates a lot stronger than many of the luxury vibrators, and when it comes down to it, I enjoy the strength of a vibrator a lot more. One thing is to be noted: this really isn't for insertion. I know it's long and straight like a penis, but it's also made of plastic that comes to a point. You're welcome to insert it, but it isn't going to feel as pleasurable as something like silicone or other things intended for insertion. It'll just feel...well, pointy. I wasn't very fond of insertion, and it's just a clitoral vibrator for me now.
A neat thing about this vibrator is that it's extremely easy to clean. You just use some warm water and some anti-bacterial soap. Since it's completely smooth, it cleans up really nicely. While I haven't tested it, the packaging does also claim that this vibrator is waterproof, and looking at the rubber seal, it should be waterproof (though, again, haven't tested it). It's compatible with all types of lubricant. Since it doesn't attract lint or anything, you can toss this in a drawer or whatever you'd like. I keep the batteries in it, but if you know you're going to go a long time without using it, for the safety of the toy, take out the batteries.

I really, really like the Siena. I love strong clitoral vibrators, and I have no need for privacy, so this vibrator works great for me. It's strong, right-to-the-point, and very easy to clean. The C batteries can be a bit of a pain to replace, but they're what give it power, so I can't complain too much. I do like my Siena, though, and I think it's a great vibrator choice for those who want more power in their sex toy.
Follow-up commentary
SO MUCH LOVE! Seriously! When I bought it, I didn't think it would end up being such a favorite, but it is. It still functions fine, and it's still one of the stronger slimline, plastic vibrators that we have. This is definitely a favorite in the collection.

The only thing that I do have to say is that it tends to drain batteries if you leave the batteries in the vibrator, so make sure to remove the batteries after you're finished.
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