Bendables smooth studs - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Black Fox

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Bendables smooth studs sex toy review

This is a fantastic toy that reaches all the hidden spots you didn't know needed a good vibrating 'scratch' deep within!
Pose-able Bends, Vibrates at Tip, Holds Shape Well, Easy to Clean
Not Waterproof. Will leach oily substance with time.
Rating by reviewer:
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When I received this toy, I was a little curious about how it was supposed to be pose-able, and I had my doubts about it. We took it out of the package and of course inspected it for flaws or defects. I was a little worried about how the beads were inserted into it, but they felt secure enough I didn't worry about it. When the time came to play with our new toy, we went a little slow at first. I felt almost like driving a new car for the first time... you're extra careful because you don't know how it handles. I definitely felt the bumps as my partner inserted it. You see, I'm just not used to lots of ridges on my toys. Normally I don't care for them. I remember how I thought it might have been too much. I did have a good time with it but I wasn't entirely sold. We packed it away in our toy box after that session.

It was quite a few weeks later when I had the chance or desire to dig into my box again. I grabbed 3 toys and the Bendables Smooth Studs|Traditional vibrator by California Exotic was the first one I picked out. I noticed that it felt quite greasy. I washed it up with a mild hand soap, you may need to find an article about how to care for toys|Sex toys care for the best method. Be careful around the battery compartment; it isn't waterproof at the base, and I've decided this is a real shame. [Editor's note: jelly toys are porous and contain phthalates- cover with a condom for safer use and a longer toy life!]

I had gotten the time to play with this alone and as I inserted it, I didn't feel the studs were as pronounced. I had given it a pretty good kink to the vertebrae, and while it did lose a little bit of shape as I put it in it did not lose any after that. I love that the bullet is inserted at the tip of the toy, rather than the base. It meant a couple of things. The sensations I think felt stronger even though the motor was relatively quiet. When inserted into the body, the noise level is reduced to a quiet hum. Also, as you push and pull the toy in and out, it means the vibrator stays inside the body rather than plunging in and out along with the base. The noise level remained steady and quiet.

This toy has a few veins, but they aren't over-pronounced like one of my other jelly toys. I was pleasantly surprised by this when I went to twist the toy. Not only did the plastic backbone hold its shape while the vibe kept working me with its buzz, but the veins and the studs were able to rub against the inner walls like no other toy I've played with before. For the cost and uncertainty of the pictures on the website, I was shocked at the enjoyment level of this toy compared to other toys I've paid more for.

In closing I have 3 words for you: get this toy.
Follow-up commentary
The vibrator is quite powerful, but also quiet. A very nice combination. it also makes the entire toy vibrate, and doesn't get 'stronger' only where the vibe actually is. To answer a few questions to my first review -

Yes, it is Jelly material. So it is not the safest material in the sexy toy box - be sure to use an appropriate condom and lube if you plan to use this in other area's or if sharing between partners. Protect your toys like you would your body, especially when they can't be sterilized.

Yes, the spine stayed put over a good length of time (I played with it for about ten minutes). It was not bent into an extreme shape, and due to the nature of the jelly outer shell you will be unable to maintain a half circle shape that you can bend it into. It is surprisingly bendy, but it won't stay with only a plastic spine holding it stiff while inserting it into your body. That's not to say it doesn't hold any shape, it does! It holds a good  variety of bends or kinks even while inside your body. If the pressure is a bit much, it isn't hard, and will 'bend' on it's own to accommodate.

The jelly scent associated with this toy was rather minimal. When the toy was first pulled out of the packaging, there was the usual vinyl/jelly scent that stings the nose but after a time you don't really notice it. When seeing there were questions to my original review, I grabbed the toy and took a whiff to find out. I almost had my nose on the toy before I really smelled it. It's still there, but you gotta be up close. With it even a few inches away from your face you don't really smell it. (This toy has been sitting out a bit, so that may have helped let the toy 'air out'.

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  • Just have to mention that it's jelly and to remember the associated risks with that!

    So, did the spine stay put over time? 
  • Essin' Em
    How bendy would you say it was?
  • Bulma
    Did you notice a very stong jelly smell?  All Jelly toys stink, but some tend to be worse than others (in my experiance)
  • Nashville
    This vibrator looks like it has a spine inside of it. Kinda creepy but kinda cool.
  • White Fox
    The look of it is pretty odd, I'll admit! But it's been a great toy and hasn't been just relegated to the back of the box.
  • LittleBird
    Very good review
  • Chris15461
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