Beware The Lustless Luster

At the price this toy commands, you're much better off to buy an entry silicone or TPR vibrator. The Waterproof Luster cannot compete in terms of power, ease of operation, versatility, or quality with any of the other vibrators in our collection; so it will get a back seat, or be thrown out. Even novice users should stay away from this product.
The Luster is waterproof and a decent size.
Gross jelly material, cheap twist dial controls.
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The Waterproof Luster is designed for those users who crave a soft supple vibrator, opposed to toys constructed of a harder firmer material. It's main focus centers on vaginal use, but it's size does allow for anal activities as well. The waterproof properties make it an option for shower or tub play, and the ridges of the toy are there to stimulate all your sensitive nerve endings; either internally, or when sliding across your clitoris.

Because the Luster is non-representational, men may be more likely to try this vibrator anally without enduring potential homophobic issues. Unfortunately, due to it's extremely non-hygienic jelly construction this toy can't be sterilized, so covering with a condom is the name of the game if sharing is to be considered.

Material / Texture

Eden Fantasy's website provides contradictory information as to the material that the Waterproof Luster is made of. Under the properties tab it's listed as TPR silicone (with a material safety rating of 6), yet under the description it's mentioned as being constructed of 'shimmering silicone jelly'.

This vibrator is definitely made from jelly material! It's soft and very squishy which is about all that silicone jelly is good for in our opinion. This toy is sticky and does not feel very durable at all. Our tested model came with indentations down the shaft, just from being inside the packaging, so it doesn't hold up very well at all.

The tackiness of jelly products has always turned both of us off, because they never feel very clean, and truthfully we were hoping for a TPR vibe. The Luster has an icky, fruity-type odor, as well and the whole thing just screams 'Phthalates', which have been discovered to be a toxic no-no for internal toys.

Design / Shape / Size

Size wise the Luster vibrator is designed just right, whether you're a rookie or professional toy aficionado. At 6" long with 5" of insertable length, it is comfortable and not a monster orifice stretcher. Unfortunately it lacks any kind of bulbous head, which could provide some added oomph on a persons G-spot.

The corkscrew-like ridges running around the shaft are a good idea from a design point of view but, truthfully, I couldn't feel any benefit from them in my pussy. There is a very big ridge separating the jelly shaft from the plastic control base of this vibe, and lubricants and other bodily fluids are bound to build up in the crevice creating another cleaning issue. That, coupled again with the fact that this is a jelly toy, makes my skin crawl... yuck!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations from the Luster are decent, and are focused mainly at the end 2" of the shaft. It does feel good on the clitoris I'll have to admit, but internally I didn't get much out the the mediocre intensity of this toy. It could be due to the very soft construction, not transmitting the vibrations that well but instead absorbing them.

Not much noise is emitted from this toy, which is a plus if the in-laws are staying over, or your walls are thin. It's not whisper quiet, but a well insulated pussy blocks most of the sounds! The speed controls are the old standard twist type on the battery compartment base, which are tough to adjust with slippery lube soaked fingers. Personally I much prefer the push button style, as they are so darn easy.

On the plus side the Luster is indeed waterproof, as confirmed by our usual scientific hot tub immersion testing program.

Care and Maintenance

This jelly toy is definitely a high maintenance one, because it is not at all hygienic. It can never be fully sterilized, so covering it with a condom is necessary if you ever intend to share. It's sticky and attracts everything to it, such as hair, lint, fuzz, you name it.

If this toy ever comes in contact with any higher priced better quality silicone toys in your personal collection, you are certain that they will be melted into a damaged mess. It is lubricant friendly though, as both silicone and water-based products can be used without problems.


Packaging is the standard molded plastic container, with the stereotypical picture of a scantily clad pornstar giving the bedroom bliss look. Instructions are typical of a cheap low quality vibrator, with only directions on how to insert batteries (2 AAA I might add).


I can't say that we've enjoyed our experiences with the Luster. The jelly material has always given both of us the yuckies... it just never feels very clean. We did give this vibe a workout in the hot tub once to check it's waterproof claim, and it was strictly used on my clitoris with good results (ie. I came!).

Mind you, my hubby was giving my nipples a good workout at the same time, which certainly added to the fun. The only other occasion that this toy was used, was in the bedroom (covered with a condom because of the ick-factor of jelly), and I didn't get much from this toy vaginally.

This toy has now sat for about a week without interest. It will probably go in the trash due to disinterest, and the fear that it will come in contact with the higher quality silicone toys in our toy chest.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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