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Beyond the Beyond

If you're a fan of the Ophoria Beyond 1 or missed out on it when it was around, say hello to your new best friend - Virtue. It's on the rumbly side and fairly strong. The shape is perfect for G-spot stimulation, even for a picky G-spot like mine. I think I'm in love!
Great curve, Soft silicone, Three motors, Not too flexible
Could be a bit stronger, Button placement isn't ideal
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The Virtue Trio Massager by NS Novelties is an internal vibrator. It has a small bump near the base that may possibly provide some clit stimulation if used vaginally. The handle serves as a slightly flared base if you'd prefer to use this anally.

The Virtue Trio Massager is so named because it features three motors. One is placed near the head, another near the center, and the final one at the clit bump.

Virtue is curved beautifully for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. It's more curved than most G-spot toys, giving a more intense sensation.

It's also rechargeable and water resistant. The charging port looks to be sealed off. I'm not sure if water resistant means "splash proof" or "basically water proof."

For those of you who remember the Ophoria Beyond 1 and 3, this design may look familiar. It's almost a duplicate of the two. Since Ophoria discontinued both the Beyond 1 and 3 this is a great alternative if you missed out on those while they were around.

Material / Texture

Virtue is made of silicone which rates a 10 on the safety scale. It's body safe, free of phthaltes and non-porous.

The silicone is wonderful. It's virtually drag free and very velvety. It almost reminds me of Je Joue silicone it's so lovely. The silicone is wrapped around a firm inner core so there's no give to it. It does bend inward somewhat. While it can bend in the hand, I didn't have any issues with it being too flexible in use. I could push up into my G-spot hard and it didn't bend or flop away.

There's not really texture to the toy, but it does feature some ridges (four to be precise) on the outside. These are so small that they aren't easy to feel when used. I'm pretty texture sensitive and these didn't bother me at all.

If you're picky about your materials you should be pleased with Virtue. While the silicone does collect a bit more lint than others, it's velvety feel and lack of drag feels incredible.

Design / Shape / Size

Virtue is 8" in total length. The insertable length is 4.75". The diameter at the head is 1.5" with a circumference of 4.5". The slimmest part is 1" diameter and 3" circumference.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference. Sorry about the blurry photo!

The head is about average in size and the shaft is on the slimmer end of things. The size would be suitable for those new to penetration or those that don't like overly girthy toys. It doesn't provide a full feeling or a stretch. I generally prefer smaller sizes for reaching my G-spot as it doesn't respond well to larger toys. The size of this worked perfectly for me - not too large or too small.

The head of the toy looks rounded from the side but comes to a flat tip, similar to Gigi or Ella by LELO only more narrow. This is a tried and true shape for G-spotting. Right after the head the curve of the toy begins. It curves for the length of the shaft, providing a much stronger curve than many G-spot toys. On the outside are the four ridges, which as mentioned aren't something you're likely to feel.

After the four ridges is a small raised bump that's supposed to be for clit stimulation. This didn't work at all for me, but it may work for some. I'm closely spaced and it didn't come close to my clit. If you're further spaced apart there's no way this will reach.

At the end of the vibrator is a circular handle. You can slip your fingers through this to get a better hold of it. Again, similar to the Beyond 1.

It's not realistic in appearance, but there's no denying this is a vibrator. I wouldn't leave this out if you don't want people knowing you own a vibrator. It isn't so large that storing it is an issue.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are three buttons that control the Virtue. One is a plus, one a minus, and one a circle. The buttons are easy enough to figure out and press. My only complaint with them is that they're located on top of the handle. The way I loop my fingers through the handle places them right over the buttons. I guess I have a bit of a death grip because I found myself pressing the buttons during use. I had to keep and eye on my hand placement with this and hold it in a somewhat uncomfortable way.

To turn Virtue on you'll need to hold the circle button. It starts out at the highest intensity. To bring it down press the minus button. To boost it up again press the circle button.

There are 10 functions. They are:

- Constant vibration. Lowest setting: 2 vrooms, 2 bees. Highest setting: Low 4 vrooms, 2 bees.
- A more buzzy constant vibration.
- Feels like only the tip motor and clit motor are on. More buzzy than main constant vibration.
- Switches back and forth between the motors.
- Switches back and forth between the motors with a pulse in between.
- Switches back and forth between the motors holding each for a longer period.
- Switches back and forth between the motors in subsequent order.
- Switches between the head motor and clit motor quickly.
- Tip motor and clit motor on. More rumbly than first setting.
- Switch between head motor and clit motor quickly. Similar to other setting.

The vibrations are in between buzzy and rumbly with a lean toward the rumbly end. They don't cause and itching or numbing and penetrate the skin well. They feel stronger in my hand than when inserted. The vibrations feel good, but they could stand to be a bit stronger.

Since there are three motors the vibrations are constant through the vibrator. It doesn't feel stronger in any one place over another.

The box says that it's water resistant and the instruction manual says not to submerge in water. I got a bit of water on the charging port and it made it through okay. I wouldn't suggest doing this as there's potential for it to damage the toy.

The Virtue is rechargeable. There's a port that you insert one end of the charger into. The other end plugs into the wall. It took about an hour and a half to get a full charge. When charging the lights blink red. When done the lights are solid red.

Care and Maintenance

Virtue can be washed with soap and water, toy cleaner, or disinfected with a bleach solution. You should not boil it or place it in the dishwasher since it has a motor and isn't fully water proof.

The toy can be stored in it's original packaging or placed in a small pouch or baggie.

Only water based lubes should be used as it's made of silicone. There's a possibility that silicone lube could damage the toy.


The packaging is really pretty for Virtue. There's an outer shell made of cardboard. The box is black with a photo of the toy on the front. It says "Virtue Trio Massager." The sides have some info on the toy in multiple languages. The back has another photo of the toy with lines pointing to where the motors are located and how to operate the buttons.

Inside this shell is another black box. This also says "Virtue Trio Massager." There's a clear cut out so the toy is visible. The vibrator is held in place by black foam. A black paper insert covers the charger and instruction manual so they are not visible, adding to the aesthetic.

The instruction manual is tiny, but contains all information you'd need to work the toy.

Personal comments

I wanted to take a quick second to show a comparison between Virtue and Beyond 1. The head of Beyond 1 is rounder and larger than Virtue. The ridges on Beyond 1 are on the inside rather than outside, but you can't really feel them either. Virtue has the clit bump while Beyond 1 does not. Virtue seems to curve more than Beyond 1 since the curve extends all the way down the shaft while Beyond 1's curve is more toward the head.

Virtue is stronger and more rumbly than Beyond 1. This is a major bonus that it has over the other. Beyond 1 feels a bit less flexible, but in actual use they feel about the same. Both hold their shape well.


Beyond 1 is one of my favorite toys, followed by Beyond 3. While I love the shape of Beyond 3, I always found it to be a bit too weak for my tastes as well as too buzzy. Virtue is like an improved version of Beyond 3 with the added benefit of the loop handle like Beyond 1.

I have an annoying G-spot that doesn't respond to much. I need something firm and curved to hit it. The shape of this looked like it might do it and I'm happy to report that it does! It hits my G-spot with such accuracy that it doesn't take me long at all to reach orgasm with this.

The only two things I would change about Virtue is to make it just a hair stronger and to change the button location. I feel like I have to pay too much attention to my hand placement with the buttons where they are. The vibrations are strong enough to work for me, but I'm always a fan of more power.

Virtue has quickly jumped to the top of my vibrators list even though the power isn't my ideal. The shape is simply so good that it makes up for it.

While I have a few little nit picks with Virtue, the fact that it beats out the Beyond 3 in strength and rumble coupled with the awesome shape and design make up for it. While I normally dock a star for lacking power, I've fallen in love with this so much I decided not to lower the rating.
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