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Brea's toy sex toy review

Strong vibrations bring this toy into a sturdy three star rating. It will be great for someone who needs that extra power behind his or her toy. The easy to clean surface and waterproof construction make it a good shower or bath buddy. The bulging shape may be a turn off for some users and I wouldn't recommend it for beginners in the vibrator world. The noise level will surely keep this toy out of the discreet category which is major con for me.
Powerful vibrations, easy to use, multiple speeds, pleasant look, waterproof, easy to clean.
Bulging shape, somewhat loud, no flexibility.
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I was excited as I waited for this toy to arrive, but I was somewhat disappointed after our first session. Perhaps I had too-high expectations but then again I think it's important to be picky with such a personal purchase. I'll start with the good things.

The best thing about this toy is the strength behind the vibrations. All too many times I've purchased a vibrator only to find it to be too weak to reach a good climax. This toy is far from weak! The highest setting will definitely get you to your peak in a hurry; I know it did for me. I actually enjoy using this toy as a clitoral stimulator instead of inserting it inside.  The multiple speeds allow you to find just the right one for you, which makes this toy appealing.

Another great feature is that it's waterproof. In my opinion a good vibrator needs to be able to go from bed to bath seamlessly and Brea's Toy fits that bill. As long as you make sure the cap is on correctly it will handle any water play you can throw at it. Since it's waterproof it makes clean up a breeze. I've used special toy cleaners|Sex Toy Cleaners and just plain soap and water with this toy and it tolerated both just fine. Easy cleanup is always a great feature in my opinion.

Now, as for the bad qualities, there are a few big ones. Although some might disagree, I found the bulges in the body of the vibrator to be off-putting. I personally didn't find any extra pleasure with them and at times they made the play uncomfortable. They alone made me think twice about using it again for anything except clitoral stimulation. Generous water-based lubricant is a must with Brea's Toy|Traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson. I used more with this toy then I usually need to with some of my favorites mostly due to the shape. It just didn't glide in and out easily as the description may suggest.

I must note that this is a loud toy. It's not the best selection if discretion is what you're looking for. Anyone a room away from you will hear some noise and probably wonder what's going on. My boyfriend's first reaction when he heard it was, "it's like a mini jackhammer." Using this toy behind a closed door would muffle most of the noise, but my boyfriend could always tell when it was on in the next room. We tested it around the house just to see if the sound truly carried. The worst room was the bathroom, as the sound seemed to echo. Although with the shower running, he couldn't tell it was on from outside the bathroom.

A more minor con is the screw-on cap. When placing the cap back on the toy, it doesn’t always twist on the correct way. You have to make sure it’s on securely in order for it to be safe in water. This is minor but important before any water play or clean up.

Overall, I wouldn't say this is a bad toy but I don't consider it to be great either. It's all about personal preference but for me, this toy will probably find its way to the bottom of my toy collection. I just have a few others that work better for me then this one did. I’m unsure of how this toy will work for anal, as I never used it for that purpose.
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  • How is the PVC material, compared to other toys you have? I don't see that a lot in sex toys.
  • Dame Demi
    Some of us love the bumps, some of us hate them.  These look intriguing to me.  Glad to also hear this vibe has enough power behind it, even if it is somewhat noisy.  I hope you'll at least continue to enjoy it for clitoral stimulation!
  • Always Turned On
    The PVC material isn't bad but nothing to get excited about, at least in my opinion. I actually felt extra lubrication was needed to help it slide along the sensitive areas better. The material will somewhat catch without it. One thing I do like is it seems to be pretty sturdy. You don't get the feeling that it will break down easily and will stand up to frequent use.

    Like I said though, it's nothing to get overly excited about. Hope that answered your question as well as you would like. Feel free to ask more if you need.

  • lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
  • Ladygaga
    Thank you.
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