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Power swerve G stimulator

DVD by BMS Enterprises

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BYOB - Bring Your Own Bullet!

Replace the very disappointing bullet that comes with this toy, and it's not half bad. Nothing to rave about really, but the narrow width and fairly standard g-spot curve make this a plausible option for someone looking for a beginner-friendly toy. Pair it with a strong enough bullet, and the vibrations will make their way up to your g-spot with ease.
Shape the hits G-spot, firm but flexible texture, beginner-friendly size, extra batteries.
Obnoxious handle, bullet is very poorly made, mildly porous material.
Rating by reviewer:
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I received the Power Swerve G Stimulator (PSGS) as a surprise, so I didn't know what to expect prior to opening the delightfully discreet mail parcel. Inside the box I found my new toy in a very easy-to-open plastic package, sporting a very simple label - no cheesy looking silicone stripper girls plastered on the front. I got it in blue, which is a lovely dark blue, rather than oh-so-common baby blue or bright blue.

The PSGS is slender, about 1" wide, and the 5 3/4" of insertable length is enough for most anatomies. It's made of TPR, which allows for adequate flexibility of the shaft while still offering a firm texture. The 45* angle of the head is just right to assist most g-spot explorers, without much bending or angling. Starting at about 2 3/4" away from the head, there are 3 ridges for extra stimulation. As you continue down the shaft you find a bullet at the end, and a loop that is apparently supposed to serve as some sort of handle.

I'll start with the handle. Even at first glance I could tell that I wasn't going to like this feature. The loop is simply too small to accommodate more than 2 fingers, and it makes it hard to get a good grip on the toy, and thrust very well. I used it for a while when first experimenting, but soon found that I had better control by just holding it near the bullet.

So... about the bullet...

The PSGS comes with its own "3-Speed Power Bullet". It is a cheap, dysfunctional, piece of crap. I'm talking the kind of cheap that even *feels* cheap. It's plastic and the outside of the bullet is coated in something which gives it a slightly textured, made-overseas feel. The soft button on the end of the bullet, to turn it on and select the speeds, also feels like it wouldn't hold up very long. I really can't give much input on the three different speed settings, because mine died almost instantaneously. I managed to have it going for a solid second before it kicked the bucket. During which time I noticed it was mildly loud, and fairly powerful, considering I most likely had it going on the lowest setting. But noise level and vibration don't amount to much, when the thing breaks almost immediately anyway.

My bullet died when I inserted the batteries and screwed the cap back on. Some of the inner components of the bullet (conductive copper strips) were protruding, and were shredded in the threads of the screw cap. Not to mention that every time I unscrew the bullet, little shreds of plastic substance fall out all over the place. I'm not upset that the bullet broke actually. But any sex toy, with raw wiring or other inner components sticking out, just give me the creeps. I also shudder to think that this thing was labeled ‘waterproof’. Just based on my experience, I wouldn't recommend that anyone use this in the shower/tub.

So, slightly horrified, I ripped the bullet out of the toy and harvested the batteries from it. The toy even came with an extra set of batteries (6 LR44 batteries total), so at least I'm stocked up on those for another toy. Determined to try the Power Swerve G Stimulator, I snagged one of my own bullets to use as a replacement. The bullet I used is fairly mild-mannered, but even only moderate vibrations travel up the shaft of the toy nicely. I'm sure with a very intense bullet this toy would do an even better job!

I was able to locate my g-spot very easily with the angled head of this toy, although I'm not someone who usually has a hard time with this. The shaft is flexible and long enough that I think *almost* anyone would be able to reach their g-spot fairly easily. Although I wouldn't hesitate to think that there are likely better options out there. It wasn't enough to bring me straight to orgasm, but with the help of vibrations applied to my clitoris I was able to both orgasm and ejaculate within 10 minutes. The Power Swerve G Stimulator definitely added pleasure to the experience, as I'm rarely able to ejaculate with just clitoral stimulation. The 3 ridges on the shaft aren't anything to squeal about, but they definitely added to the sensation while slowly thrusting. (See Experience Section Below.)

Get the PSGS as a "bullet sleeve" and you probably won't be disappointed, especially if you are new to the realm of sex toys and either want something to start with or want to expand a most basic toy collection. However, buy this toy for the 3-Speed "Power" Bullet and you will be a very sad customer indeed.
My favorite way to enjoy the ridges on the shaft of this toy is to squeeze with my PC muscles, while slowly maneuvering the ridged part of the shaft in and out. If you are anatomically similar to me, the ridges will rub against the outermost walls of your vagina while the angled head caresses your g-spot. Yay!

The material also does a pretty decent job of holding temperature. I prefer to warm it up before use, but I held it under a very cold tap and it retained the cool temperature nicely as well.
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  • Naughty Student
    Looks like and interesting toy, is the looped ring rigid enough to be considered as having enough of a flange for safe anal play? Thanks for the review!
  • Luscious Lily
    This looks like it could be fun, but bummer about the bad bullet! Having recently tested a toy whose construction creeped me out, I can sympathize. Good review!
  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review!
  • ~*SurrealisticFantasy*~
    Thanks for the responses everyone! Big smile

    Naughty Student - No, I wouldn't consider it safe for anal, even though the package "suggests" it could be used this way. Sad face
    The loop is made of TPR and so while not stretchy enough to get many fingers through it, it's still not rigid either. You can squeeze the loop like a rubber band or Nuvaring and it will flatten out, making me think it could easily disappear.
  • Kinky Kitty
    Dude, I know, I HATE those little bullets!
  • Sammi
    I had much better luck with mine (the bullet's still functioning well), but I couldn't get the bullet out at all. I think I'll break the toy if I try much more Smile.

    I think the handle on mine didn't flex quite that much, although it did flatten, that it would be ok for anal play.

    Good review!

  • ~LaUr3n~
    The construction of this toy does look strange.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    nice color, shame they did not work for you
  • Eucaly
    Thanks for the review!
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