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This uniquely designed rabbit has a ball located in the top of the head that gently massages by moving up and down. This is designed to simulate a lover fingering you. The clitoral arm has 7 settings to choose from. Slender in size, it is a great toy for beginners or those who need something smaller to warm up with.
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Dual Caress is a rabbit vibrator designed to stimulate internally as well as externally. However, Dual Caress does this differently than most rabbits on the market. The insertable tip lightly massages the G-spot with a finger like motion. The clitoral arm vibrates the area with steady vibrations and patterns.

Rabbit vibes are generally designed for solo use, however they can easily be handed off to your partner to use on you. I use the majority of my toys solo, but if you choose to use the Dual Caress with a partner you should not have any issues.

Although rabbit vibes are intended for vaginal and clitoral stimulation that doesn't mean that a more experienced user couldn't use it anally with the clitoral attachment stimulating other areas.

It is best suited for those who prefer their toys to be smaller in size, with slight texture, and not overwhelming power. Great for beginners or those who need something smaller when warming up.

It is waterproof so there's no worries about taking it into the tub, shower, or hot tub for a little water fun.

Material / Texture

Dual Caress is made out silicone and ABS plastic. Both materials are rated high on the safety scale so you do not have to worry about putting something dangerous into your body. The massager and push buttons are pure silicone whereas the handle and battery compartment are smooth hard plastic.

Silicone is a wonderful product because it does not harbor any bacteria and can be shared with partners. It is a food grade material that is hypoallergenic and completely free of latex and phthalates.

It does have a slight silicone smell to it, but nothing that is overpowering. This particular silicone does not pick up any lint, hair, or debris as some silicones are known to do. Instead it is a matte finish.

As far as texture goes, it has 5 raised upside down U's going down the length of the shaft on both sides.

It also has 13 raised bumps at the tip of the head that can be felt when first inserted or if gently thrusting with it without the motor on. Once inserted and on, the bumps cannot be felt. The tip is also very squishy when pressed in, but bounces back easily. This is where the mechanics of the finger massager are placed. The rest of the toy is velvety smooth. It does have a slight seam running vertical down the toy that is visible to the eye, but can't be felt while in use.

The shaft and clitoral arm are very flexible. It may not be as firm as some people need a shaft to be for g-spot stimulation.

Design / Shape / Size

Dual Caress is magenta in color with a white handle. It measures from tip to base 8" with an insertable length of 4". From the tip of the toy to the nose of the clit attachment is a distance of 2 1/2". The clitoral arm measures 2 1/2" long. The head measures 4" around but gradually decreases in size. At the base of the head it is a mere 3 1/2" around. The shaft measures 2 3/4" around. It fits comfortably in my hand without any issues of it becoming cumbersome after long periods of use.

The head of the Dual Caress is unique in that it gently massages back and forth similar to a partner rubbing their finger inside you. It has a small ball that goes up and down the tip of the toy providing this stimulation. The head has a slight curve to it to stimulate the front wall of the vagina and provide easier g-spot access. As with any rabbit, it may not work with everyone's anatomy.

Size kings/queens will find Dual Caress severely lacking. It is designed for those who prefer smaller toys instead of toys with a lot of length and girth to them. As you can see in the pictures it is thinner than the Petite Treats Silicone Vibe and Petite Treats is a pretty small toy.

Due to the petite size, this vibe can easily be carried anywhere you want to go in a jacket pocket, purse, or suitcase. Just make sure to remove the batteries first. Although not discreet in appearance, it does not take up very much room at all so it should be very easy to hide from prying eyes.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Dual Caress is a battery operated toy that requires 2 AAA batteries to function (not included). The battery housing is located at the bottom of the toy under a twist off cap. Insert the 2 AAA's, twist back on and your toy is ready to go.

It has two push button controls to control it. A dedicated on/off button and a settings button. It has a red LED light that glows when in use.

Dual Caress is very easy to use. First press the on button located at the bottom of the toy and it will turn on at the first setting. Then press the top settings button to cycle through the 7 settings to find your favorite. The settings for the clitoral arm are as follows:

1. Low steady vibrations
2. Medium steady vibrations
3. High steady vibrations
4. Roller coaster build up of pulses
5. Pulse-pulse-pulse
6. 3 pulses with 1 drawn out pulse-repeat
7. Roller coaster-pulses-repeat

Once you cycle through the 7 settings, the next time you click there will be nothing; you will have to click one more time to start the settings cycle over.

The buzzy vibrations are felt in the middle of the clitoral arm. The finger massager does not vibrate but does keep the speed of the setting you are using for clitoral stimulation.

You will hear an audible click each time you turn the toy on and change the settings. Also, you will be able to hear this in the same room, but it cannot be heard through thin walls or closed door.

It does have an o-ring to keep water from seeping into the toy and destroying the motor. However, always make sure the battery cap is securely tightened before using in any water setting.

Care and Maintenance

It is always best to clean before and after each use. To clean, you can use warm water and antibacterial soap, toy wipes, or your favorite toy cleaner. Due to the motor, it is not dishwasher safe or able to be boiled. If you are sharing with partners or switching orifices it is recommended to sanitize with a 10% bleach solution.

Water based lubricant is recommended to use with this to ensure the longevity of the toy.

It is best to store this in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight without the batteries inserted to prevent any corrosion.


This was simply packaged in a see-through black mesh drawstring bag with sex toys written on the string. It had no information regarding the product included. The mesh bag is great to use for storage; I keep mine with a set of batteries together.


Although smaller than the toys I have been going for lately, this appealed to me because of its caressing head. I like how I can feel the bumps on the head when inserted; it provides nice stimulation when I move it back and forth. However, my biggest disappointment is that I couldn't feel the finger massaging when turned on. I wanted to feel a distinct rubbing action along my vaginal wall and g-spot, but I just do not get that.

As a mother sometimes the only "me" time I get is during my shower; that's where waterproof toys come in handy. I love that this is completely waterproof.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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