Charisma waterproof G sex toy review

This toy has everything a person could wish for in a discreet vibrator - small size, quiet vibrations, velvety texture over easy to clean - but it doesn't have a lot of oomph. Vibrations are light and low-powered.
Great texture, very quiet, nicely discreet
Not much power.
Rating by reviewer:
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This is probably the toughest review I've had to write yet. I just don't know about this thing.

The Charisma|G-spot vibrator by California Exotic is small and discreet. Though a hard vibrator, the rubber touch coating makes it pleasant to the touch. It's, as the description states, velvety. The manufacturer's description also claims it can be quite loud but I found it to be amazingly quiet. The length is about perfect for g-spot stimulation|G-spot stimulation sex toys if you don't need a lot of thrusting. If you need more than vibrations on your g-spot this toy is really too small for much more than shallow rubbing. The black and silver appearance is pleasing. The waterproof feature is flawless - no leaks, no struggling to get it closed properly. It's easy to use with its twisty on/off dial.


It's just got no power.
The charisma uses only a single double A battery and that just doesn't seem to give it enough "oomph."

I tried three different batteries, including one freshly charged re-chargable.
I tried it in the tub.
I tried it whilst watching porn.
I tried it whilst fucking my partner.
I tried it on my clit and I tried it on my g spot.
I tried keeping it still. I tried moving it rapidly against my clit - though I may as well use my fingers if I have to do that! I tried thrusting and rubbing against my g spot.
No dice.

It felt good. Pleasant. Arousing.
But it did not - could not - bring me to orgasm.

Every time I tried it I had to replace it with an old stand by in order to actually get off. It was frustrating, to say the least.

Perhaps others would have better luck with it. I tend to need more powerful, throbbing vibrations and the Charisma delivers little more than a mild buzz. It left me vaguely numb and thoroughly aggravated.

The toy is very simple to clean with soap and water and, because it's plastic, it isn't porous.
Follow-up commentary
I've come to the conclusion that one battery toys just aren't "enough" for me. I really wanted to like this toy. I really, really wanted something small and quiet enough I could keep it in my desk and sneak a wank without waking the family or alerting the neighbors. And despite the product description, this toy is really very quiet.

I absolutely love the velvety coating and the fact that the Charisma is so easy to clean. Toy cleaner or wipes or soap and water gets it clean in short order.

But there just isn't enough power. I've only been successful in orgasming once with this thing and that required a whole lot of rapid movement against my clitoris on my part. I really can't feel it at all against my g-spot.

The battery lasts a good long time, though, so I'm really hoping that for those who are sensitive or don't require a lot of vibration this toy is the winner it could be.
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  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Funny review... but sad for you!

    So the highest setting was still a pretty mild vibration?

  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    One AA bettery powered toys rarely makes it to the finish line for me too. Very entertaining and informative review.
  • Contributor: CarrieAnn
    Yup. Even on high it was quite mild. Plenty of bzzzzz... not enough vroooooooooooom.  :)
  • Contributor: Epiphora
    Yeah, nowadays if I see that a toy takes one AA, I steer clear. It's never enough!
  • Contributor: LovingBookworm
    I had been looking into this toy, and now I'm looking elsewhere. Thanks for potentially saving me from lots of frustration!
  • Contributor: Victoria
    Aw, that sucks...At least you tried? The only one battery toy I like is my pocket rocket.
  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    I tried. And tried. And tried. LOL. I still look at it, sitting in my desk drawer, and wish and sigh a lot.

    Yanno, I never thought about it but pocket rockets DO work well and they only have one battery. What the deal, dang it?
  • Contributor: link82
    Thank you for the honest review!
  • Contributor: tlaskowski
    thanks for the review
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