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Rabbit vibrator by Toy's heart

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Cheaply Made but Enjoyable in Some Ways

The Kiwami is a somewhat cheaply constructed dual stimulation vibrator made of jelly. Despite the material limitations, however, it provides satisfying G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Unfortunately, these sensations cannot be enjoyed together since the toy shares battery power between the two and turning one up means turning the other down.
G-spot stimulation, clitoral vibe prickles.
Poorly constructed, cannot be sterilized, can't use two functions at once, controls are too touchy.
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When I first beheld the Kiwami rabbit style vibrator, I was less than impressed. The jelly toy had a relatively small head and narrow shaft which was significantly softer than many of the silicone toys with which I usually play. The back of the battery pack slid off if nudged in the wrong direction and the controls (vertical slide levers on the base) were touchy enough to shift if the toy was lifted off the desk suddenly. The material around the plastic core was thin and loose enough so as to be pulled away from the shaft and the jelly sheath was connected only by a thin layer of adhesive at its bottom to the plastic base which held the batteries—an adhesive which tore during my first use of the toy.

In practice, the Kiwami was better than it first appeared but remained lacking in some ways. The place where it really excelled was in the shape of the dildo head and the pricklies on the clitoral vibe. The shape of the head hit my G-spot really nicely due to its angled out bump (not altogether like real penises are made, but certainly something to inspire their maker). The shaft, while not satisfying on its own due to its narrowness, certainly served its purpose as it allowed the rotating head to move about freely and really massage the G-spot. I should warn you, however, that I had to hold the base firmly in order to feel the shaft rotate. If I didn’t hold it, the shaft stayed still while the base rotated in nice circles… outside my body. Not exactly a party.

The clitoral vibe was also a pleasure due to the soft massage of its jelly prickles. This wasn’t, by any means, intense clitoral stimulation the way that a Pocket Rocket or your standard bullet vibe would give you but it certainly felt good. Ultimately, I held the vibe against my clit rather forcefully to get the strength of stimulation I wanted but certainly enjoyed the prickles’ effect while I was further from being ready to orgasm. One nice thing about the soft jelly material was that the clitoral vibe’s neck could be bent back or forward to reach my clit, or any other spot in the area that I wanted stimulated.

My major complaint with this toy, apart from its construction, came when I tried to use the clitoral vibe and the rotation at the same time. Unfortunately, the toy is rigged such that the two functions share a motor and the energy for one is taken from the other. Turning on both together meant mediocre performances from each.

Definitely use a condom with the Kiwami. It’s made of jelly and so can’t be sterilized but can be washed with soap and water. Unfortunately, this means that you really shouldn’t be sharing it with anyone you aren’t comfortable exchanging bodily fluids with--the prickles on the clitoral vibe will certainly absorb fluids and cannot be protected with a condom. Any lube is fine.
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  • Betty Rocket
    Whoa....creepy looking.
  • Epiphora
    Haha, I had to laugh about the base rotating outside of your body. Good review.
  • Gabe
    Yeah, BR- It is a bit futuristic sci fi looking. Unfortunately, it doesn't answer to voice commands or make me breakfast, which is what it will hopefully do when it lives up to its futuristic look.

    Epipohora- It was a pretty funny moment. Took me a second to figure out why nothing was happening inside me. Thanks.
  • Butterkups
    Thanks Gabe
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