Compact and powerful!

This is a great wand with powerful vibrations made from soft, high-quality silicone. It has a wonderful range of patterns and intensities and is a lot of fun to long as you can tolerate its whacky, counter-intuitive controls.
Soft silicone, great size and shape, not heavy or overly bulky, awesome power
Weird, counter-intuitive controls
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First impression

I own and very much enjoy the Magic Force wand....but it has a few issues that have prevented it from becoming an absolute favourite of mine as a sex toy (though it's awesome on sore muscles). The head was just too broad to really stimulate my clit the way I like, I didn't like the way the vibrations seemed stronger on the sides of the head rather than the tip, the neck attaching the head to the handle was a little more flexible than I would have liked, and it only has three intensity settings (and there's a BIG jump between them). Also, while I know it's smaller than something like the Hitachi, I still found it a little big and bulky for my tastes. None of this has prevented me from enjoying my Magic Force (and I love its attachments), but I was also curious about trying out some different wand designs, to see if a slightly different design might be the sex toy of my dreams. After researching and agonising a bit, I finally decided to try the Wanderlove. It seemed to have more intensity settings, a smaller head (with a different, more rounded shape at the tip), and a less bulky overall design, while still bringing a good amount of power.

My new wand arrived on time with several other purchases in Eden's usual nondescript brown shipping box. Those who are concerned about nosey neighbours or housemates can rest assured that their privacy is well-protected. The shipping package gives no indication that there are sex toys inside. Inside the shipping box, the Wanderlove was contained inside a simple sealed plastic bag, along with a white USB charging cable. There were no instructions (which is par for the course, as most sex toys are pretty easy to figure out) and unlike some other products from Eden, this one didn't include any sort of storage bag (which isn't a big deal for me, I'm happy to just pop my toys into a ziplock bag to keep them clean and lint-free while not in use).

I tore open the plastic shipping bag and was immediately impressed by the soft, velvety feel of the black silicone covering the Wanderlove. It felt very soft and luxurious. The head is smooth and untextured, while the handle has some texturing that makes it very easy and comfortable to grip. I was also pleased by the degree of flexibility in the neck that attached the head of the wand to the handle. It has some flexibility, but it isn't overly bendy or wobbly. It's less flexible than the neck of the Magic Force, which for me is a good thing, as I sometimes find the neck on the Magic Force to be TOO bendy. As with all Eden-brand toys I've bought, the Wanderlove arrived with a charge, so I was able to immediately check out the toy's functions. This wand has three buttons. The bottom button turns the toy off and on (you don't have to hold it down, you just press it quickly to turn the toy on or off). The middle button cycles through the toy's various patterns, and the top button controls the toy's intensity.

I was very disappointed to discover that the toy starts out on its highest intensity when you turn it on, and it goes back up to the highest intensity every time you change the pattern. The toy also has no memory function, so if you turn it off and back on, it will again start out at the first pattern option (steady vibration) at the highest intensity. Also, since there's only one button to adjust the intensity (no plus or minus buttons), it can be hard to tell when you're actually on the lowest or highest intensity....until the toy starts to cycle back around. I really, really hate when a toy's controls are designed this way. It's totally counter-intuitive to me and the complete opposite of how I tend to use my toys (starting out on lower intensity and ramping up the vibration level as my arousal increases). The fact that the toy reset to the highest intensity every time I changed the pattern was incredibly annoying, as was the fact that you could only cycle through the intensities in one direction with a single button. Honestly, if I'd realised that was how the controls on this toy were designed, I probably wouldn't have purchased it. However, I was impressed with the quality of the vibrations, the range of intensity settings, the level of power, and the variety of patterns. I was hopeful that I'd still be able to enjoy the Wanderlove in spite of its completely nonsensical controls.

Packaging upon arrival:

With standard Bic lighter for scale:

With my Magic Force, for size comparison:

First Use

Even though Eden's toys normally arrive charged, I still always plug them in to ensure they're fully charged before using them for the first time. It only took a few minutes of charging before the lights on the Wanderlove's buttons glowed steady, indicating the toy was fully charged (the lights will flash while the toy is actively charging). Once it was charged, I took it off to the bathroom sink for a quick wash. As this toy is waterproof and covered in silicone, it's extremely easy to clean and care for. You can clean it with toy cleaner or mild soap and water (I use toy cleaner), and if you feel the need to fully sanitise it, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol or a 5-10% bleach solution (just make sure to rinse thoroughly). Since this wand contains mechanical components, you cannot boil it or run it through the dishwasher, as the heat would destroy the mechanics and possibly melt the shiny silver plastic accent near the base. If you want to use lube with this toy, stick to water-based and avoid silicone-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubes could degrade the material. For storage, it's advisable to avoid letting this (and any silicone toy) come into prolonged contact with other sex toys (silicone or otherwise), as the materials can sometimes interact strangely with one another. I find that a simple ziplock baggie works well to keep the toy clean and separated from its silicone siblings in my toy box.

Once my toy was clean and charged, I settled down on top of a towel on my bed, with my head and upper body propped up on a pile of pillows in a sort of half-seated missionary position (my preferred and most comfortable position for playing with myself). I found a pattern that appealed to me (a series of short pulses followed by several longer pulses), turned down the intensity to one of the lowest settings, and held the tip of the rounded head to my clitoral area. It felt amazing! Unlike the Magic Force, this wand's vibrations seem to be the most concentrated in the tip of the head (though they can still be felt quite strongly on the sides of the head), which is exactly what I'd hoped for. The smaller, more rounded head allowed me to stimulate a more precise area, though I could still feel the deep, rumbly vibrations throughout my entire pelvic area. I held the wand in place and just enjoyed the vibrations (which are quite strong even on the lowest setting), occasionally moving the head to stimulate other parts of my body like my inner thighs and my nipples. It all felt amazing! As I started to get wet, I began to circle the head of the Wanderlove around my entire vaginal and clitoral area, spreading my girly juice over my entire vulva.

After about 15-20 minutes of masturbatory foreplay, I found myself becoming quite worked up, and my pussy was craving penetration, so I pulled out my much-loved Dual Density Silicone Dildo and slid it into my very aroused vagina. The bulkiness of the head of the wand made it a bit challenging to get the wand situated on my clit with a dildo in my vagina (my clitoris is pretty close to my vaginal opening, so this is a problem I encounter often), but it didn't take me long to find the right angle that allowed me to hold the Wanderlove to my clit while I thrust the soft, realistic-feeling dildo in and out of my vagina. It felt amazing! I also found that it felt amazing when I held the head of the wand to the base of the dildo and allowed the vibrations to transfer up the length of the dildo, rumbling the inside of my pussy in the most delightful way. I even discovered that I could hold the wand a certain way so that it rested on my clit and the dildo at the same time, so I could rumble both my clit and my internal areas simultaneously, which felt even better (though I couldn't really thrust the dildo while doing that). It was using this technique, just holding the wand to my clit and dildo, without any movement or thrusting, that finally brought me to a lovely, satisfying climax.

Further Experience

I've continued to enjoy this wand a lot. I love everything about it...except its counter-intuitive controls. It is rather annoying that I have to pull the wand away from my body every time I want to change the pattern so I can re-adjust it to the intensity I want (I've never used the highest intensity on my sensitive bits, even the lower intensities are extremely powerful), and as a result, I tend to just stick to a single pattern setting in a session. If not for these strange controls, I think it would be the perfect wand for me. I love the variety in intensities and patterns, the shape of the head and the way the vibrations are concentrated in the rounded tip, the degree of flexibility in the neck, the wonderfully soft silicone, and the easy-to-grip handle (that provides a secure grip even when your hands are covered in lube and/or body fluids). It also works great on my sore neck and shoulder muscles!

In addition to the fact that the controls are rather annoying while the toy is in use, it occurs to me that they also make this toy less travel-friendly than some other options, since the toy turns on to its highest, loudest setting with nothing but a quick tap to the power button. I feel like it could turn on easily from getting knocked around in a suitcase, so if I were to travel with a wand, I think I'd probably choose my Magic Force over this one, even though the Wanderlove is a smaller, more travel-friendly size.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are the strongest on the tip of the rounded head, but they are also quite strong on the sides of the head. Moderate vibrations can be felt in the handle, but not to the point where it made my hand numb or anything.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I haven't reached orgasm using this toy on its own (difficult for me to do without internal stimulation), but when paired with a dildo or internal vibe, my orgasms using this wand have been awesome!
Pleasure Meter

This is how
I describe
my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
I still really love the shape, size, material, and power of the Wanderlove...but I also still hate the controls. The controls haven't become any less annoying over time, and as a result, I don't find myself reaching for Wanderlove as often as my other two wands. I really, really wish it didn't reset itself to the highest intensity setting every time you change patterns. I think that continues to be the most annoying aspect of the controls for me. However, everything else about this wand is awesome, so I do still use it from time to time. If Eden came out with a new version that just stayed on the same intensity when you changed patterns (or better yet, also had plus/minus buttons to adjust the intensity), I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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