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The Silly Rider could be a good experience, for those enjoy its easy-to-feel internal rotations and are happy with moderate vibrations from the clitoral nub. However, the stiff clitoral nub must fit your anatomy to work well for you. Depending on the fit, your sensitivity and your preference for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, this rabbit could work well for you or may just serve as a warm up toy.
Waterproof, silicone, multiple speeds and patterns.
Clitoral nub must fit you or it will not be useful.
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This rabbit could be a good choice for those who enjoy internal rotations and who are satisfied with moderate clitoral vibration. It offers three speeds of rotation. For the clitoral nub, choose from three steady vibration levels or four vibration patterns.

The Silly Rider will work as a warm up toy for those who need strong stimulation, or it can serve as the main course for those who prefer moderate vibrations.

Material / Texture

Most of this vibrator is covered with pink silicone. The silicone insertable part is not textured. The beads that rotate can be felt when activated, but even if the Silly Rider is thrust while the rotations are on, it will not feel like a textured toy.

The silicone is clear and transparent in the area where the beads are to allow them to be seen. The silicone covering is a matte finish in all other areas.

The handle and controls are plastic. The beads inside the vibrator appear to be metal.

The Silly Rider, being mostly silicone, has no scent or taste.

Design / Shape / Size

The Silly Rider is a bit over ten inches long, with a five inch long insertable portion. It has a five inch circumference, which is probably an average size for a rabbit.

Three AA batteries power this vibrator. The batteries snap into a holder which is then inserted into the handle of the vibrator. The very end of the vibrator unscrews to allow access to the battery compartment. The fact that the batteries have their own inner holder makes it easy to remove them between uses to extend the life of the batteries. It only takes a slight turn of the cover, less than a quarter of an inch, to remove or reseal the cap.

The toy is waterproof, so it would be suitable for use in the shower or bath if desired.

The clitoral nub comes to a downward pointing tip to allow pinpoint clitoral vibrations. The clitoral nub, however, is thick and not very flexible. The underside of the clitoral nub measures an inch and a half from the shaft to the tip. The tip itself is three quarters of an inch away from the shaft.

Inside the shaft are three rows of metal beads. Through the center of the insertable portion is a thick, bent wire that rotates the shaft when that action is selected. There is about three eighths of an inch of air space above and below the beads, but this cannot be felt when the vibrator is in use.

The tip of the shaft is firm and bulges out subtly.

The controls are on the light pink plastic handle, which fits tightly against the silicone. The metallic looking controls are also plastic.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Separate buttons control the clitoral nub and the rotations of the shaft. Up and down buttons start the shaft rotations, and increase or decrease rotation speed. The shaft can rotate at three possible speeds. Pressing the up arrow begins rotations at the slowest speed. Pressing again increases the speed. Pressing the down arrow decreases rotation speed or turns rotations off if it is already set at the lowest rotation speed.

Three small red lights at the top of the controls indicate which of the three rotation speeds are in use.

A separate button in the middle of the control panel functions to change the direction of the rotations.

A single button at the bottom moves the Silly Rabbit through its vibration patterns which are:

1) mild steady vibrations
2) stronger steady vibrations
3) even stronger steady vibrations
4) pulses
5) pulses that escalate from weak to stronger
6) stronger steady vibrations that pause every second
7) three short pulses followed by one longer pulse

Holding the bottom button down for two seconds turns clitoral vibrations off. Three small lights at the bottom of the controls flash in different patterns to indicate which vibration pattern is selected.

The controls are intuitive to use.

After running under water for several minutes, no water entered the battery compartment. Even though there are seams on and around the handle, it does appear to be waterproof.

The Silly Rider is a bit loud. If activated when not inserted, it will likely be heard by others near the room it is used in. When inserted, you probably can mask its noise if music is playing.

Care and Maintenance

This rabbit is waterproof and the covering is non-porous silicone, so cleaning it is straightforward. Simply wash with soap and water and towel dry. If you desire an extra level of cleanliness, it can be cleaned in a ten percent bleach solution, then rinsed.

Store it in a plastic bag, or in its original box if desired.

Use only water based lubricants with the toy in order to not damage its silicone exterior.


The rotations of this rabbit are stronger than the one other rotating rabbit I've tried. If you respond to rotations, this rabbit will please you. If you clench your pelvic floor muscles while it is rotating inside you, the rotations will slow down noticeably.

In order for the clitoral nub to fit you, your clitoris will need to be a greater than average distance from your vagina. On this reviewer, the distance is almost exactly the average - just over an inch. I found the tip of the clitoral nub to hit far above its target. While an inch is greater than the three quarter inch distance from the tip of the nub to the shaft, when the shaft is inserted it pulls the clitoris closer to the vaginal opening. Apparently it pulls it to a distance less than three quarters of an inch. Attempts to push the tip down were not successful. The nub is just not flexible enough. Attempts to pull the nub away from the shaft and insert it further in order to bring the side of the nub in full contact were also not successful. The stiff tip seemed to prevent that as well.

The clitoral nub's vibrations weren't strong enough for me, although they certainly would have felt better if the nub had reached my clitoris. I require strong vibrations.

I don't particularly respond to the rotations on this type of rabbit, and the clitoral nub didn't quite fit me, but I did find that this toy made an excellent warm up toy. It served the purpose of fully arousing me. For others who don't need the level of stimulation that I do, this will be all you need, as long as the clitoral nub fits you.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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