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Couldn't Put My Finger On It

Doc Johnson is a name that had always meant - at least to me - a product that could guarantee me hours upon hours of enjoyment. Or at the very least, a screaming orgasm that could curl my toes.

Not this time.

I have finally met a product with the Doc Johnson name that has failed in both categories. Miserably. The JoyFinger doesn't live up to its name, nor its reputation, not by ANY stretch of the imagination. A great disappointment.
The finger and the vibe can become separate.
Not waterproof; intense fruity odor; vibration not strong enough.
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I received this toy anticipating that it would be good for a little anal stimulation, as was advertised. Boy, was I wrong. I mean, if you're extremely (and I am putting a great deal of emphasis on the word "extremely") sensitive on your clit or even possibly on your nipples, you might get a little play out of the finger itself. However, I found that using it for the purpose it was advertised for ("enjoy gentle exciting anal stimulation for long sultry hours") was rather far-fetched. I was not stimulated at all by the feel of this product, and that is saying a lot. I practically orgasm at the mere thought of anal sex, with or without a partner, I enjoy it so much. So, it's rather disappointing when I come across a toy that fails to make me cum.

I found that the vibrations on this toy were not as "powerful" as suggested by the manufacturer, either with or without the rubber finger, although the bottom dial did make ease-of-use a wonderful selling point. The "substantial stimulating power" was definitely lacking with this toy, and found that the vibrator portion worked better on my clit than the finger did anally, although even that didn't live up to its potential either. All-in-all, it was a disappointment.
    • On a bed only

Material / Texture

When I opened the package, the first impression I received was the intense fruity smell that issued forth. I mean it smelled almost like grape Bubbalicious gum. That was practically a deal-breaker for me. However, being the trooper I am, I struggled past the smell and began exploring the newcomer, as I am wont to do.

The texture of the material was something I've come to expect from most rubber toys: flexible, giving, pliable, and easy to handle, although with a little more give to it than most toys, meaning one has to work with it a bit more to insert it into orifices like the anus.

I found the material easy to clean, although a lot of the grooves proved to be a tad tricky to work with, but nothing a soft cloth, plenty of soap, and water couldn't handle.

Design / Shape / Size

Personally I believe the size could have been a little bit bigger, but, then again, I like to feel as though I'm being really penetrated. I'm a sensation freak, meaning I like to feel things… really feel things. With this, I couldn't feel anything. Not a thing. I'm not an anal beginner, but I'm not an anal pro, either.

What I'm saying is that it could have a bit more girth to it, with a little more of a taper, so that you feel like you are having sex with *something*. Sadly, I had the thought run through my mind of, “Is it in yet?” Maybe add another finger, or two. Make it interesting. Add a pimp ring. Something.

On the plus side, it is easy to hide, since the finger does slide off of the vibe easily, which makes cleaning and storage a snap.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibe control is on the bottom, which makes things a whole lot easier to control. However, I don't believe that this toy lives up to its potential in the slightest. The vibrator is not waterproof, so it completely removes it from watersports or taking it into the shower, or even playing with a woman who ejaculates. The vibe that came with the finger that I have is relatively noisy, so it is not discreet in the slightest. It's a good concept overall, though, but one that needs to be worked out a little more.

Care and Maintenance

This is definitely a one-person toy, if using it anally, unless extreme precautions are taken, like condoms with each use, antibacterial cleanings (before and after each use), etc. Since it is made from rubber, one definitely has to worry about it being porous and relatively susceptible to damage regardless of whether or not it's in use. It can also become cracked and stained if not stored properly. I've always had success storing rubber products in a light coating of cornstarch and in a zip-lock bag if it was not to be used for an extended period of time.

Cleaning is a breeze with antibacterial soap and warm water, patting it dry with a lint-free cloth or (if possible) allowing it to air dry.

Definitely use water-based lubricants with this, as they are easy to wash off both yourself and the toy, and won't stain either.
Follow-up commentary
Ok, here it is, two months later, and I'm still not a fan of it. I cannot bring myself to play with it. Well, I can, but as a sort of prank-type of toy. I use it to freak out my boyfriend.

When not in use, I have to banish this toy to the deepest, darkest recesses of the toy box, in its own zip-loc baggy, so that its overwheming smell will not permeate the other toys it may come into contact with inadvertantly.

I'm sure that, with some major changes in, well, everything about it, this toy could truly live up to its name. Until then, it's currently destined to live the rest of its sad little life in a plastic baggy in the bottom, right-hand corner of a toy box, forgotten.
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  • Kayla
    That toy is just so creepy on so many levels. Thanks for the review. I usually like most Doc Johnson products too.
  • Sammi
    Wow - that is an odd looking one!
    Nice review Smile
  • ......
    I had to laugh when I saw this vibe. It's just too funny looking.

    Nice review, thanks!
  • Crystal1
    This looks more like something you would find in the prop section of a Halloween store than a sex toy store!
  • Red Riding Hood
    I... Am... SO... Scared of this thing...
  • sillyfishy
    ewwww this one looks so gross!
  • Britt&Daniel
    thanks for the review
  • Eucaly
    Thanks for the review!
  • Nora
    I saw this little "thing" pop up and had to come see what it was myself...pretty creepy looking! I can't imagine what someone would think if they came across a rubber finger in my drawers!
  • Mr.Red
    Isn't the whole point of this rubber finger that there will be coming when it's in your drawers?

    Nevermind, that was weak.

    Thanks for the review!
  • SaraU29
    Thanks for your review.
  • LoveBug721
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