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The Duet by Crave is a very unique clitoral style vibrator with dual motors. It is made of silcione, quiet, waterproof, has multi-speeds and patterns. What makes this different from the rest is the clamping tip which allows you to get stimulation directly on both sides of the clitoris. You can also lay it across your vagina allow the inside edges to hug your clitoris. Where it would normally lack in vrooms for me, it makes up by the clamping.
USB rechargeable
Could stand to be a bit more powerful
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The Duet clitoral vibrator by Crave is a uniquely designed, USB rechargeable, waterproof, silicone, pleasure product for women. This vibrator is intended for external stimulation only. The insert provided with the toy states to not use this for vaginal or anal penetration. With that being said, it is intended for women but you can play alone or bring a partner into it. You can also use it during intercourse because of the sleek size. It is made to stimulate the clitoris as well as the area surrounding with its dual motors.

Material / Texture

The vibrator portion of the Duet is made of a 100% body safe silicone that feels soft, smooth, luxurious and velvety to the touch making it perfect for any user. There is very little to no drag with this vibe. The USB and cap are made of a solid, thick metal which I am unsure as to what exactly it is. Since it is waterproof, I would be sure to make sure the metal is dry before storing, just to be safe that it won't get ruined.
There was no scent detected when I first opened the vibe.

Design / Shape / Size

The unique v-shape angle of the toy makes it ideal for clitoral stimulation. The tip, edges (inside and out), and flat surface provide different intensities when in use. The best way to get the most out of this toy is to actually slightly pull the tips apart (no further than the width of your pinky finger) and clamp it down onto your clitoris. You can also hold it so that your clitoris is surrounded by the entire vibe (between the prongs). You can also use the tip or the flat part of it to stimulate your clitoris. It works well for clitoral stimulation.
There is a little bit of give to the prongs allowing you to pull them apart (about the width of your pinky finger) to clamp it onto your clitoris.

As to what type of person this would be good for, I would say for sure, someone that doesn't mind having a clamp over their clitoris. Depending on how you remove it or move it around while in use, it could cause a pinch feeling but for the most part, it isn't painful or uncomfortable at all.
The sleek, unique design makes it pretty discreet unless someone turns it on. Most people would have no idea what this is if you left it laying around somewhere. It comes with a zip-up carrying case that will fit in your purse making it perfect for travel.
The measurements are:
Length: 3"
Circumference: 2 3/4"
Diameter: 1"
Here it is compared to a pen and tube of chapstick.

Showing flexibility:

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Duet is a USB rechargeable vibrator. The metal part pulls apart from the silicone part to reveal the USB drive. It takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to charge it completely. The lights of the buttons will blink while it is charging and remain solid/constant when it is fully charged. One other unique thing about this vibe is that it pulsates when you turn it on to let you know how much of a charge it currently has.
4 pulses- Fully charged
3 pulses- 75% full
2 pulses- 50% full
1 pulse- 25% full

To turn it on, push the middle circle button and hold down for about 3 seconds. The + and - buttons control the speed of the vibrations. Once on, pressing the middle circle button will change modes. There are 4 modes.
1) Constant vibrations
2) Strobing
3) Pulsing
4) Roller-coaster- high to low
To turn it off, hold down on the middle circle button for about 3 seconds.
The buttons are easy to locate while using as long as you know which side the + and - is when you use it.
Sorry for the photo quality, I took so many but my camera just won't focus, the + is on the left, the circle in the middle and the - is on the right:

The vibrations can be felt all through the entire vibe but are the strongest in the tips and along the edges of the prongs.

This toy is very quiet while in use but when on and not applied to the body, on the high speeds and some of the patterns, the prongs vibrate together and make a buzzing/throbbing noise. As long as you have it clamping your clitoris or held against your skin, it won't be heard much, especially outside of a closed door.

This vibe is waterproof but I haven't tried it in the shower or bath. The instructions say to be completely sure the cap (metal part) is on tightly when putting it back together and taking it into the water so that water doesn't get inside and damage the USB.

Care and Maintenance

This vibe is easy to care for. You can store it in the box it came in inside the zip-up bag, or just in the zip-up bag that it came with. The silicone will pick up hairs but it isn't a major lint magnet like some are. Fingerprints are easily noticed on the metal part of the vibe.

To clean it, you can use mild soap and warm water, toy cleaner or wipes. I prefer to take the toy apart and wipe the metal with a wipe and use toy cleaner or a wipe to clean the silicone part.

Because it is made of silicone, you should only use water based lubricant with this toy, if you need any.

The insert says leaving the toy fully charged for more than a week can permanently damage the battery. It also says to charge it every 3 to 6 months to maintain battery life.


The packaging is really nice and I love that there isn't a huge box with a ton of inserts to deal with. I can actually keep this box around! Directions are printed on various places on the box and there is also an insert with more information on it. They also give you a Crave charm. While the box is tasteful, it isn't discreet because it says "Discreet, rechargeable, multi-speed vibe" right on the front.


Duet and the carrying case it comes with:


Despite hearing both good and bad things about this toy, I caved and couldn't wait any longer. I just had to try this!
This is one of those toys that won't work for everyone. I am a person that LOVES strength in vibrations and I usually go for a toy that is 4 or 5 vrooms. This one, for me, depending on how I held it, felt different in strength and made it hard for me to decide what to rate it. I also think state of arousal has a lot to do with how sensitive you will be to the vibrations. Simply laying the vibe over my clitoris so that the inside edges of the prongs are surrounding my clitoris while on the highest setting, left me wishing it just had one or maybe two more vrooms to it. The flat surfaces did nothing for me. I decided to rate it a 3. 3 vrooms RARELY does it for me, but I think the clamp design really helped.

The thing that I really enjoyed about the Duet is the clamping feature. Pulling apart the prongs and placing your clitoris between them allowing both sides of your clitoris to be stimulated at the same time, slightly tilting it upward allows the vibe to cover more area as well. The clamping vibrations were enough to drive me over the edge; it just felt so intense despite not being as strong as my favorites (Mimi, Tango, Salsa, Life, Touch). When I want that clamping vibration, I will be grabbing this. When I want something that is just going to stimulate, then I will reach for one of my other favorites.

I found applying the tip to my clitoris hurt a little. I also found that sometimes, depending on how you move or remove the toy, it might pinch your clit for a second.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this vibe, though it isn't as strong as the vibes I tend to go for, the uniqueness of the clamping makes up for the "vrooms". It can slip while using(clamping) and happens more with lubricant. It's worth a try if you are looking for something different to use externally.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Contributor: namutr33
    I gave you a message about this already, but I will leave the same message here so that people who read comments will know sooner.

    Withing the battery life instructions, it says:

    It is best to charge the Duet soon after use. Leaving it in a fully "discharged" state - for more than a week - can permanently damage the battery.

    In your review, you mentioned to never keep it fully charged for a week.

    The instructions actually mean do not keep it "uncharged" for more than a week. So it is always good to fully charge it but recharge it periodically 3-6 months so the battery does not become permanently damaged.

    When I first read the instruction card, it bugged me because it didn't seem clear to me. So I had to go online and search for maintenance reviews or instructions. I finally came across this information from LoveCrave's site.

  • Contributor: Zombirella
    I didn't think it made sense either, I was confused, but I just went with what it seemed to be.
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