Panty vibrator with remote control

Date Night? More Like Stay Home.

I think this is a great toy for edging and teasing play around the home or in loud areas and play parties. I do not feel the motor is quiet enough for public use, however. That being said, this motor is strong and very fun to play with either alone or with a partner.
* Soft Silicone material
* Easy to wear and clean
* Strong motor
* Didn't really fit my body
* Didn't fully feel the vibe on my clit
* Loud motor
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First impression


This vibe arrives at your door in a box with a plastic tray inside to protect your vibe and remote. It's advertised as a date night vibe that slips easily into your panties for a night of exciting thrills for your date. I tend to disagree with the makers on this point. This vibe has the power, but the design [aesthetic] just failed the checkboxes for me.

The material is great though, it's a very soft medical grade silicone. Which means it's likely to work with silicone, water-based, and universal lubes. However, you still will want to do a test spot on the base just to be safe.

You will also need to make note that this toy takes upwards of 3 hours to charge and you CANNOT use a wall charger! The power out and input is too much, and it damages the toy; you need to use a device such as a PC or a laptop that uses USB ports. Just plug it in, the light will blink then become solid and you know it's charging. The remote has an internal battery and is on permanent standby. The manufacturer claims it will last approximately one year.

To charge the vibe, you only need to plug in the USB part, and then the cable magnetically attaches to the two metal dots under the power button on the vibe.



First Use

Vibe Front

The vibe part of this toy was very loose when worn with my normal panties. Walking was difficult, and I felt awkward as I could feel the toy moving around. You would have to wear a very tight/ form-fitting pair of panties to keep this in place (like perhaps booty shorts).

According to the instructions that come with this, you're supposed to wear this more on the pubic bone so that little knobby bit can vibrate into your clit. For me, this didn't happen, and I felt like mostly my labia had the fun. It did hit my clit, but I felt like the motor placement just was slightly off, and the power wasn't in the tip just the surrounding edges.

Vibe Side View

I will say that motor is powerful and has tons of vibe patterns, and being such means, it's fairly loud. Personally, I would never wear this in public outside of a sex-positive or BDSM event. The noise is a huge turn off to me, and if you're somewhere on the quiet side, its sound will be noticeable. For this reason, I think it's best used in the home or a club/concert where you won't be able to hear it.

Further Experience

I tried this vibe out a few times; I didn't much care for wearing it as it was meant to be. However, I did find that if I just held the vibe and played with it the way I would a bullet or pocket rocket vibe, it was very enjoyable to use. The motor is strong; it's easy to use, easy to clean, easily stored, travel-friendly, and the size is comfortable for wear.

To turn the vibe on and off you need to turn the black vibe on first, then the pink controller will let you change the patterns. Press and hold to turn on and off, then just click to cycle through the options. Additionally, this vibe is perfect for anyone of any skill level to use.

Remote Buttons

The controller has 2 buttons on it, a pause button and a repeating arrow. The pause button is on top and used to turn the vibe on and off. The repeating button is used to change the pattern of the vibe, it's just a single click to change, so if you want a specific one, you do unfortunately have to cycle through all of them again.

Vibration Map

The tip of the vibe, marked with number 3, is the "bottom" part of the vibe. It has the strongest power vibe and sits on the lower clit/ labia area.

Number 2 is the next powerful spot, it sits against the clit.

Number 1 is marked where the power starts getting weaker. Overall you can feel the whole thing vibe, but the bottom 2/3 will be stronger.

The remote is the pink ring; there is no vibration at all to it.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Wearing like advertised I never came. I walked around, I played with the buttons, it felt nice sure - I just never climaxed. So if you want a great toy for edging, I totally recommend this one.

Once I took the vibe out of my panties and just played with it like a bullet I did cum, and it was great. The strong and steady vibe felt good once I could get it to sit on my clit.

Overall I was happy to try it, and will probably only use this for teasing play, but it was a fun experience to try something new.
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Follow-up commentary
I love this vibe, in fact, it's becoming a favorite. The noise still isn't for me in public spaces; however, around the house... yes, please! I gave up trying to use it the way the manufacturer suggested (which is kinda upright along the clit) and started putting it down further closer to where it would hit your G-Spot, and it actually is a lot more comfortable; the vibrations are great! I'm really happy with it.
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    Incredibly helpful review; thank you for providing so many pictures!
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    You're welcome! Thank you so much for the feedback
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    The design of this confused me at first. I'm grateful for the pics although I don't see it being a good fit for all body types.
  • Contributor: LadyJiyae
    I agree, I'm glad the photos help!
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