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Designed for anyone looking for a rabbit vibrator that targets the g-spot, the Sweet Indulgence is going to be a good choice for those who don't need a lot of vibration strength in their clitoral or internal parts. While it's easy to operate and made from body-safe materials, the motor strength may not please those who require a lot of intensity to get off.
Affordable, Body-safe material, Easy to use, Attractive design, Efficient battery compartment
Buzzy and light vibrations, Internal stroking can jam, Flexible g-spot tip
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Designed to be easy to use and focused on g-spot pleasure, the Sweet Indulgence is a non-standard rabbit vibrator that offers focus on internal g-spot stimulation. Not only does it have a slim shaft with a noticeable g-spot curve that's designed to hit that special spot, but the tip of that curve is decorated in textured nubbins for more sensation. When turned on, the motor makes the rollerball under the tip providing a "come hither" sensation for adding more sensation to the g-spot.

The toy is extremely quiet when turned on and inserted. This makes it particularly useful for those in crowded living situations. However, it is not waterproof, so private use in the bathroom or shower would not be recommended.

The focus on this toy is definitely designed to be g-spot stimulation. Clitoral stimulation is not as intense or as focused as the g-spot stimulation. Check out the Sweet Indulgence if you're looking for a g-spot focused toy.

Material / Texture

This purple vibrator is made from seamless silicone. While many types and feels of silicone exist, this vibrator uses a nice, soft and silky silicone. This silicone offers a little bit of plushness to it, but it's mostly a thin layer of the silicone. The clitoral arm has a slight bit of flexibility to it, but it isn't much. The shaft of the toy is entirely rigid up until the half-way up the shaft. Past that point, the shaft offers more flexibility that allows the tip to move about a half an inch towards and away from the control panel. The toy has a single seam that's only visible through the textured tip; otherwise, it can't be seen or felt.

This vibrator offers a textured head near the tip. It's easily visible on photos of the toy. This textured spot offers small, 1/8" nubbins that protrude off of the tip. Each one of these nubbins is extremely flexible, and it adds a texture that's very noticeable without being painful. Underneath the middle of this textured nubbin patch is the rollerball that offers movement when the vibrator is turned on. The silicone on this area feels a bit thinner to allow the rollerball sensations to come through.

The buttons are located underneath the silicone material. They press easily, and their location makes it easy to clean the entire vibrator with no problems.

As the material is silicone, it is odorless and non-porous.

Design / Shape / Size

Made with a standard rabbit vibrator design, the Sweet Indulgence includes both an internal shaft and a clitoral arm. The internal shaft is equipped with a small rollerball near the tip that moves back and forth underneath the silicone's surface to provide a "come hither" sensation on the g-spot. This g-spot tip also has a slight curve to it as well as textured nubbins on the "come hither" area. The clitoral arm includes a bunny-like shape with a pointed tip and two very flexible "ears" that move well with the vibrations turned on.

This silicone vibrator includes two buttons to control the vibrations. There's a power button that turns the toy on and off, and there's a pattern button that allows the user to cycle through the power and pattern settings. The clitoral stimulator and the shaft vibrations cannot be controlled separately. The first three settings are steady vibration and intensity settings that get gradually more intense with each level. All of the other settings are patterns. The vibrator is very easy to control.

The g-spot design may or may not work well for everyone. The g-spot tip offers a bit of flexibility in the rigidity which may not provide the intense, constant pressure that some people enjoy on their g-spot. At the same time, the g-spot curve that the toy offers is a good, decent curve that should hit most g-spots that aren't located too deeply.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Sweet Indulgence offers two separate sensations. The tip of the vibrator includes an under-silicone moving ball that moves back and forth - similar to a flicking tongue or a gentle press of a finger. The clitoral arm offers standard buzzy vibrations that are light in intensity.

For those with strong internal muscles, clenching around the vibrator can cause the internal moving ball to stop moving. It's harder to get this to happen on the highest intensity, but as many people get tighter as they get closer to orgasm, Sweet Indulgence may stop providing the internal sensations right as the user is getting close to orgasm. However, the vibrations from the clitoral arm do not seize up, and they can be felt throughout the entirety of the internal shaft as well.

The Sweet Indulgence uses two AAA batteries. This is not a lot of power for a rabbit vibrator, but the battery compartment opens very easily, and it's extremely easy to switch out the batteries when necessary. Just twist off the battery compartment and slide the two AAA batteries in.

As a note, if you put the batteries in backwards, the vibrator will emit a steady, single-speed vibration with the inability to turn it off. The toy isn't defective; you just need to remove the batteries and put them in the correct way.

As this vibrator is powered by two AAA batteries, do not expect a lot of power. The clitoral arm provides light, buzzy vibrations. However, the design of the clitoral arm provides a slight "clamping" sensation, so if the user prefers high pressure to reach orgasm, this toy does provide. However, if rumbly, strong vibrations are required for orgasm, this may not be a good toy.

For those who are concerned about discretion, the Sweet Indulgence is very quiet. When inserted, it's hard to hear in the same room with any type of ambient noise (such as a television or music). It could probably be used while having conversations with nearby people without arousing any suspicion.

Care and Maintenance

The Sweet Indulgence is made from body-safe silicone - which is a breeze to clean. Use warm water and anti-bacterial soap to clean the vibrator. Make sure to spend special time cleaning around the tip of the toy which features quite a few of the textured nubbins that could harbor bacteria between them. Other than the textured nubbins, the toy has no other problematic areas that should be difficult to clean.

As the toy comes with no instruction manual and the product page makes no mention of it, I would assume the Sweet Indulgence isn't waterproof. The battery compartment comes with a slight waterproof rubber seal around the base, but it isn't advised to submerge the toy or get water near the battery compartment. Take care when cleaning your new vibrator to ensure it stays safe.

Use water-based lubricant with your new rabbit vibrator for best results. If you want to try a silicone-based lubricant, do a spot test on a small area of the toy first.

Sweet Indulgence is made with a non-tacky silicone that doesn't seem to pick up dirt or hair. This makes it simple to store. The included mesh bag will keep it tidy and clean until the next use.


The Sweet Indulgence comes in a see-through, black drawstring bag with no instructions or tags. The vibrator itself is wrapped in plastic that will need to be torn open to get at the toy. The packaging is very basic, but it will get the vibrator to you in one, protected piece.

Personal comments

The "come hither" rollerball may or may not be particularly helpful to you. Most people recommend using a nearly-90-degree "come hither" motion to hit most women's g-spots. As the toy is closer to a 45 degree angle, it may not be as effective as actual fingers. It would depend on individual anatomy.
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