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Divine temptation

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Divine Temptation: Not so tempting.

For a warm-up toy this product may be useful, but for anything beyond that, look elsewhere. Although the product has an attractive appearance, the lack of vibrations and dragging sensation from the spinning top negate any of this. This toy was not well planned, and even with lots of lube doesn't do it for me.
Nice looking, inexpensive.
Dragging sensation, lack of vibration and pattern variety.
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As a toy created for clitoral stimulation, I found the divine temptation to be very underwhelming. It is a very unique take on clit toys, but not in a good way. Instead of vibrating like most, this toy spins it's top, both one way, and then another. You can use it on sensitive places like your clit, but I wouldn't recommend inserting this toy in any orifice. It is advertised as a vibrator which is misleading since it has no vibration at all besides that which comes from the spinning feature. So, if you need vibes to orgasm, especially strong ones, this toy won't do it.

I find this toy to be very awkward to use and have never really found a place for it in my collection. The drag that occurs is so overwhelming that no amount of lube can cure it. At first, the pulling feels interesting, but then you worry about getting a blister or skin getting caught in between the spinning head and body of the toy.

I am not sure what kind of person this toy would work for, I suppose as a warm-up toy maybe, but it's hard to use as anything beyond that.

Material / Texture

This product is made of a hard plastic body with no smell and a smooth texture. There are a few shiny plastic rings for decoration that leave seams. The spinning top of the product is made of a soft, velvety TPR with some slight ribbing for added texture. The top has no real smell and the texture is a fault as the drag it creates was a downside for me.

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is meant to provide stimulation by spinning over sensitive areas. The shape and size of the toy are very user friendly; it fits well in the hand and is light. The toy would be easy and small enough to hide but may be not very discreet. This toy has no locking feature and the exposed power button would be risky for accidental turn-on.

The outside of the toy, in my opinion, is attractive. There is a pretty vine like pattern and smooth, curvy shape.

Overall, the flaws of its function overcome any of positives.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy is very simple to use, a button on the top of the toy pushes once for a counter clockwise rotation. Push again and it will rotate in the opposite direction. Push again and the toy shuts off. That's all it does. No vibrations, no patterns. Also, if you put too much pressure on the top spinning mechanism, the toy just stalls out. So not only does it lack vibration, but the power level is disappointing as well.

The toy is fairly quiet, cannot be heard through a closed door but noticeable under a blanket.

This toy makes me nervous that some of the delicate skin near my clit may get caught or pinched in the rotating parts of the head and the body of the toy. Thankfully, this never happened, but I couldn't stop worrying about it.

This product is not waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

The toy is easy to clean with a toy cleaner, be cautious near water as the toy is not waterproof. This toy can be used with water and silicone based lubes. Some of the crevices in the toy may make it harder to clean. It runs on 2 AAA batteries.

One negative in my mind is that if you want to put a condom or barrier on this toy, it would be next to impossible as it would get all bunched from the rotation.

I store this in a small box under my bed.


The package of this toy is pink and flowery. Pretty typical, directions are straightforward, but the toy is not hard to use. I would not use as a storage box.
Follow-up commentary
Because this product is so uncomfortable and awkward to use, I have not felt the desire to use it since my review was written. Still not a fan.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • - Kira -
    Thanks for the review. This is so pretty. I'm sad it doesn't work well.
  • eroticmutt
    Thank you for your review. As was already said here, it really is a visually attractive toy and that alone adds a LOT of appeal, and would have convinced me. Thank goodness for the reviews feature! I would have expected this to have the shimmying back and forth motion, but the actual spinning sounds like it could be kind of unpleasant and uncomfortable.
  • Ryuson
    Thanks for the review! Sorry that this one didn't work out too well for you!
  • The Curious Couple
    Awesome review, thanks! Too bad this didn't work out for you!
  • Breas
    Thank you for the review! That just sucks it doesnt work as well as it could.Its such a beautiful piece, I'd buy it if it worked better Thanks for the review though!
  • K101
    Wow, this sounds like nothing but a complete piece of crap! Lol. Sorry to be so blunt. Thanks so very much for your really nice review though! I had this P.O.S. on my wishlist! Thank God I read your review. There's no way I'd enjoy this and it's supposed to be a vibrator, but doesn't even vibrate? I hate that it was such a disappointment. Maybe you'll find a better massager type vibe like this. The Hitachi one is supposed to be mind blowing, I've never tried it, but it'd surely have to be better than this.

    This one sounds dangerous. Lol. Very awesome review. Thank you thank you.
  • Choolz
    Dang, sounds like a major disappointment. I had really wanted to try this one but I don't think I will anymore. Thanks for such an honest & great review!!
  • nolongerhere
    Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I appreciate it!
  • AshMegYo
    great review!
  • MK434
    Thanks for the review!
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