Whisper micro heated bullet - bullet vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Shellz31

Don't Judge Me By My Size

If it's discreet, tiny and very powerful that you're longing for – go no further! They say great things come in small packages and this one certainly delivers. What it lacks in speed variety, it makes up for in strength and the ability to heat up as the bullet works its magic on your erogenous zones.
~ Micro
~ Powerful
~ Nice shaped controller
~ High pitch buzz
~ Two speeds
~ Not waterproof
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I had tried a number of slightly larger sized bullets and even a couple of eggs, but always found that they smothered my clitoris which would put me off the orgasm. I was getting awfully frustrated and about to give up on such toys until I came across a teeny weeny micro bullet. From the day it arrived, til broadening my clit collection on Eden, this little guy had been my best friend. It's somewhat in retirement now, but still a treasured beauty.


The Whisper Micro Heated Bullet is made by California Exotics using Rubber-Cote (PU) coated plastic and made in China. Because plastic is hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free, the Micro bullet earns a safety rating of 7. Being of such an extremely small size of only 1” long and just under 1 ¼” in circumference, it's not really suitable for inserting – hence the lack of lube required. If you do need the assistance of lubricant, both water and silicone based can be safely used. It's been quite awhile since I bought this, but even so, I don't recall any odor straight from the packaging.


My first Micro bullet was purple, just as the image shows on the product page. But after so much rough abuse the wiring injured a break, which led to frustrating pauses during use. Being that my favorite color is purple, I had hoped to purchase another, but ended up with a pink one.
Both the bullet and the controller are silky smooth, which doesn't create any drag across dry skin.


One of my pet hates are vibrators that only have one button, causing you to have to flick through the rest of the patterns or speeds just to shut the toy off. Being that this one only has two speeds to choose from, it's not such a major issue or time consuming if you're disturbed during usage. Both speeds are very powerful – this one doesn't believe in doing anything at a slow or mild pace! Simply press the button until you hear a click to start the first vibration. Pressing a second time will naturally take you to the highest setting, with a third push turning it off. As you press the button (before it clicks) between the speeds, the vibrations pause. This may come in handy if you do require an instant pause in noise. But you will need to keep your finger slightly pressed on the button. The bullet heats up and does get rather warm with prolonged usage.

1. High steady vibration
2. Extra high steady vibration

The vibrations are very high pitched and buzzy, which normally won't work for me or will distract my focus. But I didn't have that problem with this one.


Just in from the tip of the actual bullet is a large groove creating a ball shaped head. The gradual slope into the groove makes it extremely easy to clean and no rough edges to irritate your clitoris. Mid way down the rest of the bullet is a prominent join that is very noticeable visually and when running a finger over it. But I have never felt or had an issue at all while using it on my clit hood. The controller shape fits comfortably in my hand – with a rounded base that concaves in (not quite half way up) on each side. It then flares out again before slopping in, resulting in a gentle round tip where the wiring is connected. The back slides off easily by pressing the clip in – this prevents it from opening accidentally at any time. The cap remains connected to the controller so there is no misplacing it while inserting the 2 x AA batteries. A diagram inside the battery compartment clearly shows how they are to be placed. Not only is the Micro bullet happy to accept rechargeable batteries, it also won't suck the life out of them if you like to keep your favorite toys pre-loaded!
The controller is 4 ½” in length, 1 ¾” across the widest point and has 31 ½” of wiring.

If you have an extra sensitive clitoris, this one may be too powerful unless you use it high up the clit hood to avoid direct stimulation. It would more than likely be great for those who have a clit of steel, as long as the high pitch buzz isn't off putting. Because of how powerful it is, it does have the potential to numb fingers and clit if you require long periods of usage or for more than one orgasm. It can be used to stimulate clitoris, nipples, vaginal opening, anus (opening only – do not insert!), penis or scrotum and is perfect for those who like to add some heat to their playing. I would recommend some warning if you decide to use this on a partner – due to the powerful strength. If you plan on sharing it with someone you're not fluid bonded with or you want to insert it vaginally, I'd suggest using one of the small toy covers to prevent any juices entering the bullet.

Due to the pitch on this bullet, it could be slightly heard through a closed door if someone was deliberately trying to listen. I turn the tv on so I can relax and totally enjoy my playtime.


Unfortunately this bullet isn't waterproof by any means, due to the large gap around the wiring leading into the end of the bullet. The only way to truly wash this one without risking water damage is to use an anti-bacterial or toy wipe. If you placed your fingers over the joining end, you could use a little toy spray. For a thorough cleanse, carefully wipe over with a 10% bleach solution.


The Whisper Micro bullet comes in simple clear clam shell type packaging. It's not discreet in any way - with the bullet being totally exposed, but doesn't feature any half naked girls on the front. It features basic information on the front and back .
If you have the space, the packaging can be kept to house the bullet between uses but isn't anything grand and wasn't made to last long term.


It's far too powerful and I don't like direct clit stimulation with any toys, so I don't know how the join will feel with direct contact. But I did try rubbing it against my clit while off and I had no problem. Although, with vibrations it may have a different effect. I have used this for multiple orgasm sessions which did result in some numbing to my fingers and clit, but it never lasted too long. It also heats up quite a lot if you have it going for extended periods of time. This bothered me a little more than the numbing did, but I'm not really big on heat in my nether region.
My main reason for loving this one is because it's the tiniest bullet I could get my hands on that gave me pinpoint stimulation to exactly where I want it, without smothering/burying my poor clitoris.

This one earns a rating of 4 stars.
Follow-up commentary
As much as I still love this little one, I have too many up market clit vibrators like Mia and the Seed who get all the action these days.
It doesn't go through batteries like most bullets, but it's still a pain having to go into the draw and insert them.
This toy snob prefers rechargeable toys.
Saying that, there will still always be a place in my collection for the Micro Heated Bullet - we have a lot of very pleasurable memories!
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  • lexical
    I love pinpoint vibrations, but I still feel like this one would be difficult to hold, since it's so tiny!
  • Shellz31
    I tend to grip it just slighting between two fingers when my hand is flat. I think it would be awefully frustrating to hold between a finger and thumb due to the micro size. Ya almost need a pair of tweezers...lol.
  • wrecklesswords
    I have a micro vibrator that is very, very similar to this one! Made by Cal Exotics, too, just doesn't look the exact same. I enjoy it a lot. It's surprising how much power a little bullet can provide!
  • Shellz31
    It sure is amazing how much power they pack. I use to use the micro sized ones. The bigger ones I always found smothered my clit.
  • Eucaly
    Wow! Great review!

    I keep looking at the pictures and being boggled.
  • Diabolical Kitty
    Wow, amazing review.
  • GlacVic
    good review, thanks
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    Great review! Very clear and informative.
  • Shellz31
    Thanks all
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    Thanks for the review
  • Shellz31
  • Kdlips
    Great review!
  • Shellz31
  • Caprieclipse
    nice review
  • Shellz31
  • idunshire
    I didn't know if you held the button in between settings it would pause! I never noticed...
  • Undead
    thanks for the review
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