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Very, very thick but still excellent for foreplay, this toy made me so wet and vibrated my clit so perfectly, no lube was needed! It is a near-perfect size for penetration, perhaps just a tad too thick, but definitely worth getting used to.
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Seeing the Dr. Z loving vibrations for the first time, made my partner go "What in the hell, corn on the cob?!!" It was very weird looking compared to other vibrators I have had. All I can say is, looks are very deceiving; even though this is an odd looking vibrator, being mostly covered in raised nubs.

Very, very thick but still excellent for foreplay, Dr. Z vibe made me so wet and vibrated my clit so perfectly, no lube was needed! However, if you normally have trouble getting wet, make sure you apply some lube first. This toy can be uncomfortable for anyone who isn't used to large g-spot vibrators with nubs. They are more raised on this one than on any vibrator that I have ever tried. However, it feels fantastic and the nubs really seem to have given me a more heightened sense of pleasure.

As with most vibrators, they run on 2 AA batteries, which can give a bit of a heavy feel to the shaft. It also has a variety of speeds that can be changed with a turn of the dial. However during penetration and harsh pounding, sometimes I kept twisting the knob off or lower unintentionally; so just be careful. This was my first silicone based toy and I was impressed with its ultra-smooth texture and easy-to-clean material.

The Dr. Z loving vibrator shaft is similar to an actual penis, but with raised bumps. The head of the toy is curved ever so slightly and rubs the G-spot perfectly, giving me an orgasm unlike any other toy that I have used. My partner was thrilled using this on me as I came very hard and screamed shockingly loud when climaxing. My partner was even startled at how pleased I was with our foreplay session.

The only thing that could be problematic for anyone is the size and nubs on the toy. Just make sure to use a bit of lube if you are not fully wet beforehand. The batteries make the Dr. Z vibe feel a bit heavy, and your arm may be tired after a vigorous session. The twist knob on the bottom can be easily turned down or off during times of pleasure, just be careful not to move it unintentionally.

This product is one of the best new toys that I have ever received. The raised nubs add to the pleasure as they rub against my walls and the curved head perfectly reaches my spot when pounded hard into me. It is a near-perfect size for penetration, perhaps just a tad too thick, but definitely worth getting used to. All in all I give this toy a five star rating, as it is a must try for anyone who likes to cum!
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    I was wondering if you could help me. My wife and i have had anal sex several times in our 22 years together. But the experience more times than not leaves me blissfully satisfied and my wife painfully disappointed. Only a hand full of times has she found  pleasure in this act. I spend lots of time prepping her with 4play. Rule #1: I use plenty of lube. Rule #2: And I stimulate her clit-A LOT when the act is in progress. Rule #3: Despite my efforts and knowledge of the 3 major rules we have had  little success enjoying this together. I have been looking for a little vibe that might be used like a cock ring. One that when placed over the ball sack would, (from behind her in dogie style) stimulate the clit while I carefully do my business. This would free up my hands to stimulate her breast. lightly pull her hair.(She like that!!!) The problem is I c
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