Daffy the deep stroker - rabbit vibrator by Nasstoys - review by Fuck it.

Daffy the deep stroker

Rabbit vibrator by Nasstoys

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Duck, Duck, Ouch!

The more time I spent with this toy, the more I wanted to throw it out. It's awkwardly designed and smelly with pretty much no redeeming qualities.
Pretty color, mine didn't pinch me.
Not waterproof, large, doesn't suit my anatomy, smelly.
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I think in theory this is supposed to provide some nice thrusting sensations to your vagina while also stimulating your clit. What happened was that I tried to use this while laying down, but couldn't get the duck to reach my clit or the top stopped rotating/thrusting, so I awkwardly tried to shimmy down it and ultimately failed at having a good orgasm because I couldn't get comfortable.

If I had to suggest a use for this vibrator, I guess I would choose to use it as a weapon. It's heavy and big enough. You can't use it for its intended purpose while another human is within 20 feet anyway, it's too loud.

I did manage to get a fourth of it in my butt. That felt pretty nice, but requires even more awkward shimmying (plus tons of lube and a condom). It's not worth it.

    • Gag gift
    • Solo

Material / Texture

Daffy the deep stroker is made out of some smelly jelly. I want to be a material snob here and say that silicone would be better, but I'm not sure how silicone would hold up on the thrusting portion of the toy. The jelly has a burnt plastic smell that rubs off on your skin and doesn't disappear after weeks of being in the open.

Yeah, the open. I left it on the top shelf of my closet for about a week. It pulled a piece of paint off when I decided to take it down. So don't do that with it.

There is a raised bead texture around the rotating beads, but I found that I couldn't feel them because they blend into the feel of the beads themselves. My favorite part is the ridges that the thrusting part cause, because they do feel nice. Too bad for them they don't feel nice enough to justify the hassle of cleaning them out.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Porous

Design / Shape / Size

I like the idea of rabbit vibes, but I hate it when animals are involved. It's weird and I feel like it's patronizing to my sexuality. "Oh here, have a cute little ducky to rub up against!" Ew.

The vibrator isn't too wide because it has a fair amount of give to it. It is too long. Just the bottom of this vibrator is heavier than other vibrators I own in their entirety.

Some gross things:
- The ridges are a pain to clean, especially since this isn't a waterproof toy. You have to hold the heavy battery pack away from the water and try to give it a good scrubbing. I'd rather drown it in the sink.
-I'm not sure if the beads are lubed up so that they move around easily, or if something is leaking into them. Just the fact that I would guess leakage as an option is gross, and speaks volumes about how well-made I think this toy is.
-I think I made part of the solid blue thrusting material unhook from the inside of the vibrator. Now parts of it bulge out at the seam.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are five thrusting speeds and five vibrating speeds for the duck part. Right now, as I'm sitting here (not at all aroused), they all feel the same against my hand. I know the I can tell the difference between the lowest and highest thrusting setting when in use. The speeds in between aren't too noticeable. Two settings would have been fine, if this is the effort I'm getting from Daffy.

I can't really speak about the clit settings in use because it doesn't reach. Bummer.

I like the idea of the slide controls rather than buttons, but I bet they're not sanitary at all. My hands don't stay dry when I masturbate. There has to be some lube and lady goo down in the controls. It's never coming out. The more I think about it, the more I never want to use this vibrator ever again.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Jelly toys tend to be sticky. This one is no different. It's not really a lint magnet, which is surprising. If you're storing this toy near others, I would keep it in a separate plastic bag. I've had jelly toys melt before and it would suck for this monster to destroy something you love.

Rabbits are notorious for sucking batteries dry, so take them out between uses.
    • Hard to clean
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