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Like many other realistic vibrators on the market today, the Climax has the basics covered. The shaft is nicely formed from durable silicone and the vibrations are consistent and can be felt throughout the toy. What makes the Climax unique is the flexible shaft and the realistic tip. If the rigidity of other realistic vibrators has got you down, this would be a good alternative.
powerful vibrations felt throughout the entire shaft, realistic tip.
ridges on shaft from silicone mold, possible to open battery case when adjusting speed.
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The Climax’s design is much like any other vibrators. A silicone sheath covers a plastic base with a vibrator in the head. The silicone shell is glued tightly to the base, making a watertight seal. The material is velvety soft in a way that only silicone can be.

The shaft seems to have been made by pressing two halves of a mold together and it’s possible to both see and feel (with your hands) the seam line running up the top and bottom of the vibrator. It’s unlikely, though, that users would feel the seam when the Climax is inserted.

The Climax’s base is solidly attached and fully waterproof. Vibrations are adjusted via a smooth twist knob at the base.

Examining the base says a lot about a toy’s overall quality. Higher end vibrators tend to incorporate thicker plastics, push button controls, and/or bases that allow a good grasp even with slippery hands. The Climax is not a higher end vibrator and that brings with it a certain set of characteristics. It can be a challenge to maintain a tight grip on the Climax’s base, especially if the vibrator is coated with fluids. It’s also relatively easy to open the battery case while lowering the vibrations.

As a vibrator, the Climax only benefits from being made from silicone. The vibrator is located in the toy’s head, but the silicone conducts vibrations so well that they can be felt along the entire shaft. When the Climax is inserted, the vibrations can be felt both on the g-spot and on the vaginal opening.

The vibrations are powerful even though it only uses two AA batteries. If you’re used to something as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand, you’ll find the vibrations quite mild. They do, however, seem to be on par with most other well-made vibrators on the market.

The head is nicely designed and more ball-like than one usually sees in realistic vibrators. That makes it is easy and fun to use shallow thrusts during penetration. The head’s design also provides very realistic clitoral stimulation.

The flexibility is an interesting addition, but not one that immediately stands out. The Climax can bend to roughly a 30-degree angle. It does not stay bent, but returns to its upright position once the pressure on the shaft is removed. That flexibility allows the vibrator to be used comfortably at a number of angles. Instead of feeling impaled when using a vibrator while sitting upright, the Climax can adjust to the natural contours of your vaginal canal. That flexibility is much less noticeable when using the vibrator while lying down and it doesn’t provide any advantages in reaching your g-spot in that position.

Lubricant adheres to the Climax much like it does to all silicone toys. It glides on and stays on the Climax until it is time for clean-up. Remember to use non-silicone based lubricants on silicone toys (including the Climax Ez bend)!

Cleaning the Climax is easy with soap and water or toy cleaner. Although silicone can withstand boiling and being thrown in the dishwasher, I wouldn’t recommend for the Climax. Yes, it’s waterproof, but the plastic base might not be able to withstand high temperatures.

Because it’s non-porous, the Climax can be safely shared between partners. If you’re not using a condom, be sure to clean it thoroughly before handing it off to someone else.
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    This is a really pretty color. Too bad the battery case is so easy to open during use.
    Good review!
  • Contributor: PurpleReign
    Well written & informative. Interesting features on this one.
  • Contributor: Mamastoys
    good review..thanks
  • Contributor: Lara
    I should clarify the issue with the battery case.

    It's not flimsy and it won't open with a single touch. What can happen is that, if you're trying to adjust it while it's inserted, the battery case can open. The direction you turn the knob to lower the vibrations is the same direction you turn the base to open the battery case. All of that being said, you can work around this by simply removing it before adjusting the vibrations.

    This is something I think detracted from the vibrator's overall quality, but that particular challenge is no different than what you would experience from most vibrators with this design. This is a drawback from the design, not the manufacturer.
  • Contributor: Viv
    to bad it doesn't stay bent. thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Lara
    If you're looking for flexible vibrators that keep their angles, you might think about the Gina orgasm deluxe. It's a ridiculous-sounding name, but the shaft really does keep the shape well.
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    This seems rather soft looking. I like it.

    I assume there are multiple speeds because it has a dial control but you didn't really touch on that. Otherwise, great review.
  • Contributor: Ella
    I have this product, and though you can fee the seam lightly with your finger, you can't feel it on the inside, feels like an artery. The battery case is not easily opened by adjusting vibrations; after reading this I fiddled around and deliberately tried to open it, and I did, but only after continuing to try adjusting the vibrations after I had shut the toy off fully. It's soft, flexible, and wonderful. I do wish it came in a smaller diameter, though.
  • Contributor: Sex Goddess21
    Im excited now!!! I'm getting this toy in a day and purposely holding out for it. Can't wait this review made me want the toy and now after reading it fully with all the facts I want it to be here now lol.

    Great job Lara! Smile

  • Contributor: Lara
    Thanks, Arry! I can't wait to hear how you like it!
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