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Endless Pleasure - a fun toy to use if you can find it on sale!

I do enjoy this toy and am glad I bought it on sale. I was curious about trying out the thrusting action, but don't think it adds much more than the rotations/pearls do (which I personally enjoy). I like the hummingbird design, and the toy has held up well over years of moderate use. It brings me easily to orgasm, but it attracts fur/lint easily, and it isn't very discreet. I would recommend it if you can buy it on sale, but not at retail price.
Multiple settings, easy to use, good vibrations and rotations, reliable after over two years of use
Expensive, thrusting not very noticeable, not waterproof, Jelly material, not travel friendly
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I have owned the Endless Pleasure rabbit vibrator for close to 2.5 years now. It was the second rabbit vibrator (and second toy) I ever bought. I replaced the "Classic Rabbit Pearl" with this one, because (1) I was intrigued by the thrusting action, and (2) I was tired of using a control pack attached to a rabbit vibrator). I started off with the basics of when I bought this toy, because I want to make it clear that I was new to the world of vibrators (e.g., didn't know much about materials), and I didn't know of this site/community,

For me, the best use of this toy has been in solo play, when you have some time on your hands. There have been times when I have wanted to engage in solo play, but was too 'tired' to go get this toy out. Due to the jelly material (and the fact that I have pets), this toy attracts lint and fur and anything floating out there like a magnet. Thus, you have to clean it before you use it, as well as after. It eats batteries fairly quickly (I used to use re-chargable ones with it for that reason); you can tell when the battery power starts to die because the vibrations / thrusting won't be as strong if you try using them at the same time. When this happens, it can be a pain to find 4-AA batteries. All of this is to say that it's not a toy that I find easy to just whip out and use right away without some preparation.

Beyond this, although I am sure that some of you out there would not find this toy to be large - I feel it is on the larger side. I don't think it would be very travel friendly (unless you put it in your luggage bag). I also find it worth mentioning that my boyfriend, when he first saw this toy, admitted to being a little intimated by it. He found it "large" and not very easy to use on me (without at least some instruction). It is also too large to comfortably use during sex (for example, to put between us to stimulate my clit), although we have tried a few times and been successful as long as we're not in the missionary position.

Overall, I do like this toy! I know I have been focusing on some of the downsides, but these haven't outweighed how much I enjoy it (otherwise I would have replaced it years ago, instead of being my only toy for years). I enjoy inserting the shaft and using the clitoral stimulator at the same time. I've also used the clitoral stimulator alone (i.e., with the shaft pointing toward by stomach) when I'm not in the mood for penetration. I have found this vibrator to be pretty reliable at helping me achieve orgasm (and clearly it's still going after almost three years). The thrusting action is not that mind blowing in all honesty, but it does add stimulation for me (and the head of the shaft rotates, as well, with the pearls). I doubt that this vibrator would be good for G-spot stimulation (I say I doubt it because I'm honestly still learning about how to stimulate my own), though if you angle it at time when inserted you can reach it. That being said, it stimulates the clitoral area the best.

I think this toy would work best for someone who has some experience with rabbits. I say this because the shaft of this toy was wider and longer than the only other rabbit I ever owned (the Classic Rabbit Pearl). If I'm not properly aroused or using lube (water-based!), it can be uncomfortable to insert. That being said, I think that someone who only requires a moderate amount of vibration or stimulation to achieve orgasm would enjoy this toy the most. I personally find the top settings of this toy to be 'strong' (and quite enjoyable) for me, letting me achieve orgasm quite quickly (within two minutes). However, reading other reviews on this site, I think I am someone who can achieve orgasm without super strong vibrations or large width on a toy. To give you an idea, I just got the Lelo Mia 2 today and I found its top setting of vibration to be super strong... I couldn't put it at it's top setting when using it. Thus, this toy is on the "bigger" and "stronger" side for me, and I find it quite fulfilling. It may not be enough for a "power / size queen."
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Material / Texture

So, to be clear, I was essentially pretty new to the world of toys when I bought this vibrator (and am still not the most educated person on materials). The material, to my understanding, is Jelly, which can be porous, and it's not the best choice for safe play. I have never shared my toys, so the fact that you can't sterilize Jelly materials isn't a big concern to me. I also only use water-based lubes.

If I remember correctly, when I first got the toy, the Jelly did smell like most new Jelly toys (I have a hard time describing it). However, now, after over two years, I honestly don't pick up a scent from the toy at all. I tend to clean it with soap and water.

The toy is ribbed on the shaft, but I don't really notice that when using it (I don't think I pick up texture easily -- for me, the clitoral stimulator has been more important). Although the shaft is soft (due to the Jelly), it is pretty rigid; it has a metal pole that essentially goes down the middle of it that aids with the thrusting action, so you can't really bend it. I have personally enjoyed the bird shape of the clitoral stimulator, and the fact that it is Jelly makes it soft when using it.

I would suggest carefully cleaning the toy due to its material and the ribbed shaft. From what I have read online, you should also not store it with other toys. I store it by wrapping it up in some cloth; I got mine on sale, but for the retail price I wish it would have come with better packaging or bag to store it.

The handle is made of plastic. I have no complaints about that, except that it feels like a pretty large base to me. It is certainly not waterproof.

Now, some of you might be interested to know how the Jelly has held up after over two years. There are no rips in the Jelly on the main shaft, but you can see flat air bubbles below the ribbed area. It also does not provide a perfect seal at the bottom of the shaft (but then again, this toy is not waterproof). The Jelly is not as clear as it used to be (you can tell this in the clear area of the shaft), but that seems to be age. About two months ago, I noticed a tear in the wing of the bird. I don't know how it happened, but I am chalking it up to wear and tear. I have had no problems with the beads to date. I have included pictures below that are more close up for this reason, but remember my toy is NOT NEW (thus, this is not the condition you will get it in!).

By the way, I just cleaned the toy before taking these pictures, and you may already see some random lint on it. Like I said, lint magnet! Also, in one of the pictures you'll notice a little bit of white glue on the handle -- I lost the back to the toy for a while, and used duck tape to cover it up. I mention this because if the batteries are not held in correctly (and it can be hard to hold all 4AAs), it doesn't work or work well at all. No matter how tightly I put the tape, it just didn't make the same connection - since finding the cap, it works just fine.

Air bubbles (after two years)
Not a perfect seal (not waterproof)
Not a perfect seal (you can lift up the Jelly; creates air bubbles)
Tear in bird wing recently after over two years of use
    • Porous
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

I personally liked the design of this toy. I'm a fan of purple (as opposed to, for example, blues or pinks), and I thought that the bird clitoral stimulator (I imagine it's a hummingbird) was a cute departure from the traditional rabbit. It is actually pretty detailed- the bird's entire body has etchings of feathers, and even the base around where the bird is has faint etchings of leaves. The shaft is ribbed, which feels nice because the material is soft, but honestly, I can't really tell when it's inserted. The top of the shaft looks pretty realistic, but not in a vulgar way.

Although I found the base to be sort of large, it's nice that it can stand on the base on its own. It also allows for a clear division between the Jelly material and the plastic, so that if you're using lube you don't have a hard time gripping it around the handle.

As I have mentioned above, I don't think this size is ideal for super new beginners (I find it on the large side), but it's good for those who have some experience with rabbits (although it may not provide all the strong stimulation every lady out there may need). This toy is not easy to hide due to its size (you can throw it under a pillow, or blanket, or in your drawer if you need to... but someone could easily find it and it's obvious that it's an adult toy). I don't think it is suitable for travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are located in the clit (bird) attachment. It honestly works well for me; I have no trouble reaching my clit with it when inserted, and the Jelly materials makes it easy to bend if needed. I think the clitoral function is best (or has been for me). The thrusting is interesting.... but not that impressive and not nearly as strong as if you or your partner was thrusting any other rabbit inside of you by hand. I do however enjoy the rotating pearls and head. Although I can't really feel any of the texture, I can definitely feel the rotation, and I do enjoy it (simultaneously with clit stimulation, usually not alone).

The toy is pretty noisy (in regards to vibration) -- I think you could use it safely behind closed doors, but I would be careful for those of you who have roommates and value your privacy.

I found the controls easy to use; although the base is large, it is much preferred to a rabbit that has a control pack. It has two separate arrow controls, one for increasing/decreasing vibration speed on the clitoral stimulator, and the other for increasing/decreasing rotation/thrusting speed. It also has a separate on/off button and a separate button that reverses the direction of the rotation.

It's definitely not waterproof -- I would even be careful when cleaning. As you can see in the picture below, when the lid is off, the microchip part of the vibrator is completely exposed.

Not waterproof
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

I clean this toy regular before and after use (and sometimes even when I don't plan on using it, just to keep it fairly clean) with soap and water. It attracts lint and hair very easily, so cleaning it is a must (and if you plan to use it, I suggest using it almost immediately after you clean it, because it'll start attracting lint within minutes of being out in the open air). It is a Jelly, so it's a porous material, so I would not recommend sharing it even if you clean it (my understanding is you can't realize sterilize this type of material).

The toy did not come in a box that I found worth keeping, or easy to store it in, so I threw it away and I store it in my chest of drawers wrapped away from other toys. My understanding is that you want to store Jelly toys separate from your other toys because it can affect the smell, as well as the material of other toys. I use this only with a water-based lube, as that seems the safest bet for most toys (and was recommended to me by my gynecologist, as I am sensitive to UTIs).
    • High maintenance


This part of my review will be the most lacking because I bought it back in 2010, so I have a hard time remembering. I remember that it came in a simple box that was not very discreet. It included adequate instructions (no batteries I believe), but the box was not worth keeping to use for storage. I bought this item on sale, but if I had bought it for the retail price, I think it should include nicer packaging, or at least a bag to store it in.
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

I have tried to give a fair review about this toy, but I want to remind you that I don't have a lot to compare it to. I just purchased the L'Amour Thumper (by the same company apparently) and hope to do a follow up to this review to let you know how it compares. Overall, I have certainly enjoyed this toy over the years and plan to keep it regardless of how well my new L'Amour works for me. It has been reliable and helps me achieve orgasm pretty easily on the strongest settings (within minutes). However, I can imagine that it would not be strong enough for some of you. Case in point: I was reading the Lelo Mia 2 reviews and saw that some people didn't think the vibrations were super strong... I got the Mia 2 today and could not use it on its strongest vibe setting (I thought it was too intense!), whereas I can use the strongest setting on this rabbit. I mention this for comparison.

This has been an enjoyable toy for me, and because I got it on sale and it has lasted me so long, I do not regret the purchase. I would recommend it to others if you can find it on sale and are careful with using it due to the material. I am not sure I would recommend it at the retail price. I also do not think the thrusting action is strong enough to make it worth the retail price, compared to other rabbits. Although I am limited in my experience, I think you can get other higher class vibrators for the same price (that come in better packaging and are made of safer materials). Although I have enjoyed this rabbit more than the old Classic Rabbit Pearl I had (that I bought for under $20), I don't think it's worth the almost $100 price difference (again, if you're buying it retail), as the old basic rabbit would get me off almost as reliably (although the shaft wouldn't fill me up as much).


Most of this I have mentioned above, but I will sum up here: I have great orgasms with this toy when using both the shaft for penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. My boyfriend found the toy to be a bit intimidating due to its size. I find it easy to use in solo play, but my boyfriend found it difficult to use on me (he wasn't very familiar with the controls, but was able to use it fine when properly instructed). It's not very easy to use with him during sex, so I would recommend mostly for solo play. Finally, I have a dog and cat, and this picks up fur and lint super super easily --- clean it regularly and well, and be aware that Jelly is a porous material and not for everyone. Also, although this rabbit works well for me in terms of its girth and length (and the fact that the bird hits my clit just right), one size may not fit all. Thus, it may be best if you have some experience with a more basic and affordable rabbit, and see if you like it before purchasing this one.

I am giving the toy three stars because I do not think that the cons make it worth the retail price. However, I want to make it clear that I have enjoyed this toy, and I believe you would enjoy it too if you have enjoyed other basic rabbits in the past (but are not a 'power queen,' as they say). If this toy were on sale, I think I would give it four stars.
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