Envy Three's powerful, rumbly vibrations make it a must-have!

Jopen's Envy Three might look like just a dull traditional vibrator, but its lovely silicone exterior and amazing vibrations make it a must-have in my toy box. If you're someone that loves strong, rumbly vibrations, the Envy Three is an amazing choice.
Powerful and rumbly vibrations, Good size, Quiet, Nice patterns, Rechargeable, Easy to use
Only available in pink, Design might be a little dull to some, Silicone has a slight odor
Rating by reviewer:
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This is a traditional style luxury vibrator. For me, this was an excellent, multi-purpose toy, and I think it would be a fantastic choice for both beginners and more advanced users -- despite the fact that its shape is not too exciting. Its vibrations more than make up for its somewhat uninspired appearance.

The Envy Three is a completely straight vibrator, with no g-spot curve at all. This doesn't mean that the toy isn't fun to use internally, though, as you can still thrust with the to, which feels lovely. My favorite way to use the Envy Three, however, is to use it on my clitoris. Envy Three's tapered head allows me to get amazing pinpoint stimulation, while the rest of the body provides me with a way to get a really great hold on the toy.

This toy can be taken to play in the water, as well, so it really is a very versatile toy.

Whatever you do, though, you shouldn't use this toy anally. This toy is a relatively small vibrator and it doesn't have a flared base, so there's nothing to prevent it from accidentally slipping in too far.

Material / Texture

The Envy Three is made out of body-safe silicone. Silicone rates as a 10 on Eden's safety scale as it is hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex-free, and phthalates-free.

The silicone on this toy is a thin layer placed over a more firm exterior. The toy has no give to it at all. It won't bend or squish in anyway. The good thing about this thin layer is that it causes the vibrations to transfer very well; some squishier silicone toys can cause the vibrations to seem somewhat weak. That's not the case here.

The silicone is super soft to the touch -- almost velvety. It does have some drag, however, so a water-based lubricant may be desired. Also, despite being described as seamless on the packaging, this toy does have a slight seam. the seam is not super obvious, but I can feel it with my fingertips. Still, it poses no issue when I use the toy, so I can't complain really.

There is no texture on this toy; it's completely smooth. So, texture lovers, you might be disappointed.

The toy does have a slight powdery scent (and feel) to it. It's not unpleasant, but it's there. I only notice it when I hold the toy directly under my nose, so it's also not overwhelming.

Design / Shape / Size

Envy is basically just a large bullet vibrator. It measures 7" in length, and technically, you can insert the whole thing, if you choose. I tend to just insert all but an inch of it, as I need something to hold onto. The girth of this is moderate, measuring 1 1/2" in diameter, or 4 3/4" in circumference. To be clear, though, this measurement is for the widest part of the toy, which actually the bottom -- the very top of the toy is just slightly slimmer than this. Size queens won't be wow'd by this, but the size should be great for most users. For me, it was fantastic; just enough to make me feel pleasantly full.

The design is very basic, with the toy being just a straight toy; there's no g-spot curve, or anything like that, so your you won't get much stimulation there from this one. It does have a slightly tapered tip, though, which allows for easy insertion. The tip also allows for pinpoint stimulation when you use this toy externally.

While the design of this toy is simple and unrealistic, this toy still looks like a sex toy. No one is going to look at this and think that it's a massager, really. So, no, it's not a discreet toy, by any means. I would still consider it to be travel friendly, though, mainly as it has a "lock" feature.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Envy 3 is a USB rechargeable vibrator; meaning, you simply plug it into computer to charge. If that's not convenient for you, there are wall plugs available for charging USB devices -- though this vibrator does not come with a wall plug.

This toy is controlled by two buttons on the bottom. The buttons are fairly close together, so it can be easy to hit the wrong one until you get the hang of it. One of the buttons controls the strength of the vibrations, and the other controls the patterns/functions. The one that controls the patterns is marked with a slightly raised F, whereas the other button is not marked at all. The raised F does make it easier to tell which button is which while you're playing.

Both of the buttons will turn the toy on. The unmarked button will start you off with steady vibrations, whereas the F button will start you off with patterns. If you do press the unmarked button and then decide that you want to switch to patterns, that's fine, you can simply press the F button while the toy is already going, too.

The vibrations of the toy are rumbly and deep. At the lowest setting, they're a very deep, rumbly low 2 vrooms, whereas they're a high four vrooms on the highest setting. They're located primarily in the head of the toy, but they do travel well down the toys smooth body. To adjust the intensity of the vibrations, you hold down the unmarked button. A light will flash while you do this, and then it'll come to a steady glow when you reach the highest setting. All of the vibration settings are relatively quiet; I wouldn't use this in the same room as someone else, but I have used it with someone else in the next room. No one was able to detect that this was being used through my door.

As for the patterns, this toy has seven of them. I'm not a pattern girl, so I don't use the patterns very much, but it's cool that they're available to those that like them. The patterns you will find here are your standard patterns, really. There's escalating, pulsating, roller coaster, and combinations of escalating and pulsating.

When you're done playing, simply press the unmarked button one time, and the toy will shut off. When you go to play again, the toy will remember the pattern that you last left off at, but it will not remember the last intensity that you used.

As a frequent traveler, one of my favorite features of this toy is that it's able to be locked. To lock it, you simply press both buttons at the same time for a few seconds, until both lights go off. To unlock it, press both buttons until both buttons light up at the same time.

Finally, this toy is waterproof. I was slightly apprehensive about submerging it, since the charging port is open, but like my other Jopen vibrators, this one survived its trip into the bathtub with me.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is made out of silicone, so it's really easy to care for.

Firstly, if you need lubricant with this one, you should water-based lubricants. Personally, I didn't need to use any lube with this one. While a high quality silicone-based lubricant may be able to be used, you're going to want to do a spot test first. This is because silicone-based lubes can sometimes destroy silicone toys. Although, it should be noted that I have never had this happen, myself.

Next up, you are, of course, going to want to keep your toy clean. This toy is a lint magnet, so you're going to want to clean it before and after each use. How I clean this toy varies... Sometimes I use antibacterial soap and warm water, and other times I use a toy cleaning spray. Either way works just fine. You could also use a toy cleaning wipe, or even a bleach solution. I wouldn't recommend boiling this toy or throwing it in the dishwasher, though, as doing either of those things could ruin the motor.

Now that your toy is nice and clean, you're going to want to store it some place, right? Sadly, this toy doesn't come with a pouch, so I simply store it in a Ziploc bag for now, which I then place in my toy box. You could really store this anywhere, though, but I would suggest a pouch or bag of some kind, just as this toy attracts lint like crazy.


The packaging was a fairly nice, sturdy cardboard box, which arrives covered in plastic wrap. The box is black, pink, and white, and has "Envy by Jopen" written on the front. The back of the box displays a photograph of the Envy 3, and lists basic information about the toy.

The box has a little magnetic flap to keep the box shot. Upon opening this flap, you'll see a nice foam insert which holds Envy (and the charger) perfectly in place. My only complaint here is that Jopen did not include a storage pouch for the toy -- it's a high priced toy, and I had expected one.

The package could certainly be used for storage; it's sturdy, and it's fairly discreet until you look at the back of it. For gifting, though, I'd suggest wrapping it up, as the packaging isn't all that luxurious.

Personal comments

Many people will wonder how this compares to the Salsa by We-Vibe. I have the Salsa, and it is one of my favorite toys, but I think that I prefer the Envy Three a little bit more. The Envy Three is made out of silicone, whereas the Salsa is plastic; I personally prefer the soft silicone. Also, the Three is much bigger and is, therefore, insertable, unlike the Salsa, so it's a more versatile toy.

As for power? The Salsa does seem to be slightly more powerful, but I think that the Envy Three is a little more rumbly and deep, which is what I truly enjoy.
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  • Contributor: *Camoprincess*
    Great review thanks for sharing I will be waiting to see some more reviews. I am glad to hear that its deep and rumbly when it comes to the vibrations
  • Contributor: Zombirella
    Hmmm, I think you've sold me on getting one of these to see if I like it. This was a great review! While I'd like to wait on other reviews, I'm just too impatient to do so . Thanks for the comparison to Salsa.
  • Contributor: travelnurse
    Thanks for the review. I have the one and I am not that impressed with it.
  • Contributor: SMichelle
    Travelnurse -- is it the Three that you own? Just curious, as I took at your blog and saw you had reviewed the Envy One (different than this one). What didn't you like about the one that you received?
  • Contributor: SMichelle
    Also -- sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy it, travelnurse.
  • Contributor: sunkissedJess
    Thanks for reviewing this! Great job
  • Contributor: Rossie
    Rumbly and deep vibrations sounded nice -- but I still prefer something with a more distinctive shape. Thank you for the great review.
  • Contributor: Kitka
    Awesome review on this one! The price seems a bit steep for something so traditional, I fear it may be too boring for me. Thanks for sharing this with us
  • Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Great review, again glad to hear you enjoyed it, I am still going to wait for more reviews. It is a steep price for this and I don't own the Salsa either to know how that feels. Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: Lildrummrgurl7
    Thanks for the review. I was wondering how this compared to the Salsa, thanks for mentioning it
  • Contributor: wicked48
    Great review! Thanks!
  • Contributor: chicmichiw
    Super review! I'm so glad you posted it! I was worried that it wouldn't be powerful -- I just ordered the Envy one, so hopefully it's as great as you say the three is!
  • Contributor: Woman China
    Makes me wonder if the silicone is really a good quality silicone if it has a scent.

    Nice review! My ears perked up at the hearing of rumbley vibrations! I hope mine gets here soon!
  • Contributor: Wicked Wahine
    Thanks for he review, I just received mine & I find the silicone very different than any I have felt from Jopen before. It certainly has more drag. I have only been able to charge mine, not use it yet, but wow, the rumbles are fantastic, especially at lower settings.

    @Woman China, the smell is like a very solvent like and I wonder if it's a glue they used in making this? I only smelled it when close up, but it is much better now that it aired out!
  • Contributor: Mwar
    Hmm... I'm still undecided about the Envy toys. The more recent Jopens seem to be full of debacles. Thanks for being brave and trying out the product for the rest of us
  • Contributor: amplified to rock
    Great review! Thanks! I'm tempted, even though this is hella pricey.
  • Contributor: SMichelle
    Wicked Wahine -- mine doesn't smell like glue. It smells powdery, if that makes sense. I've had some Je Joue toys that have had this same type of scent to it.
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