Rabbit vibrator with rotating beads

Expecting O's But Getting No's

My overall opinion of the Dancing Rabbit is that a customer would be better off to just spend a little bit more money to purchase a more sturdy and quality-made item. If you are shopping on a budget and just want an item that will get the job done, then this piece will suffice, but that's about it.
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First impression

Once the Dancing Rabbit appeared on my doorstep, I unboxed it and was a little disappointed with the presentation of this item. It came in a very plain, unmarked box that made it seem very cheaply made and presented. I even made a comment to my friend that was here when I unboxed it about it looking like it was directly shipped from one of those oversea manufacturers that you can purchase for dirt cheap off of Ebay. Taking the rabbit out of its box didn't exactly improve my first impression because it is poorly designed with plastic and cheap rubber. My automatic thought is that this product won't last long in my toy box because I honestly feel like it will break after a few uses. I'll post a follow-up review in a few weeks and see if my opinion has changed by then.

First Impression

Opening Box

First Use

I always try out my toys as a solo session when I first get them, and I pretty generally keep them in the bedroom unless it's an item that I can incorporate into my webcam shows. My first experience was better than I expected due to my first impression, but that's not really saying much. I had a mild orgasm with my initial test run, but I think that was more credited to the porn I was watching than it was the toy itself. The shaft doesn't have its own vibration mode, it only has the rotation modes, so the only vibration is from the clitoral stimulators. The clit stims are a lot stronger than I presumed but still not exactly to my liking because they are really flexible and jelly-like, and I personally like more firm stims on my clit.

Standing Photo

Paper Towel Roll Comparison

Further Experience

The variety of functions that the rabbit provides is impressive because there are so many options to choose from. The texture is alright, but it wouldn't be my first choice compared to the vibrators that have the more realistic silicone; it's not skin-like or soft, it's just a gel rubber. This rubber also seems to be very easily separated from the actual device, so I have not experimented with this device in any kind of water environment; I don't think it could really handle it without damaging the internal pieces. The size is also something that I would comment on negatively because it seems like it would be decent for someone who likes smaller-sized dicks, but for a more advanced toy user, this doesn't really equal up in length or girth, in my opinion. I mean, its size is adequate, but nothing spectacular or to brag about.

Vibration Map

The vibrations in the clitoral stimulator are top-notch, but the shaft is not so much. Basically, the vibes that you feel within the shaft are just ripples from how extreme the vibes are from the stimulator. Overall, this vibrator would get the job done if you were really needing to get an orgasm, but it wouldn't be your first choice in your toy box. I use this piece as a backup for when my other toys' batteries are dead.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This orgasm was a very mediocre one, but like I already said, it at least got the job done. Maybe if its size was just a tad more girthy, my orgasm might have been a little better.
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