Thorn bird - traditional vibrator by Nasstoys - review by Red Riding Hood

Thorn bird

Traditional vibrator by Nasstoys

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Feeling a little thorny!

This is a decent toy, although not wonderful. It's worth the buy if you're someone that adores texture and is very visual like me. It's definitely interesting, but leaves something to be desired if you're someone who likes or needs a strong motor.
Beautiful, low cost, thorns that are very stimulating.
Battery chamber comes off or dial turns too easily, difficult to insert, weak motor.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I took a lot of time to examine and feel out this toy. I was eager to see what it would be like. I had a feeling the photo wouldn't do it justice. In the package, it didn't seem so intimidating. I was pleased with the initial impression I got and quickly removed it to find that it was much bigger than I had thought. It wasn't so much the body itself as the body plus the thorns. Although I like this toy, I'm not in love with it like some I own. I love the way it looks, but the function isn't as fantastic as I had imagined.

The size was the first thing I noticed. I then noticed that the thorns weren't as soft as I had thought they were going to be. The jelly material is quite firm all over, which is good in some ways. It feels more durable than some other jelly toys I've used and it holds up well when used aggressively. However, this is the same case for the thorns and I wasn't entirely pleased with that. It still looked mighty appealing and I was still into the idea of using it. The color is a lot more vivid in the product than the photos let on, which catered to my love for vibrant and beautiful toys.

The structure is pretty standard in shape with long thorns along the shaft. Some of these are about half an inch long and some are shorter. They aren't hard by any means, but they are firm. The tip of the toy has a realistic shape, but is rather large. Due to this, insertion of the toy was so complicated that I gave up and literally just used the toy to stimulate my clitoris. The vibrations were not as strong as I had hoped, but enough that I was satisfied. The bottom of the battery chamber and the base of the toy function as the dial for the settings. I could feel about 4 varied speeds using this dial from a weak cell phone strength to a strength that could tickle your fingers. It doesn't take much stimulation to get the job done for me. That said, I'm sure some women would find the toy a bit on the weak side. I didn't really even bother to use the two lower settings as they did nothing for me.

The insertable length is alright. For women who want a deep thrust, it probably wouldn't be long enough, but girth makes up for that. I'm not entirely sure how the thorns would feel inside the body, but I loved the feeling it created when used on the vulva. I even used it without the vibrating function and although it tickled a bit, it was amazing. So, this toy has a good side. It also has the dull side with a weak motor. Aside from the weak motor, my only other gripe is that the dial and battery chamber come loose far too easily. It's also easy for the settings to change just as you're on the verge of an amazing orgasm. That said, for those who want something interesting with a great texture, this toy is awesome. It's on the cheaper side if you're low on money, doesn't have a strong odor (although it has a slight plastic odor) and it's beautiful.

Once again, I'm not in love with this toy. I'm glad I have it and I enjoy the use of it, but it's not one that would be my first pick out of the toy box.
I was completely unable to insert this toy. I'm sure with time and determination I could have achieved this, but I found that I liked the sensation of the thorns on the outside of my body and got distracted. I also got frustrated trying to insert the product because the battery chamber kept coming open.
Follow-up commentary
Well, after many attempts I was not able to insert this toy. The size was just too painful and the thorns didn't help. I also noticed that after a couple uses the toy seemed to be even louder than before. I still think it creates a delicious feeling when used to stroke the outside of the body. It's a painful/tickle type of feeling and does wonders. If there were a clitoral vibrator with the same idea, they might be onto something. However, this toy seems almost useless as it's not good for penetration which defeats the purpose of it being the style it is. Perhaps I can find a lady brave enough with enough patience to insert this thing and it will be useful for what it's intended.

The smell of the toy wasn't bad to begin with, but faded completely after cleaning twice. There is no bothersome odor at all. However, it is hard to clean. Being a jelly material makes it hard enough, but the thorns complicate that. It is also impossible to use with a condom that isn't so big that it will slip off or so small that it will tear on the thorns. For hygiene reasons alone, this toy loses some points. I still think it's a decent vibe when it comes to strength, but I'm really not feeling that it's a good insertion tool. And I think that even if it were possible for me to insert it, the discomfort would prevent me from reaching orgasm. It's a shame because it's a really beautiful toy.
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  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Too bad you couldn't use it for penetration. It looks like it would be a cross between pleasure and pain.
  • Red Riding Hood
    I'm sure with enough patience I could, but perhaps other people wouldn't have that issue. It's still a pretty good toy and the thorns feel great on the outside!
  • Machina
    ouch! It looks painful.
  • Red Riding Hood
    It isn't as thorny as it looks. The thorns have some give. Just not as much as I thought they would. It may be painful once inserted, but I've yet to even achieve that. Hopefully I'll have those results in the follow-up review.
  • AlaskanBeauty
    looks scary!
  • systematicweasel
    Great review, ^^
  • Kdlips
    Great review
  • Zombirella
    Thanks for sharing
  • Retro.old
    Thank you!
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