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Femme fatale clit teaser pleaser

Butterfly strap-on vibrator by Nasstoys

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Femme Fatale-y Mediocre

Though this toy has good vibrations, it is a little loud. I can't use it when anyone is home who I don't want to overhear. The remote is easy to use; the toy is designed to fit just about anyone. This toy has the potential to be hard to clean, is not waterproof and could wear down and break depending on use. The TPR material is soft, the elastic is thin enough that it doesn't bite into skin and the design lends itself to a cornucopia of experiences because of the hands-free aspect.
Remote is easy to use, good vibes, stays in place decently
LOUD, TPR likely to break over time, hard to clean
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The Femme Fatale Clit Teaser Pleaser is a strap on clitoris stimulator. It straps on with 2 elastic bands around the thighs and one around the whole middle (I'll describe this more on the design section). Once strapped in, there is a wire which plugs into the remote control. The toy switches on and you are good to go to enjoy.

This toy is a good one to use both before and during sex. Because of the way it straps on it can be used as a hands free device. Once it's on and in position, the user is free to explore other areas. The toy, or the straps, don’t get in the way of penetration, so you can really have a whole cornucopia of experiences with this toy. The most positive aspect of the toy is really that you don’t have to sit there and hold it to your erogenous zones the entire time. It doesn't seem like a big chore, but when you can just strap in and feel nice, it opens a lot of doors. This device is intended to be a clitoral stimulator, although on the box it does say “Vaginal AND clitoral Teaser.” I probably wouldn't use this toy as a vaginal toy because of the cleaning aspect, but if that’s what you want to do, it could technically be safe to do so.
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    • Couples
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    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

Because this toy is made of a few different components, I will go over all the the parts separately:

The Remote: It seems to be made out of hard plastic, with a hole for the wire to be plugged in, and the buttons are made of a softer plastic.

The straps: They are made of elastic that has a LOT of stretch to it. This should fit MOST people without being too uncomfortable. The elastic is 1/4 of an inch thick. The thinness of it makes it feel less constricting than if they had used thicker, and it also allows the material to stretch a little more. The hooks on the straps are hard plastic.

The toy itself: The interior is either metal or silver plastic. This is where the vibrator is contained. I have pictures of this in the "design section." It is coated in a layer of TPR material (a 7 on the safety scale) and that means it is somewhat porous and not able to be fully sanitized which is more porous than silicone or other nonporous materials. However, because this toy was designed as a clitoral stimulator, it shouldn't get TOO many fluids on it unless you or your partner squirt or ejaculate on it. The toy has a few ridges on it, but I didn't notice them when I was using the product. They might be there to help keep the toy in place better, as opposed to providing a texture for pleasurable purposes.
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

I was pleased with the concept of the design for this toy. There was only one aspect that I could really nit pick about, and I will talk about this before describing the rest of the toy. Where the straps attach to the toy, the only thing keeping them on is a thin layer of TPR material. They punched a hole, basically, into the jelly, inserted the elastic, and sealed the elastic with a metal thing. What happens to jelly when it stretches? It tears, ever so slightly. What happens when jelly gets stretched multiple times? The jelly wears down, and eventually breaks. On this toy, it seems very likely that after a fairly short period of time, the jelly will break. THEN you won't have a strap there. Then you just have some vibrator in your hands, and while that's nice, it defeats the purpose of the toy.

The rest of the toy is pretty straight forward and acceptable.

The fraying you see in the pictures was after 2 uses. I'm not sure how this will effect the toy over time, but I expect the fraying to continue.

The remote control has two buttons: an on/off switch, and a mode switch. I really like this design with toys. I've mentioned it in other reviews I've done. A direct on/off switch means if I hear someone coming and need my toy off NOW, I don't have to go through a ridiculous amount of effort to do this. The remote control is almost 4 inches long and an inch and a half wide.

There is also a nub on the toy which I *assumed* was supposed to sit on the clit and stimulate it. However, it was too small and awkward to really do anything, and that part of the toy vibrated pretty well as it was without it. The vibrating portion of the toy measures 2 inches long and about an inch across for the actual vibrating bit. With the "wings" included, it is 2 inches across.

All in all, I think that the size of the toy is adequate for most users, although if you are particularly large or small, this toy may not work. The elastic has a LOT of give to it, but the TPR where it's hooked on can only be stretched so much. However, I really don't foresee this being a problem for fitting because there is a HUGE range of adjustments that can be made in either direction.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Femme Fatale Clit Teaser has 5 separate functions. In order: Low, high, pulse, short/fast pulse, and short pulse followed by a long pulse (bzz bzzzzzz bzz bzzzzzz...)The vibrations on this toy are pretty strong. Once you've adjusted yourself into the contraption (which admittedly took a minute to figure out), there's no doubt you'll be able to feel them. Now, with their strength comes a decent bit of noise. This is probably the loudest toy I own. So if you have roommates or someone you don't want to know you're using toys, this probably isn't the toy for you. It can easily be heard under covers and probably through a closed door.

The controls are easy to get to though, so even if you're worried someone might hear it, you can flick it on and off really quickly. The on/off button is a little smaller than the mode button, so even if you're not looking at the remote, you should be able to differentiate between the two.

This toy is NOT waterproof. NOT. I wouldn't chance getting any toy wet that didn't specifically say "waterproof" but with all the wires and batteries, I really wouldn't chance it. The Femme Fatale Clit Pleaser also requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included. I like that it uses AAA because they are easy to pick up anywhere.
    • Not very discreet
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

This will probably be my toughest toy to clean and keep clean. Not because I'm particularly messy, but because of all the different materials. The elastic is fabric-ish, but you can't just throw this in the wash to sanitize that. So, if it gets gross, you could soap and water it but that might not do you a ton of good.
The TPR collects lint. This is a toy you'll want to wash before and after use, either very carefully with soap and water, or better yet, with a toy cleaner wipe. The remote you can probably wipe with a sanitizing wipe like Lysol or wet ones.

Because this toy will collect lint and because the straps make this toy get easily tangled in other toys, I am opting to keep this toy in its original box. The box keeps everything nice and neat and relatively lint free. If you don't use the box, you could wrap this toy in a lint free cloth for storage. If you don't mind lint, just make sure it's not touching other toys to be sure nothing reacts with it.

This is not made of silicone, so a silicone lube is safe with it, but I opt for water-based. Water-based lubes don't react with toy materials and easily wash off just about everything.
    • Hard to clean


This toy came in a 4 1/2 by 7 inch box. This makes it easy to toss into my toy box without taking up too much room. The last review I did, there was a severe lack of packaging which I was severely disappointed over. I was happy to receive this toy in a box. The packaging makes me want to use the toy. I don't like the picture of the toy on the box (or on this site, for that matter) because I feel like it misrepresents the size of the toy and its remote. This is a really small matter though and I would rather have a misrepresented toy size than no packaging at all.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

I really like the concept of this toy. I had some difficulty getting it to sit where I wanted it to sit on my body, but I tend to be a wiggle worm and am still relatively new to the toy. I'm sure with time, I will get it to sit more correctly and get a better experience out of it. It wasn't that I didn't have a good experience with it, but there were other things going on at the time that took my focus away from the toy itself.

The straps were easy to figure out and the remote was easy to reach. If this toy had reinforced where the straps and the toy meet (to make the TPR less likely to break over time, as seen in design picture), I would would trust this toy more. If this toy were a little quieter, I would use this toy more. But for the amount of loudness this toy has, it's not going to be able to come out of my toy box except when I know no one else will be home to walk in and wonder "is that a bee in the house?"

These are minor things. It certainly wouldn't keep my from buying the toy. I was curious about this type of toy, and while it didn't exceed my expectations, it met them. In some things, all you can ask is that something MEETS your expectations. I was satisfied, but not blown away.


My partner had me put this toy on before he got me all tied down and teased me for an hour or so. This type of toy was perfect for this. His hands were free to do other things, and mine were free to be tied up. While it's possible to use rope or other materials to hold vibes in place, it is much nicer to have one specifically designed to stay in place. I enjoyed the level of vibration and didn't feel the elastic overly much. I didn't feel like it was cutting into my skin at all, which I sort of expected. It was nice that it didn't.
Follow-up commentary
My original concerns with this toy are still the same. I honestly just don't use this toy unless it's the only one that's nearby at the time. It hasn't broken yet, which surprises me. However, since I've only used it 3 times in the last few months, that's not too surprising. It doesn't quite sit correctly on my anatomy, and although the toy has decent vibes, I feel like I spend more time fiddling with it than enjoying it. This is definitely one of those toys I feel is better in concept than in design.
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    I agree, the TPR holes in the wings need to be reinforced or they will tear over time rendering it useless for hands-free fun! Thanks for the thorough review and I'm surprised it worked so well!
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    I agree about it being a great concept and I have not yet heard of anyone managing to produce a well functioning model. Maybe we need to get Dyson to work on solving the problems with sex toys... I really mean that! Wouldn't it be great? Too bad few could afford whatever they ended up making, lol!
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