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Flower Power!

The G-Spot Sunflower is a great vibrator for the price. It offers strong vibrations with an easy-to-use dial control. The material is very flexible, which makes solo and partnered use very easy. The texture on the G-Spot Sunflower is another benefit, it offers an unintimidating introduction for those new to bumps and ridges. Overall, I think this vibrator would be great for those who might want a more flexible, yet still powerful, g-spot vibrator.
Good power, great shape, easy to hold, dial located on side of handle and not bottom
Smelly at first, lint trap, not a toy that can be used for pressure
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The G-spot Sunflower is a vibrator from Doc Johnson that is aimed to be suited for, obviously, g-spot stimulation. You do not have to just use it for vaginal insertion though, as it does a great job stimulating other erogenous zones. I have had fun using this vibrator to tease the nipples, stimulate the clitoris and surrounding labia, as well as gently arousing the perineum. I would not suggest inserting this anally, it does not have a flared base.

Whether you are looking for a toy to use by yourself, or a vibrator to use on your partner, the G-Spot Sunflower would make a great choice. It is best suited for personal masturbation, but its soft material allows a partner to easily use it on you without hurting your sensitive areas.
It's waterproof, so it's an ideal choice for your personal solo toy.

Material / Texture

When I took the G-Spot Sunflower out of its package, I was clearly met with a strong, chemical smell. I expected as much from a toy made out of TPE (which the packaging confirmed). I have washed it a few times since, and the scent has definitely lessened and is no longer distractingly strong. I did stick the toy in my mouth, and there is no taste to it. So, to the people out there wanting to stick vibrators in their mouths, enjoy!

The toy is given a little extra texture by raised sunflowers along the shaft. The texture is interesting, but it definitely is not something that will overwhelm users who are used to smooth, flat surfaces. I did not actually notice it too much when inserted.

Now, because this toy is TPE, it is not a solid, firm vibrator at all. This is a benefit if you are not used to inserting toys vaginally, but it is also a bit of a frustration if you are someone who likes pressure. I need clitoral pressure, so I found my arm tiring out after a few minutes of using G-Spot Sunflower externally.
As someone new to g-spot oriented toys, I was not too disappointed with the less rigid texture internally. It let me explore without hurting myself. I have a fear of hinging something on my pelvic bone (after an unfortunate run-in with a textured glass toy), and I found myself totally relaxed when I was using this toy. The G-Spot Sunflower is definitely not intimidating or unforgiving.

Design / Shape / Size

The G-spot Sunflower is a full-feeling vibrator. It measures in at 8.5" long, with 6" of that for insertion. The girth of this toy is a good 5 inches, the diameter is about 1 5/8". I was actually a little surprised when I took this toy out of its box, it was bigger than I had imagined it would be. It was not an issue, though, because it has a very flexible material.

The design of this toy gives it a few slight bulges along its shaft. They are very slight, though, and not too much to handle vaginally. The tip of the toy is angled so that the user can easily manipulate it to massage the g-spot. It actually reminded me of a few other designs out there. A nice addition to this design was a slight curve at the bottom, handle part of the toy. That made it easier to hold.

If you are looking for a discreet piece of art, you will not find it with this Sunflower. It looks like a vibrator. Its size also makes it difficult to leave out on your bedside table without being easily spotted by guests. It would also be difficult to travel with- it is over eight inches long, so good luck sticking that in your handbag! If you were to take it with you in your luggage on vacation, be sure to remove the batteries or you might have it accidentally turn on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The G-spot Sunflower has multispeed vibrations, but no patterned options. These vibrations are activated by a dial control on the side of the handle at the bottom of the vibrator. I really liked that the dial part was located on the side of the handle, this made it easier to control without slipping or accidentally hitting it. In the past, dial controls would annoy me to no end because they roll a bit too easily one way or another. This dial was designed very well, I did not accidentally twist it while using the G-spot Sunflower.

The vibrations were wonderful on this vibrator. The motor is located up near the top of the shaft, but the vibrations travel throughout the entire vibrator pretty evenly. As for the power on the G-spot Sunflower, I have to say I was pretty impressed. They were not weak at all, and I was able to use this toy for a clitoral orgasm- which I cannot do with low-powered vibrators. Also, while applying pressure is frustrating with the G-spot Sunflower, the vibrations do not slow or muffle when doing so.

As for noise level, this toy is not annoyingly loud. It does increase in volume when you twist the dial up. On the highest setting, it is pretty loud but not distracting and not able to be heard over the shower with the door closed. That brings me to another feature of the G-spot Sunflower: it is waterproof! The first time I used this toy was in the shower, which I was nervous about. There is a nice seal around the battery compartment, so it held up under the shower stream. After using it, I held it under the shower head and inspected it outside of the bathroom. It is indeed waterproof; no water droplets were found inside of its battery compartment.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is pretty easy to take care of, considering it is waterproof. You can wipe down the toy with a damp soapy cloth, use your toy cleaner, or even rinse it off directly in the sink or shower. It is TPE, though, so it cannot be 100% sterilized. If you are going to share this toy with someone else, I would recommend using a condom. The texture of this toy does not make cleaning difficult, the sunflowers do not have deep grooves to trap dirt.

The G-spot Sunflower does attract lint and stray hairs though, so it is a good idea to keep it stored somewhere away from those elements. Since the basic, plastic packaging does not come with a pouch, you could store it in the box itself or a separate storage container. The box does seem to hold a lot of that chemical odor though, so I would recommend just keeping this in another storage container.

This toy is TPE/TPR but it is silicone lube compatible. I did a spot check before slathering mine in my favorite silicone lubricant, and it held up just fine without any noticeable wear or deterioration. The Doc Johnson box does say it is compatible with silicone lubricant as well, so it should be fine for all models of the G-spot Sunflower. However, there is no harm in using water-based lubricant either!
Follow-up commentary
While G-spot Sunflower is an awesome, powerful vibrator, I just could never get over the linty TPR or the fact that I couldn't use it with much pressure. The material just would not allow for it. I've learned that my body needs pressure to get off, and this vibrator is just not well suited for that!

I also admit, though, that I am not someone who gets off on internal vibrators... So perhaps this vibrator just isn't what I am looking for when I open my toy drawer. It's not its fault though, we just weren't a perfect match.
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