G-spot rabbit vibrator discontinued
by Eden

Flower Power Rabbit

This is a velvety smooth rabbit would be great for those looking for a vibe that is powerful, buzzy and has moderate texture. It can be recharged through the USB cable or plugged into the wall. The silicone is high quality but does attract lint easily. The main drawbacks are in the controls. As it does not restart on the setting it was on when you turned it off. Also there is not independent controls for the vibes. Despite this, I would recommend the rabbit.
Strong Vibrations
Variety of Settings
Does Not Restart on the Last Setting
No low vibration speed
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This is a strong rabbit with a multitude of settings. Although there are not independent controls for the shaft and clitoral arm, there are a number of settings that have them operating with different patterns. It could be used for vaginal or anal stimulation. When using it vaginally it is curved to hit the g-spot and clit. When using it anally it can hit the p-spot and perineum.

It leans to the buzzy side and I did not find any settings that I would consider truly rumbly. Those who like power will be pleased. I found this to be one of the strongest vibes in my collection. Those with sensitive lady bits may want to pass on this one as there does not appear to be a low setting.

Those who like moderate texture will be pleased with the "petal" ribs on the sides of the haft and tip of the clitoral arm. The frustrating thing about this vibe is that it does not restart on the setting you turned it off on. You must cycle through all of the settings to get back to where you started. This is not an issue if your favorite is one of the first few. However, if you love number 25 then you have some button pushing to do.

Material / Texture

It has a 100% silicone skin covering the entire vibe. The silicone is high quality and very satiny to the touch. The color is an intense purple-magenta color. The product page and my pictures make it look much more pink than it actually is. The shaft and arm had a light seam. The interior circle of the handle had a very noticeable seam that could be easily felt.

The petals and sections on the shaft are noticeable and add a bit of extra stimulation. The texture is medium. It would be good for someone who has tried light texture and move to a bit more texture. Unless someone is very sensitive to texture, I feel that it could also be used for a beginner with textured toys.

There is a slight silicone smell when you hold it up to your nose but I could not smell it otherwise.

The silicone is very prone to pick up lint, hair and dust. You will want to keep this in storage between uses.

Design / Shape / Size

The shaft has four ribbed "petals" on each side. The arm has a bud-like tip and three ribbed "petals" on the interior side. The both the shaft and clitoral arm start out smaller at the base and is flared at the end. The shaft is bendable up to where the petals begin. The upper 4" of the shaft is firm and does not bend due to the motor inside but the lower 1.5" is somewhat flexible to allow proper positioning. The clitoral arm bends at the base but the majority is made up of the motor and does not bend. The handle has a place to put your finger through to get a good hold for thrusting or maneuvering.

The overall length is 9"
Handle 2.5"
Shaft 6.5" with 5.5" insertable
Clitoral Arm 2.5"

Shaft comes to a point, and has three thicker sections. The top section is 4" around. The second section is 4.5" and the last section is 3.75" and tapers down to 3" where it meets the clitoral arm and the handle. The clitoral arm is also has a point and tapers to the thickest point in the middle and tapers down to the shaft. At the thickest point the clitoral arm is 3.5".

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibe is strong and most settings are on the highest level. The shaft and clitoral arm cannot be operated independently but there are settings that you can select with one off and the other on. Unfortunately you must cycle through all the settings to find the one you want.

The vibe has 30 settings. They are steady, pulsating and escalating. Some settings are the same on the shaft and clitoral arms while others alternate or only work one or the other. The On/Off button is on the handle nearest the clitoral arm and the setting button is down the handle a bit further. The charging port is at the bottom of the handle.

The handle is a big bonus for those who use lube or make their own. The controls are not easily pushed. This is especially good since if you accidentally turned it off you would have to cycle through the settings to get back to where you were.

Care and Maintenance

This toy has a 100% silicone outer skin, which is one of the safest toy materials. As with all silicone it can be cleaned with toy cleaner, soap and water, or a 10% bleach solution. As it has a motor, you cannot boil it or send it through the dishwasher. Avoid silicone lubes as it may interact with the toy causing a breakdown in the silicone.

This toy requires a bit more care in cleaning as it has "petals" on the sides of the shaft and the clitoral vibe. You will want to be sure these grooves do not have any residue before storing or sharing.

It comes with a shimmery black bag to store your toys and accessories in to keep it clean and lint free between uses. The storage bag is not discreet as you can see the toy through it.
Toy in bag


The exterior packaging is not discreet as it has a full sized picture of the toy on the front and a half-sized picture on the back of the box. The side of the box shows where the controls are.
Box 1

The back of the box shows where the vibrations are located.
Box 2

On the inside there is a very nice black box, much like those from Lelo. The box has Pretty Love in silver.

Inner box

This box is very discreet and could be kept out on a shelf without causing much interest. When you lift off the lid you find the toy nestled in a foam cut out. There is a compartment at the bottom of the box that lifts up. In this compartment you find the accessories.
Accessory box
Accessories in box

There are no directions in the box.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

I was sad to see this discontinued after such a short time as it would be good for those who are looking for power in a quality toy. Rabbits are not a one size fits all product. I have found that you really cannot tell if one will work for you unless you try it. The shape worked well for me. Although I do enjoy powerful toys, I do not like to start out with them. I have found that using another toy as a warm up works well.


I enjoy a strong vibe so this was a good fit in that respect. Those who are sensitive to vibrations may want to pass on this one. Although there is a variety of settings, I did not find the traditional low, medium and high settings. It seemed that all the settings were high at some point when steady, escalating or pulsating. The other drawback was that the shaft and clitoral arm could not be operated separately.

The clitoral arm did not hit me just right so it had to be held in place so that was a drawback for me personally. Rabbits are so hard to get to fit just right, at least for me. This is of course not an issue with the toy, just the combination of me and the toy. On the good side is that the arm is easy to bend into place.

It is a high quality toy and very well made. As far as materials, it ranks right up there with the major luxury name brands. Overall, it is a good toy for most and a great toy for the power queens. I deducted one star because of the only setting is high and I deducted one star for having to cycle through the settings when you restart the vibe.
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